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The Astral Projection and Its Importance to Mankind

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The Astral Realm

The Astral plane is one of the seventh planes of existence.

It is the place where consciousness goes after physical death. Regarding esoteric knowledge, all human beings possess an astral body. The Astral plane is the place where all the spiritual beings stay, such as the souls of people after their death until the moment they incarnate again. Angels, demons and so on.

Many experts also believe that the Astral Realm is reached by all of us while dreaming.

"When you are dreaming you are not really in the same world as when you are conscious in the physical although the two worlds merge in one another. When you are dreaming you are in the Astral plane." Hereward Carrington

How to Astral project

While in your beginnings, do not try to do that at night, or when you are exhausted as this may lead to a darker level of the Astral plane, or at last you can fall deeply asleep. The best time for the Astral project is during the day no matter the time, you decide when.

Relax, lye, or sit down and take at least 6 deep breaths. Let everything go of your head and body such as tension, thoughts and try to stay awake during the process. Keep your eyes open and take a look throughout your space. Notice all of the details and try to reproduce them as well again with the eyes of your mind.
But still, stay awake with your eyes open while you fall asleep.

At this moment you may find yourself in the Astral realm or Almost there. Your body is sleeping but not your mind. To enhance this process we can help ourselves as well with some affirmations such as: when I am sleeping physically, l am awake in the Astral realm.

Using autosuggestion for Astral projection

This method of Autosuggestion enhances for real, the process and makes the mind believing it already as true as long as it is being programmed. The most important is to repeat the autosuggestion continuously while the process and to be totally present in its effect.

The affirmations we can use in this case to autosuggest ourselves about astral projection are such as:

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  1. It feels very natural to astral project as long as it is a natural process of all of us
  2. it feels very safe to astral project because we do it every night when we go to bed at night
  3. I feel safe and secure out of my physical body, my physical body is at peace, at ease and very protected
  4. I am already in the Astral plane through my astral body, while the physical body is sleeping peacefully
  5. I am already exploring the Astral realm with joy
  6. I am in a very safe and secure place in the Astral realm

Imagine yourself in different places

When you are thinking about the Astral projection, think also about the places you would want to visit.

For example: while sitting or lying down in the bed of your bedroom, you can start and imagine your kitchen or your dining room. So, practically away from your physical body. Another perfect example also would be your ceiling. You can imagine yourself floating from the ceiling of your bedroom. To put it simply, just start to imagine yourself everywhere you would want to be.

You can also imagine yourself in the sea, inside the waves of the sea. Imagine how it would feel, to feel the waves of the sea flowing and smashing around you. These techniques make you more aware of your astral body.

Ask for help to Astral project

We can ask for help to astral project more safely.
We can ask for help from our guardian angel or our spirit guide. Get in contact with your inner realm and try to channel energetically your spirit guide or your guardian angel in a silent and peaceful way.

Repeat yourself in silence: I ask for help to experience an easy astral projection, help me my beloved guardian angel, or my beloved spirit guide. At that moment, it might feel like someone is reaching your arms and touch you.

Or it might feel like someone is pulling your body in the air.

As you know our spirit guide or the guardian angel is always there for us, we can invite them anytime we want to, we can invite them also even if we finally reach the Astral plane, to explore it with them.

Hypnosys to Astral project

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