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Telekinesis: How to Strengthen Your Abilities

Telekinesis: Is it really possible?

For those asking this question, the idea of being able to move objects only with your mind, might seem like a far-fetched fantasy from some sci-fi movie or book. Though for the few that have mastered the art, and the thousands that can do it even just a little bit, it is not so far-fetched. It is as simple as meditation or a gesture of a hand.

With study and lots of intense practice, just about anyone can learn to do telekinesis. It's a matter of will more than natural ability. If you are persistent and dedicated to succeeding, then learning telekinesis is for you.

So in this hub, I would like to start you out with some basic exercises that you can use to strength your telekinetic skills. Practice these exercises on a regular basis and you'll find yourself moving objects with your mind in no time.

Small Ball

Moving a small ball or marble to practice with, is a pretty traditional method. It is one that most will suggest that novice practitioners start out with. The reason for this is, is not just because the small round objects are much easier to persuade to move then bigger less round objects, but also because it is easier to see yourself moving such an object on mind power alone.

I mean, how would you feel if instead I suggested you go out and practice moving your car with your mind only? That task clearly seems impossible to the mind, especially if you've never even moved a small object.

There is a slight science to moving a ball telekinetically though, as you'll need to consider what the ball or marble is made from. The general consensus is that denser objects are heavier, but sometimes easier to move because there is more mass gathered in the object. While objects that are less dense, are lighter and for some people they are easier to connect with.

Personally, I find that it works best to have a small round ball or object that is made from a stone, gem or crystal that you really connect with. It could be your birthstone, a round crystal that connects with your chakra or it could just be a small round marble made from a crystal, stone or gem that you really seem to like.

Your best bet, is to experiment with different types of small balls, marbles or objects - to see which works best for you. A small ball made from rubber, might not have enough density for you to move it very well at first, so you might have better luck with a glass marble. Or you might be one that has a harder time with a glass marble, but find it easier to move the rubber ball. As for crystals, gems and stones - each person has different affinities, and the density might not matter as much once you've found a small round one that you can move.

Once you have found a small round ball or object, here are your steps to moving it telekinetically:

1. Meditate for 10-20 minutes, with the round ball or object in your hand, and clear your mind of outside thoughts, stress and distractions. Once you have cleared your mind, focus your energy on the ball or object in your hand. Feel it's weight, shape, surface and energy. Talk to it, connect with and come to love it.

2. Place the ball or round object on a flat surface, such as a table. If the ball rolls around at this point, you need another surface because your table is probably crooked.

3. Roll the ball around the table in between the palms of your hands. Close your eyes and allow the ball to move around between your hands, bouncing from palm to palm, finger to finger. Listen to the sound the ball makes as it moves around on the table. Focus on the balls energy as it moves around. Use your intuition to try to anticipate where the ball will hit your hand next. When the ball hits your palm or fingers, feel the way it feels for that small moment.

4. Open your eyes and stop the ball from moving. Place it calmly in one place on the table and move your hands away. Make sure it is not moving before your start again.

5. Close your eyes and imagine the ball moving around on the table by itself. Imagine that it rolls around as if it were in between your hands again. Recall the sound that it makes when it rolls around on the table. The feeling it gave you when is brushed against your fingers or palms. Remember where you anticipated it would go, and where it really went.

6. Open your eyes and stare at the ball. Get to know it intimately with your eyes. What is it's exact color. Are there any scratches or blemishes on it's surface? Where are it's imperfections and perfections?

7. Here comes the hard part. Will the ball to move with only your mind. You can imagine that the ball is an extension of yourself, or you can picture your aura reaching out and moving the ball. Or you can envision that the ball is a living object and ask it to move. Focus on the ball intently and with purpose. Give it a direction to move. Concentrate on doing this for at least 15 minutes. Longer is acceptable, but less time will mean less results.

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Do this exercise often and you will see results sooner. The more you practice, the better.

Light as a Feather...

This exercise is amazingly simple, yet rather challenging. Trying to move a feather through telekinesis isn't very difficult, but your challenge will be in not breathing on the feather!

Small balls or round objects, tend to be dense enough not to be effected by our breath, but feathers will move with even the slightest wind from the mouth. It can also move around if you don't sit still, if you scratch your nose to much, or if there is a draft in the room. So you'll need to practice extra self-discipline along with your telekinesis, if you are to get this exercise down.

Step 1. Find a feather. You'll want to experiment with the many types of feathers you can use, but I find that a downy feather from a pillow or some fresh feathers from an occult store work very well.

Step 2. Meditate and clear your mind. Focus on controlling your breathing.

Step 3. Place the feather on a flat surface, such as a table, in a room with no drafts.

Step 4. Get to know the feather in the same way you did the small ball or round object it. Know it, love it.

Step 5. Focus and concentrate on moving the feather with your mind, while keeping your breath small, even and directed away from the feather.

Try Out Everything

There are many methods to help you increase your telekinesis on a basic level, and also many different categories of telekinesis. You could go for the pinwheel, the match in a bowl or pencil pushing. You could try some pyrokinesis, aerokinesis or hydrokinesis. There are ton's of options, so make sure to get out there and study them all. The more you try each kind, the sooner you'll find your strengths.


Shubham on October 22, 2015:

I can roll and levitate things heck i even can light them on fire but i cant crush them

Natalie on February 02, 2014:

I've mastered rolling things off and around surfaces, and things like that. The closest I can manage to get by levitating something is by lifting a teeny tiny feather for 10 seconds. :)

+? on March 11, 2012:

i tried the practices but how can i levitate things?

artrush73 on February 05, 2012:

Very interesting hub, thanks for sharing. I'll have to try it :)

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