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The 12 Houses of Birth Chart- Part 1


When a person says that he is an Aries or she is a Capricorn, they are usually referring to their sun signs. However, one should realize that the sun sign alone does not define a person's complete personality traits. A person's overall traits are defined by the twelve different houses of the birth chart. Each of these houses describe a particular aspect of a person, such as his/her strong traits, the way he/she expresses, psyche, finances, relationships and so on. A zodiac sign passing through this house during the time of your birth determines how you manage that particular aspect of your life.

Here, I have listed down the first part of the 12 houses of a birth chart, the ruling signs and what aspect of a person they handle.

The first house - Ascendant

This is the first house of the birth chart (also called natal chart) ruled by Aries. It has the sign that was ascending over the horizon. Also called the 'rising sign', this house describes the natural demeanor and personality of a person. It also describes a person's physical appearance. Apart from a person's sun sign and moon sign, the ascendant is an important component to determine a person's personality. It is also one of the four key houses of the birth chart.

The second house

The second house of the birth chart describes the material goods, how money is earned and how it is managed. It is ruled by Taurus and hence, deals with materialism. In brief, the second house deals with the material possessions and ones attitude towards these material possessions. It also describes how we secure ourselves.

The third house

The third house is all about communication of all kind and is ruled by Gemini. It defines communication, curiosity, inquiry and explorations. It describes as to how we communicate with our surroundings, our loved ones, our friends or people around us. It also describes how we communicate with ourselves. It deals with mediums of communication such as letters, words, speech, and so on. It also deals with all sorts of 'understanding' and 'questioning'. Apart from these, the third house deals with short trips, education and siblings.


The fourth house

The fourth house is ruled by Cancer and deals with family, father, heredity and origins. It deals with our roots and how we secure ourselves. When it comes to home, it deals with what kind of home he/she comes from and what kind of home he/she will create. Heredity describes what the native may inherit. Including the legacy left back from the parents. Similar to the first house, the fourth house is an angular house and one of the most important houses in the natal chart.

The fifth house

This house defines what a person may do for recreation, pleasure. It also describes the person's creative activities, love affairs (non-commitment related), luck in gambling and general relationships. The house is ruled by Leo and as such, it is also about experience and expression. The expression is different from communication, which is described in the third house. The expression here is more of how a person expresses himself in a creative way be it sports or hobbies, than just communicating with others. Financial risks such as gambling, betting, speculations and investments are defined in this house.

The sixth house

The sixth house is ruled by Virgo and it defines the everyday life of a person such as everyday work and colleagues, his behaviour at work and with lower-ranking colleagues, how he handles minor obligations and the small details such as daily hygiene. It also deals with how one handles everyday challenges. General health and well-being is found in this house. Not only your hygiene, but how you work out and deal with your diet is defined in this house.

These are the first six houses of the 12 houses of your birth chart. I will be writing about the remaining six houses in my next article. Please post your valuable comments for this article.


Karthik Kashyap (author) from India on April 15, 2014:

Thanks a lot.. I will be publishing the second part soon.

Mackenzie Sage Wright on April 15, 2014:

Great overview. Looking forward to reading the rest.