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The Ambitious and Confident Leo Man

Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.

Ben Affleck (August 15, 1972)

Ben Affleck (August 15, 1972)

Leo (July 23-August 22) is the fifth sign of the zodiac and represented by the Lion. Leo is ruled by the element of fire and damn is it hot next to this larger than life sign! He is considered the strongest of all the fire signs and really all the signs in general. Leo man is everything you could ever want in a man, and so much more. He's dynamic, confident, energetic, but also generous, gentle, and loyal. True to his sign, he is the king of the jungle and expects to be respected by others. His presence simply cannot be ignored. When he enters a room, all eyes are on him. It's impossible to dismiss or see past him. He is light, fire, and everything that is hot.

At first sight, a Leo man can come off as arrogant, but that's because you don't know him very well. He's just very confident about his knowledge on certain subjects and he wants you to know it! He's not shy in the very least. He'll be the first to approach you and not think twice about it. Most Leo men fall under this confident, almost to the point of arrogance, attitude. There is another type of Leo man as well. He has the quiet confidence that you don't hear about very often. Don't worry, he's just as smart and dynamic, he just has a different way of showing it. He's the type to get things done first and let the results speak for themselves rather than bragging about it. He's still the king and you'd better believe it too.

Leo man is the very definition of "coming in hot" when it comes to love and dating. He's not shy and he knows what he wants so if that's you, watch out he's coming for you. He's very charming and passionate and he'll sweep you right off your feet. He's all about the gifts, dinners, and jewelry, anything to make you fall for him. There's a type of woman that a Leo man desires though, and it's not just any girl that can make the cut. He needs a strong woman that can keep up with him. He'll get tired of being large and in charge to a meek and quiet woman who has no opinion of her own. He needs a woman who can stand her ground and challenge him daily. Don't worry, you won't scare him off with your power, he'll only respect and want you more. Once he has a strong woman by his side, a Leo man can be very kind and gentle to her. It's much like a male lion is tender with his lioness and baby cubs. He may be king of the jungle out there, but with her he shows his other softer side.


That's the thing about the Leo man, that tough and confident exterior is just a facade. Inside, the Leo man is very emotional and intuitive. He just hides it very well and won't let his true colors show until he knows you are the one and he's serious about you. Only the right woman for him will get close enough to his fire and not get burned. Everyone else will get scared away by the Leo man because sometimes he comes off as just too much. He's just compensating for the way he really feels inside though. If you want to get close to him, be the strong and independent woman that you are and very slowly he'll let you in and show you the real him.

When dating the Leo man, be prepared that he'll always try to take control of every situation. It's very natural for him to take the leadership role in all aspects of his life. He'll plan the dates and the vacations and give you just enough time to pack a bag before it's on to the next fun adventure. It's never boring to date a Leo man. He just can't sit still very long and you'll most likely have a hard time keeping up. Leo man needs a woman that is his equal so if dating him is already making you tired, then you might be better off with a calmer sign like a Pisces. Leo man will never slow down, it doesn't matter how old he is. He is just very energetic and excited about life and wants the world to know it.

The problem you might run into with the Leo man is that he thinks he's always right. It's downright annoying sometimes! He's stubborn and it's damn near impossible to prove anything once he's made up his mind about it. You'll have a hard time even getting him to listen, if he respects you enough he'll hear you out, but he'll probably still think he's right. On the outside, he's tough and feared as the king of the jungle, but inside you know he's just a big house cat. You have to tame the lion with a gentle touch much like the trainers in the circus do. He's not so tough around them is he? A few key strokes and he's pretty much mush in their hands.


Women tend to love and flock to the Leo man because he draws them in with his confidence and energy. Leo man doesn't do anything halfway and love is no exception. Although Leo man has many admirers, he's really just looking for the one, though that doesn't stop him from having some fun along the way. Usually, Leo man is not the cheating type, but he might be if he's not really serious about you and doesn't think you're the right woman for him. When he's confident about you, he'll be loyal and a great family man. His endless energy will come in handy raising and disciplining children because he's got the natural knack for it. Life will never be routine or monotonous with the Leo man because he'll always keep you on your toes and you'll never know just what to expect from him next except that it'll no doubt be interesting.


So is the Leo man worth dating? A thousand times yes because he's the whole package! No other sign can really measure up to the Leo man if you want the honest truth. Get ready for a life full of fun and excitement when this charming animal comes into your life and sweeps you off your feet. He'll show you how a real man is supposed to behave and you'll pinch yourself for ever settling for anything less. Because really, after you've dated a Leo man, every other man seems dull in comparison. Just remember to return the favor and keep Leo man on his toes as well. He'll like it I promise. He might be the king, but don't forget you're the queen.

Famous Leo Men

Ben Affleck- August 15, 1972

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Robert DeNiro- August 17, 1943

Arnold Schwarzenegger- July 30, 1947

Matthew Perry- August 19, 1969

Donnie Wahlberg- August 17, 1969

Daniel Radcliffe- July 23, 1989

Matt LeBlanc- July 25, 1967

Tom Brady- August 3, 1977

Chris Hemsworth- August 11, 1983

Matthew Sanders (M. Shadows)- July 31, 1981

Bill Clinton- August 19, 1946

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