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Acorn Christian


Did you ever think about an acorn? What significance does it really have? The squirrels think they are of importance! They love to eat them and then bury them to find later, but then can't remember where they put them. They are so small the diameter of it is just a little more than an inch. It holds the makings of growing into a massive oak tree that is more than 100 feet tall. It can populate an entire forest of other oak trees. Even the tiniest of acorn's has an incredible potential and significance within itself!

As I think of the acorn, we have a similarity to them. We may see ourselves as just being a 'regular' kind of person, yet the greatness within us is vast. The capabilities we have within are far more than what we can see. God fills each and every one of our lives with mighty possibilities and significance far beyond what we could ever think, know or imagine. Even the person who thinks they are the most ordinary has extraordinary and limitless potential. We limit ourselves yet God is limitless. God loves turning lives that are acorn-sized into mighty oaks. That is what happened to the 'acorns' in the Bible that turned into mighty oaks for God. The way people saw them and the way God saw them, what a difference!

People saw a tax collector who was very dishonest and cheated people, but God saw an accountant who went on to make a powerful and dynamic Gospel account of the life of Jesus.

People saw a fugitive that was Hebrew, but God saw a strong leader who would liberate Israel.

People saw a young small shepherd boy, but God saw a great king.

People saw two brothers whose livelihood was being fishermen, but God saw two people who became fishers of men who eventually spread the Gospel.

People saw a person who murdered Christians, but God saw a missionary who spread the salvation message to the world.

What do you see when you look at yourself? What does God see when He looks at you? He sees the mighty oak tree that is within the acorn-sized life. When we look at ourselves, we see the person we are on the outside. God doesn't see us as we are right at this moment, but who we can become through Him. That's because He knows what He can do through us. Allow God to take the 'acorn' and make you into a mighty oak! All things are possible to them that believe!

© 2011 Carol Kluchesky


Carol Kluchesky (author) from Midwest, USA on February 06, 2012:

Hi Charles thank you so much for your encouraging and inspiring comments! I am truly touched knowing this has helped you. God can and will do great things through us if we allow Him to. May this help all who read this article.

Have a great day and God bless! :-) on January 19, 2012:

I was truly moved when I read this today. I am really speechless right now as I think about what I would refer to in the past as "my business", Be The OAK!, and just how much it really is NOT mine. God gave me the thought, skills, and talent to make Be The OAK! into something special, but more importantly I learned from reading your message that God is showing me just how special it can be when he does great things through us. Thank you for sharing!

Carol Kluchesky (author) from Midwest, USA on October 01, 2011:

Hi FaithDream thank you so much for stopping by and your wonderful comments. It puts a smile on my face when I see your name. I'm glad you enjoy it and it inspires you. The acorn is such a small thing, yet it grows into something so massively huge. May the 'acorn' that is within us grow into something beautiful for all of the world to see.

Have a great day, much love to you and God bless! :-)

FaithDream from (Midwest) USA on September 13, 2011:

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This is beautifully inspiring. I never thought of the acorn symbol. This paints a beautiful portrait of God's great love. If we could only see ourselves with His eyes, we wouldn't be so hard on ourselves. I read a book called, "Forever Eyes" and it was very similar to your concept.

Great article.

Carol Kluchesky (author) from Midwest, USA on September 10, 2011:

Hi Hyphenbird thank you for commenting and I'm so happy to hear about your acknowledgement of God in your life! We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. He will complete what He has started in your life. You encourage me and I thank you for that! So glad you enjoyed this!

Have a great day and God bless you my friend! :-)

Brenda Barnes from America-Broken But Still Beautiful on August 28, 2011:

Field Of Flowers, for the first time in my life I have acknowledged the potential inside me and I know with God's help and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I will accomplish His path, plan and purpose for my life.

I really enjoyed this Hub.

Carol Kluchesky (author) from Midwest, USA on July 08, 2011:

Hi DREAM ON thank you so much for commenting. God has a way of putting people in our lives just when we need them. I'm honored and humbled at the same time, to know that He put me here for you.

I've been where you are ... wondering what God wants me to do. I think we all have been there at one time or another in our lives. My answers come through prayer and reading the Bible.

I'm glad you like it, it inspired you and helped you think outside of the box.

Have a great day! :-)

DREAM ON on July 07, 2011:

You came at the perfect time in my life.Today I was questioning some old ideas that I have been trying to finish that never seem to materialize into anything.I wonder what God wants me to do.Give up and move on or pursue my dreams even further to make them bloom.I still feel I have many great opportunities but as I live my life the days that pass seem to lead me in a different direction that I had hoped or wished for.Very nice and ispiring hub.Thanks for making me think outside of the box.

Carol Kluchesky (author) from Midwest, USA on June 25, 2011:

Hi Seeker7! Thanks for stopping by and commenting it's very much appreciated. I'm glad that you enjoy how I wrote it and thanks for the votes! Have a great day!:-)

Helen Murphy Howell from Fife, Scotland on June 25, 2011:

Beautiful and interesting hub and I love the analogy with the acorn and the spiritual. Voted up + beautiful.

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