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The Anunnaki Alien Race

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Sun God Vs. Chaos God

Babylonian image tied into the Annunaki mythos.

Babylonian image tied into the Annunaki mythos.

The Annunaki

When you are looking into the world of Ancient Aliens, the Annunaki are going to end up coming up often. This is one of the races that is believed to have been the first to help mankind start to develop situation. The knowledge that the ancient people used to build up their different civilizations where all gifts from these "sky gods". While the world of academics have dismissed many of the claims of the popular researchers into this theory, the search for a connection between them and ancient man is still an on going search. If you end up tuning into any of the TV shows or forums related to Ancient Aliens, chances are you are going to end up running into these guys here.

A stone carving that many believe shows a ufo visiting with early man.

A stone carving that many believe shows a ufo visiting with early man.

Origin Story

Since there has been solid connection as to which culture that grew up in the Mesopotamian region that this alien race is contributed, being able to piece together a full mythology is a task that is extremely difficult, if possible at all. Instead, what theorist have done is they have been able to piece together a story using the shared myths of the culture of the region. From there the story ends up going in various directions.

The Theory of Who the Annunaki Are

The Annunaki are believed to be the overseers of the world. The have created generations of creatures before creating man. Humans ended up being the perfect servants that they where looking for so the Annunaki helped early man develop civilizations so that they can be serve their masters. In other stories the Annunaki are the children of higher gods who end up creating humans to help themselves better serve their masters. For some who tend to look at the Annunaki myth they see the watchers, who where the first of the fallen, as who the Annunaki really are. Instead of giving knowledge for servitude, the knowledge was given for the deep amount of love the Annunaki felt for early man.

Humans in the presence of one of the Sky Gods

Humans in the presence of one of the Sky Gods

The Different Theories

When it comes to how these narrative really plays it, you are going to find that you are going to be looking at some of the most diverse theories that exist. Many of what you are going to find is going to be based on the religious background of the person. With many theorists the Annunaki are not only found in older middle eastern cultures, but references can be found in the bible. The books that these creatures are referenced in are both the current books as well as the books that where cut from the bible over the years.

One of the most common connections between these Ancient Aliens and the bible is, angles. With the narrative of the Annunaki involving a rebellion, many have thought that the fallen angles from the bible are actually the Annunaki who where banished from their original race. Being stuck on earth for the remainder of their life span, the helped them developed so that they could live a life of luxury.

A theory that has been becoming more popular revolves around the Book of Enoch. The Book of Enochis a holy book that was cut from the bible and in recent years has resurfaced again. In this book are tales of a giant race that lived on earth before mankind. As the population of humans grew, the two different races found themselves at war with each other. Eventually early man was able to wipe out the race of giants. Some of the theorists who research the Annunaki race believe that the book of Enoch is referencing the extraterrestrials when it describes the race of giants. Some think that the race of giants are descendants of the original Annunaki who mated with early man or they are the ones that where left behind when the aliens decided to leave the planet.

The Theory Can Become Very Complex

Gold Mining

The myth of humans being created for the purpose of mining gold is one of the most popular theories that exsit today. The Annunaki, who appeared to the different cultures that inhabited the planet, where in need of an effective labor force. The planet that had originally lived on was suffering from an environmental break down caused by depleting atmosphere. In order to fix the thickness of their atmosphere of there home world gold was needed.

The planet that the Anunnaki came from wasn't rich in natural gold deposits. So they where forced to search the galaxy until they came across a planet that was rich in deposits. Once Earth was discovered, they began to genetically experiment with the creatures that the found living on the planet. Theorists believe that many of the mythical creatures that we read about today, are in reality the accidents and failure of these experiments. These space traveling bio-engineers continued to experiment until the first humans where created.

The Anunnaki preferred humans for labor because of their ability to listen to orders, and the addition of the opposable thumb gave them the ability to use the tools needed to harvest the gold. Eventually humans either over through the Anunnaki or they left of their own accord. Either way with the knowledge the aliens gave to humans, mankind was able to develop their own form of civilization.

The Cosmos Is Our Beginnings

The Return of the Anunnaki

As with every good conspiracy theory in existence, there is a always a return of some kind. For many who believe that the Anunnaki are not only really but played a crucial role in humans growing to the levels that they are at now, they will be back one day. The reasons for the return of the Anunnaki are as diverse as the theories of who they where are. One thing is universal with these theories: the world of humans will change for ever.

Some see the return of the Anunnaki as a positive step forward for the human race. With the gifts that the aliens have given us, they are going to want to see how far we have been able to come without their help. If they are pleased they are going to welcome us into the galaxy to be equals with the other life forms that are in existence. This is of coarse if humans as a whole are able to show them that we are worthy to join the rest of the galaxy.

See More of How They Shaped History

Will the Return of the Anunnaki be a Good Thing?

There are some however that see their return as the end of civilization. There is a theory that one of the reasons that they had to leave the planet was because early man unified against them and overthrew their leadership. Since that day they have been working to undermine humans any way that they can. When they finally make themselves known, it is going to be for revenge on the early humans who destroyed their colony on this planet.

Since there is no rea way to prove any of these theories are true, it is best to treat them as fun myths. The Anunnaki has become one of the most popular alien tales that we have today, and has been slowly taking over the modern day TV schedule. The popularity of Ancient Aliens has only been growing and as such, the various myths about them continues. Until a new Rosetta Stone is discovered that allows for us to decipher some of the most ancient forms of cuneiform, speculation is really the only thing that is fueling this fun topic.

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