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The Ancient Religion Of The Great Mother

The Unconditional Love Of The Great Mother

The Unconditional Love Of The Great Mother

The Ancient Great Mother

Atheists tell us that god doesn't exist. They point out, that if we had an all wise and all knowing creator god then there would be no suffering in our world

He would create us so that we would live in harmony with each other, without fear, hatred, conflict or pain. So the very fact these things exist means we weren't created by a great intelligence or if we were, it was an intelligence who care nothing about our suffering

Religions are aware of this argument, and try to use the excuse that human suffering is the fault of the Devil, but this doesn't answer the problem because if we have an omnipresent and omnipotent god he will have created the Devil as well. This means he clearly made a mistake and seems unable to correct it. So this god cannot be all wise and all knowing and for this reason some priests just claim it is a great mystery and leave it at that.

Unfortunately atheism and science hasn't got the answers either, because they claim the universe was created in a “Big bang” that exploded out of nothing. They even make the incredible claim that before the big bang there was nether time or space. This means that this theory is as just as crazy and unlikely as the idea that it was an imperfect god that created our world

So that does seem to be the two options, either we were created by a god who is not very clever or is indifferent to suffering. Or we live in a mindless and pointless universe that exploded out of nothing. But there is a third option to these two concepts and that is the ancient religion of the Great Mother.

Before the worship of male gods, people worshipped The Great Mother who was known to the ancients as the ONE. She is ONE mind and ONE spirit, and from this one universal mind, parts of it wanted to split off to experience individuality. To do this, a three dimensional universe was created with animal life in it and the separate parts of the universal intelligence was put into the separate bodies of animals. By doing this, the separate bodies gave these parts of the universal intelligence the illusion that they were really separate, allowing them to explore their own individuality

Although there was a strong desire to for these different parts of universal intelligence to explore individuality, in their separation, they also experienced vulnerability, fear and loneliness. This limited the degree they were willing to explore their separate personalities. To overcome this problem, two sexes were created, male and female. The male sex was created in such a way, that his connection to the Great Mother was very tenuous, while the female sex had through her instincts a far stronger connection to the Great Mother. This then allow the male sex to go off to explore his individualism, while the female sex through her stronger connection to universal intelligence, was able to control and look after him

This worked well for awhile as in the past the women ruled their first tribes and later the first civilisations, which allowed women to keep a firm control over men. Men at the time obeyed women without question, because they recognised that through their stronger connection to universal intelligence, they were wiser than them. But as they became more connected to their own individuality, some men began fear women and the Great Mother. This was because they became frightened that the Great Mother might take away their hard earned uniqueness. So these men began to disobey and even attack women because they saw them as the enemy to their individuality.

Consequently, men who were no longer under the control of women and therefore universal intelligence, which worked through women, began to experience an even stronger sense of vulnerability, fear and loneliness. Without the connection to women and the Great Mother, these men were only guided by their own limited intellect, which meant they could only see their own selfish point of view. It was from this limited and selfish understanding; they began to use violence and intimidation to dominate other people

It was then through this that the human race because to experience real pain and suffering. This was written about in ancient times with the stories of the Garden of Eden, Pandora’s box, and the fall of the Golden Age. The universal mind had a choice of stopping this experiment completely, but so many souls wanted to become individuals and were willing to pay the price of living in a world of pain and suffering to do this.

The Compassionate Goddess

Ancient people believed the Great Mother gave birth to the World.

Ancient people believed the Great Mother gave birth to the World.

Returning to The One

As men began to take control over society, through violence, it was the type of men who were the most individual and therefore furthest away from Universal Intelligence that began to rule. The new rulers may have been psychopaths as they ruled by fear, intimidation and cruelty.

They also began to teach the men whom they ruled to be like themselves, so they could have an army of ruthless killers who could conquer other nations. Resulting in the matriarchal communities that were still ruled by women, were conquered by these gangs of ruthless murders. The men in these conquered communities were then given a choice of learning how to become ruthless warriors or becoming despised slaves.

