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The Apollonian - Palmistry Personality Types

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The Mount of Apollo


The Apollonian

Now we come to a type who is the exact opposite from the one discussed earlier. The subject is Apollonian if their mount of Sun is more prominent than the other mounts. The ring finger reaches almost to the tip of the middle fingers, and that this third finger is also longer than the index finger. On top of these two indications, a single vertical line on the Sun mount is another confirmation of the subject belonging to the Apollonian type.

Appearance-wise, the Apollonian is of medium height, with Saturnian being the tallest of the types. Apollonians are known for their beauty, and thus, you'll find many handsome men and gorgeous women in the entertainment industry belonging to this type. The hair is either black or blonde, but whatever color or shade, it will often be wavy in nature. Their eyes are almond-shaped and always sparkle with honesty. They are known to have a spring to their step. They are also natural athletes so they are expected to have either a thin or athletic figure, with a muscular frame, and you're not likely to find an overweight Apollonian as they are not prone to over-eating and maintain a consistent diet throughout their lives. The nose is bound to be straight, and the cheeks fully-rounded but not fat, and a prominent chin. The Apollonian neck is also robust and doesn't usually show a trace of the Adam's apple. They are also bound to have a musical tone of voice.

The palm of an Apollonian is usually pink and sometimes red. The length of the palm will most probably be longer than the fingers. The first phalange of the thumb is bound to be longer than the second. The fingers bound to be smooth. If the finger-tips are conical then the subject is more likely to become a creator of art. If they are square, then the bearer is more likely to earn from their artistic or business endeavors, owing to the practicality associated with this indication. Spatula-shaped finger-tips will bestow the Apollonian with much-needed originality, as they are more likely to retell old things in new ways, and thus there are more Apollonian imitators than originators. Furthermore, the hands are likely to be flexible complementing the elasticity of the Apollonian mind.

Personality-wise, the Apollonian is the direct opposite of the Saturnian. While the latter is known for being an archetypical serious personality, the Apollo is a merry human being. He brings joy to all those around him and his charisma leads others to want to become friends with him. One thing I've noticed about Apollonians is that, though they might be very business-minded, they prefer the opposite gender to chase after them rather than themselves making the first move. Often, their good looks and natural charm leads to others believing that they are naturally flirty, but this is just the power of Apollo coursing through their veins. Art and literature are instinctively their forte, but whether or not they are creators of art or merely admirers is judged by the world that rules them.

The Apollonian is a versatile character. They can be thrown in with doctors, scientists, mathematicians, professors, etc., and still be able to impress them with their knowledge of various things. It's not that they have studied seriously over subjects, like the Saturnian would, rather they are able to grasp intellectual material with ease. They make amazing conversationalists and also love to hear themselves talk. If there was one word to describe the Apollonian it would be brilliant. This is because they have an intuition that is unmatched by any other type in palmistry. They are excellent judges of both people and art (examine the Apollonian nails, if they are short, then this shows the critical nature which such a specimen can use successfully in his or her career). They often make successful talent-promoters yet might lack the determination or creative power of the artist. They are also bound to go into acting as they both crave celebrity and have attractive features. The Apollonian is usually a jack of all trades, and whether or not this versatility is a blessing or a curse career-wise can be determined by a comprehensive study of the whole hand.

As a rule of thumb, do not tell every Apollonian subject you meet that they are gifted with creative talent. Every Apollonian is found of beauty that’s for sure. This can be in the form of paintings, music, architecture, interior design, even the opposite sex, but whether or not they produce art, is a matter of checking out which world rules the Apollonian.

The world of the Apollonian is divided into three parts, specifically, the three phalanges of the ring finger. The first (top-most) phalange shows the intellectual side of the Apollonian, and thus, if this is the longest then the mental world rules. This is the Apollonian who will not only be fond of art but will also be the creator of it. If the second phalange of the ring finger is the longest, then the business side of the Apollonian is the strongest, and combined with the love and knowledge of art, the Apollonian will be a strong moneymaker. If the third phalange is the strongest then the Apollonian's love of luxury will be a predominant characteristic, and though he might not have the ultra-creativity of the artist or the material acumen of the businessperson, he will still be fond of the good things in life, and might also suffer from a tendency to overindulge. Remember that the whole composite of the hand will reveal the source and amount of income, and that other positive indications shown elsewhere on the palm, might counter any negativity shown by the finger or mount of Apollo.

Health-wise, Apollonians often have a robust constitution, though they are bound to suffer from heart-related problems in their middle-age and onwards, and are also prone to a weakness of the eyes. These indications are further confirms if there is an island or a mole on the heart-line underneath the mount of Apollo, but unless there are other indications on the palm, such as a tainted life-line, only then can the severity of these malfunctions be judged. Sunstroke and the occasional fever are also life-long health defects.

There is a bad side to the Apollonian type as well. Though they are often lucky in health and wealth, they do not make good spouses, as they are quick to anger and they see marriage as a contract that keeps them chained to a certain lifestyle rather than being out and about. The Apollonian himself being a brilliant figure is unlikely to find a mate as intellectual as him and thus are often disappointed in marriage. Though, unlike the Saturnian who is not apt to marry at all, the Apollonian is predisposed to marry due to their sensual attraction to the opposite sex. If they tie the knot with the wrong partner, however, there is a huge likelihood of divorce as well. Again, only through a broad palm-reading can the extent of one's marriage be confirmed.

