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The Book of Exodus for Beginners: Chapters 14-17

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The Red Sea Crossing

Exodus Chapter 14

The Red Sea Crossing

Exo 14:1-31

The Lord told Moses to take His people to the Red Sea and encamp there. The Lord said to Moses that He would harden the heart of Pharaoh and Pharaoh would send his army to attack Israel, but the Lord would show His might to them. Moses did as the Lord commanded and Pharaoh found out that the Israelites were fleeing from the Egyptians. Pharaoh’s heart was hardened and he ordered all his army to attack the Israelites.

The Egyptian army traveled to the Red sea with 600 Chariots and horses. The lord told Moses to lift up his staff toward the Red Sea and the Red Sea parted. The Lord told Moses to take His people through the parted Red Sea and Moses did as the Lord commanded. Pharaoh had all his army with all the chariots and horses go through the Red Sea to chase after the Israelites.

Moses and God’s people, after spending all night walking through the parted Red Sea, were almost fully across the sea. Then the Lord told Moses to raise his staff again and the Red Sea parted walls crashed down on the pursuing Egyptian army. All f Pharaoh’s army were killed during that event. Moses and God’s people safely made it across the Red Sea and praised God for what He had done for them.

Bitter Water Made Sweet

Exodus Chapter 15

Moses’ Song

Exo 15:1-21

Moses and the people of Israel sang a song of praise to God. In the song, they recapped what took place concerning the parting of the Red Sea and the swallowing up of Pharaoh’s army in the Red See. They also praised God for saving them from Pharaoh’s grasp and praised the Lord for his mighty strength. Lastly, the people of Israel acknowledged to God that the Parting of the Red Sea event would be remembered through all generations to come. Mariam led the women in praise and dancing with tambourines as the encore of the song.

Bitter Water Made Sweet

Exo 15:22-27

Moses led the Israelites from the Red Sea to Marah. The people of Israel were thirsty but could not drink the water at Marah because it was bitter. The Israelites complained to Moses about the bitter water and Moses asked God to fix the water problem. The Lord showed Moses a vision of a log and Moses threw the log into the bitter water and the water became sweet. Through Moses, God gave a command to the Israelites telling them that if they keep His commands and statutes they would not have to experience what the Egyptians experienced. God then led the Israelites to Elim which was full of springs and palm trees for them to encamp there.

Bread from Heaven

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Exodus Chapter 16

Bread from Heaven

Exo 16:1-36

The Israelites traveled from Elim to the wilderness of Sin and became hungry. The Israelites began to complain to Moses about their hunger. The Israelites told Moses that they would rather stay and die in Egypt because at least they would be fed meat and bread there. God brought the Israelites complaint to God and God told Moses that Bread would rain down from the sky in the morning. The Israelites were to gather a day’s supply each day, but on the sixth day they were to gather twice as much because the seventh day they would not be allowed to gather any bread.

Moses had Aaron gather all of Israel and he told them what God had told him concerning the bread and also for them to wait that night for God for God’s blessing too. During the night a swarm of quale covered the camp for the Israelites to eat. In the morning dew fell on the camp. When the due evaporated, there were fine flake-like frosts on the ground. The Israelites asked Moses what was the substance on the ground. Moses said it was the bread that the Israelites were supposed to eat.

Some of the Israelites did not do as the Lord commanded concerning the gathering of the bread. Some took too much and some took too few of the flakes. When they brought the flakes back to their spot, the flakes measured out to be just enough for them. The rest of the flakes that were left over due to poor gathering rotted and smelled the next morning. On the sixth day, the Israelites gathered twice as much and prepared a portion for the next day.

On the seventh day the prepared meal did not rot. Some of the Israelites did obey Gods commandment of resting on the seventh day and went to gather the flakes on the ground, but there were not any flakes. God commanded Moses to tell the Israelites that the seventh day was a day of rest and was to be called the Sabbath. God had Moses put the manna (flakes) in a jar for future generations to bear witness.

Water Flows from Rock

Exodus Chapter 17

Water Flows from Rock

Exo 17:1-7

The people of Israel journeyed from the wilderness of Sin to Rephidim. The Israelites were thirsty and complained to Moses about there not being any water where they were. Moses was angry at God’s people and asked God what to do with His people. God told Moses to go ahead of the Israelites with the elders and the Lord will provide water for His people by standing on the rock at Horeb and striking it with Moses’ staff. Moses did as God commanded and a great amount of water came out of the Rock. Moses called the rock Massah and Meribah.

Israel Fights Amalek

Exo 17:8-16

The people of Israel went to Rephidim and met up with Amalek who wanted to fight them. Moses told Joshua to gather some men and fight Amalek and He will stand on top of the hill with his staff in his hand. Joshua gathered men and fought Amalek. Moses went with Aaron and Hur to the top of the hill. Moses raised his hand and Israel began to win the fight. When Moses got tired and lowered his hand Amalek began to win the fight. Joshua and Hur put a stone in place so Moses could sit and they held Moses’ hands up; Israel won the fight after that. God told Moses that He will blot out the memory Amalek, but Israel will have wars with them for generations to come.

Parting of The Red Sea

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