Some women seeing their world change from a world of love, peace and harmony to a world of fear, violence and intimidation began to lose their faith in the Great Mother. These women then became easy victims of men who now ruled society, who raped and intimidated them. But there were other women who were not so easy to conquer, they kept their connection to universal intelligence which protected them, so they still managed to keep the religion and teachings of the Great Mother going.

The new psychopathic rulers condemned these women as witches but for a long time they feared them so much, they left them alone. This allowed these witches to protect the people from the worst excesses of the male rulers.

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The beginnings of patriarchal religions

To try to counteract the power of the Great Mother and the holy women who kept her religion alive, the male rulers created gods in their own image and designed a male priesthood to compete against the religion of the Great Mother.

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This created a religious war that lasted for thousands of years where both sides fought for the hearts and minds of the common people. In the end the priests of the male gods won with the introduction of totally patriarchal religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism

The last religion of the Great Mother was wiped out during the Witch hunts of the middle ages. Though some vestiges of the religion of the Great Mother still exist in Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism and even in the teachings of Jesus Christ

The new patriarchal religions also set about destroying as much as possible all knowledge of the ancient religion of the Great Mother, as well as knowledge of the last Matriarchal age, when women once ruled the planet. So then the triumph of patriarchal was complete and seemed impregnable, but then, the common men began to rebel against patriarchal rule

Why The Creatrix is Feminine


The revolt

As men become more and more individualist the common people become less tolerant of taking orders from their god like rulers. There was a Peasant’s Revolt in England in 1381, then a peasant’s war in Germany, Switzerland and Austria between 1524–1525, both rebellions where brutally crushed. But then between 1642 – 1651, there was the English civil war where the King Charles 1 was executed.

Then in the next century there were both the American and French revolutions as common people demanded a greater say in how they were ruled. But not only have the common man demanded equal rights but women have been doing the same in the 19th and 20th centuries, as women have also learnt from men how to be more individualistic.

Patriarchal rule, in recent times, has taken the human race as far away from the Oneness of the Great Mother as it is possible to go. Masculinity gives us individuality, but also gives us separation, which leads to vulnerability, fear, hatred, violence, chaos and destruction. The extremes of destruction can be seen in nuclear weapons and the cold war between the USA and USSR, where both side deployed enough nuclear weapons to destroy civilization many times over.

So it means that the human race has gone as far as it can go towards individuality and being cut off from universal intelligence, without destroying itself. The human race now has to return to the Great Mother, but we all fear ONENESS. This fear was shown very well in the Star-Trek TV series about the Borg who forced people to live within a collective mind that crushed all individuality. But the Borg in Star Trek is masculine in nature even though it had a Borg Queen. The universal intelligence is feminine and that is why the ancients called her the Great Mother. She loves us all, unconditionally and would never force us to give up our unique personalities. It was men who led the human race away from the Great Mother into individuality but women will lead us back to the ONE. This is because women in general are more relaxed about returning to the ONE, than men.

Patriarchy propaganda has convinced everyone that our world of conflict, violence and poverty is normal, and there is no solution to these problems, but this is only true while men continue to rule our world. This is because masculinity can only take us in one direction, away from wholeness and oneness and into separation and conflict, while the feminine, once back in control, will take us back to the Great Mother.

Although men still fear being engulfed and overwhelmed by the ONE, they are now more secure in their individuality, and some men are now recognizing that perhaps their unique sense of self is so strong they can now return to the ONE without lose their individual selves. These men are now looking to women to lead them back to the Great Mother. This is why the modern world is in a state of turmoil and confusion. As there are those who still want to go further away from the Great Mother and those who and trying to get back to Her. But in the end, we all will want to return to universal intelligence as individuals, allowing us all to become individual creators of our own worlds.

