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The 4x4 Plank In My Eyes

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It’s hard to figure out how we are able to notice the insignificant smudge on somebody else’s face while failing to acknowledge that our whole face and almost our entire body is covered in muck.

An understandable instance is when these people are talking in the dark under the pale blue moon.

And that is probably why, most of us want to be in the dark and stay in the dark as much as we can.

I know we all have our own dark little secrets we want no one to find out about. And I’m guessing staying in dark places seems to help putting that behind plain sight.

And I am not even going to say it, but it was in the news lately and it is relevant to what I am trying to say here. But that news article said that there is some direct link between lying and the amount of lightning in the workplace. I’m guessing the less light in your jobsite, the more likely for you guys to lie to one another and others. And the more light, the more open and honest will you guys be towards each other. Sounds incredible, but there is some truth to it and a latest study proved it with facts and numbers.

But that’s not the only reason.

I’m thinking, most people deliberately take notice of the speck in somebody else’s eyes while neglecting the 4x4 in their eyes so as to take the focus OFF of them, out of their shortcomings and to avoid the repercussions.

And all these could be as simple as that everyday workplace gossip, or that small office talk, that little chat at the water cooler, that after-office chitchat at the watering hole, or that trivial office rumor you started the other day.

I’m thinking we engage in these because most of us wants some other person to appear more deficient and more in need of help than we are, and in the same length casting ourselves as the fun-nothing-is-wrong-with-me guy, the I-have-it-in-control freak, the problem-solver, the do-gooder and even the see-I-am the-best-there-is so give-me-that-promotion kind of guy.

And of course, it doesn’t help that we enjoy doing all that and more. Some days our body seems to crave it, desire it or even have withdrawal symptoms when we deprive ourselves of it. But other people may call that as pride, envy, jealousy, greed, take your pick. But whatever it is, it is one bad apple. Get rid of it.

I know who I am, I know where I came from and I know that I have a huge 4x4 plank of timber in my eyes and I try hard to remember that whenever I notice a speckle of dirt on somebody else’s eyes.

And with that simple knowledge, I come back to planet earth and tell myself not to judge other people. And I have learned to do that or at least learning to for some days it could be a slow process. But I want to believe that I am getting somewhere.

The question is will you take that same road less-travelled?

Let us not be hasty in judging or condemning other people or speaking ill of others, for in due time these same people and many others are most probably going to judge, malign and condemn us in the same manner if not in a much harsher fashion.

In that day, may God have mercy on us.

As they say, the higher we get, the harder we fall.


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Date: 2010-Mar-05

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