A bad Apollonian is one who becomes vain and boastful, especially if the third phalange of the ring finger be thick. Their versatility can also be a curse, as their concentrations become spread out, and there's less energy to concentrate on that one area where more money can be earned. The worst negative aspect of an Apollonian is that their pursuit of fame might lead them to sacrificing everyone and everything else. They might yearn so much for recognition that even becoming infamous will appeal to them and thus the Apollonian will become notorious, but never a cold-hearted criminal or a murderer, as the Apollonian is not likely to be inherently evil, as the Saturnian or Mercurian might turn out to be sometimes. A bad Apollonian is also known to exaggerate their self-worth and assign a higher grade to their own talent due to their arrogant pride. At their lowest, an Apollonian becomes paranoid assuming that all their friends and loved ones are out to get him, and that the reason for their lack of success is not themselves, but rather, some absurd conspiracy formed by other people.

Hence, the best advice to give to any Apollonian is that moderation is key. The Apollonian is a necessity as people need to cheer up now and again (thus you'll find many comedians belonging to this type). Due to support from admirers and friends, the Apollonian not only makes money easily, but also attains high positions in their professions. Enemies do appear now and again in the form of envious rivals. Still, the Apollonian has a knack for turning their most bitter foe into their most trustworthy companion. Also, because of their vast-reaching social sphere, they have a lot of acquaintances, but only a handful of true friends. However, Apollonians themselves do not make the most long-lasting of buddies due to their changeable nature. They love travelling and will be often found trotting across the globe. The fields of art and business are prosperous for them. They would even be more successful if they relied more on hard work rather than intuition.

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In conclusion, the Apollonian is an interesting type to study, and we owe them gratitude for making the world a much more happier place to live in.

Famous Apollonians: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Simon Cowell, Robert Redford, and Shepard Smith.

Now, let's look at some of the various lines and signs found on the mount of Apollo. It is to be remembered that this mount is also known as the mount of Sun, and thus, these two names will be used interchangeably. The single vertical line, the star, the square, the triangle, etc., are positive markings, while the cross, island, mole, etc., are generally regarded as inauspicious to the bearer.

The single vertical line on the mount of Apollo means both fame and fortune attained by the subject in one career. This line is also known as the Apollo line or the Sun line. Two vertical lines are also considered fortunate, but less effective than the single line, as two lines represent conflicting talents, and hence the subject is less prosperous due to his lack of concentration in a singular field. Three or more lines making the bearer a Jack of all trades but a master of none. Thus, a single vertical line is the best one to have.

I consider the star on the mount of Apollo to be one of the most interesting signs on the palm. This is primarily due to my finding of this star on Michael Jackson's palm that further motivated me to pursue palmistry seriously and I ended up making this art one of my most cherished passions. (Insert sample palm illustration below).

On his palm, there is a clear star on the mount of Apollo as well as one on the mount of Jupiter. I'm using a sample illustration of Michael Jackson's right hand because it serves as the epitome of what the Apollo star signifies. A star on the mount of Apollo means worldwide fame and fortune. This person will not only be famous locally but will be universally renown. And money will also follow after stardom. However, there's a catch. The person will most probably achieve the highest position of popularity known to man but the subject's personal life will not be as fortunate. And this is exactly why I used Michael Jackson as an example because his powerful public persona was in contrast to his poor personal life.

Jackson's father used to beat him when he was a child prodigy. His relationships were also unsuccessful, e.g., his short-lived marriage with the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley. His second marriage with nurse Debbie Rowe also culminated in divorce. Maybe a lack of intimacy was his reason to have children through surrogacy? This marking is truly a double-edged sword. Two or more stars can also be found on this mount promising even more fame and fortune but these are very rare.

The square always acts as a sign of protection. On the mount of Apollo, it means preservation from the aftermath of attaining riches. It could mean that practical common-sense has saved the subject from spending too lavishly or over-indulging in certain temptations that follow the inflow of money.

A triangle is a prosperous sign as it means that the bearer will have enough intellect to turn their artistic skills into a profitable professions. The circle, although rare, means fame but without the burden of an unfortunate personal life. However, it does indicate the attainment of worldwide recognition which the Apollo star is known to signify.

The first of the negative markings on this mount is the cross. A cross on the Apollo mount means that the subject will suffer from repeated misfortunes owing to their tendency of consistently making bad decisions. The bearer themselves might be lucky in one way or another (especially indicated by the other lines and signs on the palm) but their foolhardiness keeps them from being professionally and personally successful. Over my years of research, I have only found one such marking on a former classmate of mine. He was blessed with money and after passing the 12th grade with good grades he aimed to enroll at a university's Bachelor of Science in Engineering program. But his lack of motivation to pursue higher education was primarily due to his lofty religious ideals. He was an extremist religion-wise and thus developed a disliking of the non-religious fields. This led to him abandoning his university dreams altogether even though he would've made a great engineering student, and would've definitely earned higher grades than his fellow classmates who chose to enroll in the same program that he longed to register for. Thus, a cross signifies a lack of success due to the subject's poor decision-making skills.

An island is one of the worse signs to have on any mount or line. On the mount of Apollo, it indicates a loss of reputation especially in regards to the financial stability of the subject. This can be countered by other positive markings found on the palm.

A mole's meaning is almost similar to that of an island being present on the mount of Apollo, albeit, it is less dangerous than the latter as it indicates a probability that the subject will lose his reputation and wealth, rather than serving as a surefire indication of bad luck.

A grille on the mount of Apollo signifies extreme vanity; the subject will greatly overestimate his or her abilities. This could also lead to actual insanity especially if this marking is complemented by any other indication of lunacy, i.e., a sloping line of head which ends in a star.

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