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The Two Witnesses are Not Moses and Elijah … Why?

I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

Angel of the Lord - the Champion of His People

Angel of the Lord - the Champion of His People

Conversation with a Mighty Angel - Continues

This conversation began in Revelation 10:3 and now continues in chapter 11:1-10. For those still having a hard time with this angel not being Christ let's add some fuel to the fire.

  • John has met the glorified King of Kings and he would never mistake Jesus for an angel.
  • John's reference to another angel - one of the same type, in Revelation 10:1, but obviously on a grander scale.
  • John dialogued with the angel, but when in the presence of Jesus, he said nothing; he just listened.
  • In Revelation 22, an overwhelmed John fell at the feet of an angel to worship but was kindly rebuked; proving that the presence of the more powerful angels are "overpowering" in appearance.
  • In the Old Testament the word for angel is (mal'ak - witness) and not every time the phrases angel of the Lord or the angel of God appear are they are a reference to our Lord, demonstrated by the context of the passage and/or circumstance. The passages which do refer to Jesus have two things in common: always as intercession between the Father and His People and spoken in the first person. Revelation 10:6 is not in the first person.

You may ask why I am making such a big deal over this point but it will come much clearer when I address 11:3 -13.

Measure The Temple?? Not What You Think

The 70th Week Temple??

The 70th Week Temple??

How Do You Measure "..them that worship"?

The temple of Revelation 11 is neither Solomon's, Herod's nor the millennial temple of Ezekiel 40 to 42. The last remnants of the earlier sites were razed by Rome in 75 A.D. and the latter is just that; yet to come. This is the third temple, on which I believe construction will begin shortly after the destruction of the forces of Gog: completed and fully functional by the mid-point of the 70th Week when the Antichrist shall enter the "Holy Place". (Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:15) At present the Dome of the Rock stands in the way of the third temple, but after the crushing defeat of the forces of Gog, it will no longer be of any consequence.

The term, to measure the temple, the altar and them that worship is actually figure of speech called a zeugma - meaning to account for, take note of, etc. The temple portion of the temple grounds and its altar will remain a holy place even during the 42 month reign of the Antichrist but the outer court, an idea which originated with Herod's temple, is given to the Gentiles and along with Jerusalem will become a den of thieves. Take note: history will repeat itself when Christ returns but this time with something much worse than a scourge.

John is looking at the temple just prior to Satan's attempt to destroy Israel with a flood. The accounting of the worshipers is to remind and encourage John as well as the Israel of the 70th Week that "And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand." (John 10:28) They are all accounted for. We ourselves are all accounted for and we live this life with a confidence beyond our strength or ability without Jesus. Remember, this book of Revelation will have a lot more relevance for the redeemed of the 70th Week than for the Church.

Keep an Open Mind

Who or What are They??????

Who or What are They??????

Satan's 42 Month Long Nightmare - The TWO Witnesses - Part 1

Why two? Per Numbers 35:30 and Deuteronomy 19:15, NO one can be given the death penalty without the testimony of two or three witnesses. Their solitary task is to convict the world of sin and to warn of the impending judgment.

Who in this world are they? Let's cut to the chase!

There is NO reference, direct or implied, these two witnesses are MEN! Three forms of the word we translate "prophet" are used in verses 3, 6 & 10.

  1. Verse 3: propheteuo4395- speak with inspiration, to declare the Truth
  2. Verse 6: propheteia4394- the office of the speaker of the Truth
  3. Verse 10: prophetes4396 - one who speaks openly before anyone - technical name for the interpreter of an oracle or of a divine message
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It is important to remember that the angel of Revelation 10:3 is STILL speaking with John and he makes this rather telling statement: I will give power to MY two witnesses. No man falls under the command of an angel! Per Revelation 1:1, Christ sent His angel to signify the prophecies contained in this book; as Revelation is a showcase of the power that God has given to many of His angels, including Satan. The angel speaking has a God given authority to share his power with the two sons of fresh oil that stand by the Lord of the whole earth. (Zechariah 4:11-14) These two witnesses come from the very throne room of God Almighty whereas Moses, Enoch, Elijah along with Abraham have been in Paradise awaiting the resurrection. It doesn't say it but it could easily be inferred that they have been there since the very beginning. Matthew Poole's commentary on Revelation, written a few hundred years ago, made it very clear where the idea of it being men such as Enoch and Elijah. He called it pure dogma of Popery; the Roman Catholic church. Interesting that the earlier commentators did not adhere to the doctrine of these two being men; but of course they were not writing commentaries to make money but to encourage the believer with intense, in-depth study of the whole of Scripture.

Jesus & Two Angels Appearing as Men to Abraham

Abraham, Jesus & Two Angels

Abraham, Jesus & Two Angels

Angels, Angels, Angels

Angelic Attributes:

  • Created - Colossians 1:16
  • Elect - 1 Timothy 5:21
  • Obedient - Psalm 103:20-21
  • Worshipful - Psalm 148:1-2
  • Spokesman (Gabriel) - Daniel 9:21-22
  • Executioner - 2 Kings 19:35 (185,000 Assyrians)
  • Protector - Daniel 6:2

Concerning our Lord's incarnation; Mary and Joseph were counseled by Gabriel, they announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds, ministered to Him after the 40 days of temptation and in the Garden prior to the crucifixion, were present at the resurrection (appeared as men), the ascension and will be with Christ at His return.

Also concerning believers; they are witnesses of our faithfulness (1 Timothy 5:21), per Luke 16:22 deliver the believer after bodily death into heaven and are sent to minister to us (Hebrews 1:4).

Another question to pose and answer is: can an angel assume the frailty of mankind, not the sin nature but the weaknesses of the human body? Jesus! A very short answer but absolutely complete. These two have been prepared for this day and the honor of, in human flesh dying as a witness to ALL mankind of the power of God over life and death. There are great differences between these two witnesses, in their mission and heavenly ordained powers than any of the prophets or apostles. I will discuss and demonstrate these differences in Part 2, soon to follow.

A Creation Corner Moment for the Believer

Why It Is Important to Believe

Why It Is Important to Believe

The Trouble with Unbelief

Moses, the author or more appropriately, the pen in the hand of God, is credited by Jesus for writing the first five books of the Bible, which includes Genesis. Christ makes this statement which should sound an alarm concerning our doctrines if we do not hold to a literal creation by God Almighty. John 5:46-47 "For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed Me: for he wrote of Me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe My words?"

Every believer must make a decision: either God meant everything His godly men recorded or there are some questionable things in His Word. First question you have to answer is: what gives you the right to say what God means, if God did not mean what He said? As Peter put it, "...scripture is of no private interpretation." The warning is this: if you do not believe in creation, what basis do you have for believing in anything within the Bible? God has said in Numbers "..God is not a man, that He should lie." The problem is that we are the liars of this world and we have only one source for the absolute Truth; the Word! Look around you and you will see the strangest of doctrines and views of the heavenly; many of them having one thing in common; allegorical views of Genesis 1 to 3 or a blend of evolutionary creationism. The only difference between an atheist's view of evolution and modern theistic evolution is the letter "a". Choose this day whom you will serve, as for me, I serve the God of all creation.

P.S. It is quite normal to have questions, especially when you have been indoctrinated in evolution for the majority of your life. It is your responsibility though to do due diligence in searching out the Truth. Truth will begin to permeate your doctrines and you will find the Truth does set you free. May God bless.

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