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The 10 Commandments in 10 Easy Steps

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10 Commandments the rules that rock


10 Commandments - 10 Easy Steps for Children to Understand

When teaching Religious Educations classes I was presented with the task of introducing the children to The Ten Commandments and providing an explanation of what each of those commandments meant. My dilemma was two fold, how would I introduce The Ten Commandments and explain them so the children could grasp their meanings? I decided to give each child a blank card board poster, crayons, markers and stickers. I planned to go through each Commandment one at a time, they could write it on their poster, I would discuss the meaning of the Commandment and continue in this fashion until each one was written on their poster and had been discussed within the class. At the end, they could decorate their posters with stickers of their choice, draw and color the pictures. When they were done with their creations they were cut down, laminated with clear contact paper and made into place mats for the children to take home.

As they were decorating their posters we began talking about The Ten Commandments step by step. I explained that just we have rules at home, in school, the various towns and cities have laws that must be obeyed to keep peace and calm within their limits. God has his own set as well. We call these laws The 10 Commandments. Moses received these in tablet form on Mount Sinai. Moses then shared these with his people.

We discussed why these laws were important. How following His commandments play a role in our relationship with God.

The Ten Commandments
1. Love God With All Your Heart
2. Worship only God
3. Keep God's Name Holy
4. Keep God's Day Special
5. Obey Your Mom and Dad
6. Do Not Kill
7. Be Faithful In Marriage
8. Do Not Steal
9. Never Tell A Lie
10. Don't Be Jealous Of What Others Have

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