© 2011 William Bond


Sierra Bloomers on January 17, 2013:

A great commentary, MUCh appreciated!

fen lander from Whitstable on July 08, 2012:

I might have been slightly inebriated last-time I commented, and I might be now. Still, it's a worthy article. It's a good wander about in the mind of something-or-other.... must quit commenting after drinking :-K

Steve Andrews from Lisbon, Portugal on July 06, 2012:

Just enjoyed reading this again, William, and voted up!

Social-eyes on December 21, 2011:

All this excites my curosity and so my need to not only read more but be committed to that which will aid my understanding of who we are.



shaktilove from nearby You - just behind 2 screens on September 07, 2011:

from article: "we all fear ONENESS".

It is because Ego prevails everytime. Whole living is organized we breed a needs in our heads. Current reality is known...

fen lander from Whitstable on July 01, 2011:

A brilliant exposition of alternate way of faith and being. I've discovered a hermaphrodite 'entity' in the British Landscape. I believe it will help people to envision easily accessible alternate way of being and belief. Thank you for caring about the world. Thank you for trying to help the people understand.

William Bond (author) from England on June 09, 2011:

Hi deblipp

I found the two images on my hub on the internet by putting "great mother" in a search engine. I suppose i should have said what site they came from.

soumyasrajan from Mumbai India and often in USA on June 09, 2011:

Quite Interesting model of human universe from ancient times to today you have created William!

I went through (just a little) some of your other articles/books also. Your wishlist is indeed great - like woman should rule etc. Many will wish for the same.

Lot of things as you mention even from religions which have continued for a long long time like Hinduism in which "you are not born with any sin" and whole life universe etc. is an "eternal feeling of enjoyment" do fit in your model (actually Hinduism is not really religion is usual sense the word is used, in fact most Indian languages do not even have any word for religion -but any way).

In religions which originated in middle east (Abrahamic religions) which are popular in West, there is discipline of accepting initial axioms (beliefs ) without questioning them. This does not leave much scope for new ideas. But in countries like India and Hinduism etc. where there are no such restrictions people have tried since ancient times to create new models as you are attempting to do.

Your ideas may be very popular there if propagated properly. People will build it up further.

One current popular version is Advaita Philosophy. I once wrote an article about it-

The effort that time (almost 2000 years back) was also to create a model of universe which has as less contradiction as possible. You must be familiar with it. It is too abstract to fit in directly in your model. But even in that model Maya the agency which makes you "imagine false individuality" etc. is feminine. Also in rituals in India - feminine has been much is more powerful always. There is no God of Power, it is Goddess Kali. There is no God of wisdom and education, it is Goddess Saraswati, there is no God of wealth, it is Goddess Laxami. So you have good environment ready for you, there.

Perhaps fitting Great mother in abstract philosophies like Advaita and modifying it thus will make it much more more colorful. You might feel a crazy idea no! I can not entertain it- still almost a billion people are already a little with you. That may be your domain.

Have you ever visited India?

deblipp on June 09, 2011:

Lovely hub.

The statue in your picture is the work of Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. I'm not sure who the other artist is. I'd love to see attribution.

Blessed be.

William Bond (author) from England on June 07, 2011:

Thank you Steve

Steve Andrews from Lisbon, Portugal on June 07, 2011:

Lyndon, there is no need for male fathers apart from to create genetic variation in the physical world. There are many species of animals, including stick insects, crayfish and some types of lizard, that have no males and can reproduce generation after generation by parthenogenesis. I have chosen wisely and have no need for your Biblical God or any other gods for that matter!

William, a brilliant hub and I have voted up for it!

Lyndon Broome on June 07, 2011:

If there were a great Mother, then who fathered the children? There is a GOD who wanted man and women to have children on this earth. We are suffering because we do not listen to his prophets and follow his commandments and laws. Read up on the death of the saints and listen to why they decided to die than give in to the will of their evil leaders. One Goddess, HA! THIS LIFE IS A TEST OF FAITH. Seems you have lost your faith in the one true GOD. Choose wisely for the rest of your life. GOD the father, CHRIST JESUS

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