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Ted Bundy

Who Was Ted Bundy

Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy (November 24, 1946 – January 23, 1989) was one of the most notorious murderers in U.S. history. A serial killer, rapist, and necrophiliac, Bundy murdered scores of young women across the United States between 1974 and 1978. His total number of victims remains unknown to this day, and there is some speculation that he first began to murder in 1961 at age 15. After more than a decade of vigorous denials, Bundy eventually confessed to over 30 murders. Bundy is considered by some to be the archetypal serial killer, with the term "serial killer" having been coined to describe his crimes.

Bundy is believed to have been a sociopath. He is usually described as an educated and charming young man despite the brutality of his crimes. Typically, he raped then murdered, or murdered then raped, young women and girls by bludgeoning them, and sometimes by strangulation.

Ghost Of Ted Bundy Still Haunts Death Row In Florida

Does the ghost of Ted Bundy still haunt death row in Florida.

Does the ghost of Ted Bundy still haunt death row in Florida.

Update , Ted Bundy's DNA Added To National Database

There has been a vial of Ted Bundy's blood recently found by a detective in Florida and now Ted Bundy's full DNA profile will be added to the F.B.I. National Database so he can be matched to cold cases across the United States.

When Bundy was executed in 1989 he was suspected in many many more murders nationwide and now with his DNA profile in the F.B.I. National Database many cold cases could be solved. His DNA profile will be added to the F.B.I. National Database on Friday August 5th. It will be interesting to see what happens.

A bulletin will be sent to law enforcement agencies once the DNA profile is uploaded. In the days leading up to his execution Bundy attempted to trade information on unsolved murders he claimed to have committed in exchange for his life. However the Florida Governor was not interested and the execution was carried out.

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Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

The Ted Bundy Ghost Story

In April of 2001 a guard retired from the Florida State Prison at Raiford, Florida. With the condition that no one reveal his name he told a story to a Tampa Newpaper reporter that was strange and spooky.

Ghost Of Ted Bundy Setting In The Electric Chair

He stated that shortly after Ted Bundy was put to death in the Florida Electric chair that guards including himself would go into the room where the electric chair was located and there would be Ted setting in the chair. He would not be strapped in or or anything he would just be setting there smiling at who ever came in the room like he knew a secret. When you would approach the chair or speak he would simply vanish. At one point the former guard said it got so bad that you could not get a guard to go into the room. Other guards began to report that they would see Ted in the area of his former cell where he spent the last hours of his life. Some claimed he spoke to them and all reported he said the same thing. It was " Well I beat all of you didn't I " The former guard said the Warden and Wardens staff went guard to guard and told them that any guard who reported what was going on at the prison would be fired. Several didn't have to be warned they quit after seeing Ted a time or two.

And the former guard said Ted was not the only ghost out at Starke haunting the prison.

Harmonica Playing Ghost At Florida State Prisons Death Row

Over the years several times stories of other ghosts had slipped out. He said another ghost seen by everyone at the prison was the ghost of Charlie Grifford who was 72 when executed in the Electric Chair Feb. 21 1989. Charlie plays the Harmonica. and guards on many occasins in the middle of the night have hunted for the man playing the Harmonica. Of course no one is. John Spenkelink an inmate who was executed in 1979 told on several occasins to anyone that would listen that Charlie Grifford's ghost spent time on several occasins in his cell with him telling him that he Charlie Grifford was innocent and that he was going to haunt the prison until his name was cleared. Prison officials said Spenkelink was trying to escape execution by playing crazy. And of course Charlie Grifford has never came forward with any information.

It only stands to reason that if you were innocent and executed by the State of Florida you might want to hang around and try to get even. A lot of the time where ghosts are reported it is associated with people who have died tragic deaths or people who won't pass on to the other side because they feel they still have something left to do in this life.

Ted Bundy

Bundy loses his temper during the Orlando trial for the murder of 12 year old Kimberly Leach.

Bundy loses his temper during the Orlando trial for the murder of 12 year old Kimberly Leach.

The Rest Of The Ted Bundy Story



Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, at the Elizabeth Lund Home For Unwed Mothers, where his mother lived, in Burlington, Vermont. His mother, Eleanor Louise Cowell, was a young department store clerk. His father's identity has never been authoritatively established. For the first nine years of his life, Bundy and his mother lived in Philadelphia with his maternal grandfather who, according to some family members, was mentally unstable and prone to violence. To avoid the stigma of an illegitimate pregnancy, many neighbors and friends were told that Eleanor's parents had adopted Bundy, and that he was actually Eleanor's younger brother. According to sources, Bundy was led to believe that his mother was actually his older sister throughout most of his childhood and adolescence.

Much speculation has been placed on Bundy's early formative years, though little is definitively known. However, in a 1987 court competency hearing, a psychologist who had interviewed Bundy related an incident involving his Aunt Julia in which she woke from a nap to find that her body was surrounded by knives, which someone had placed around her while she slept. When Julia looked up, she noticed her nephew, Ted Bundy, standing at the foot of her bed and smiling. Bundy was three years old at the time.

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Bundy and his mother eventually moved to Tacoma, Washington, where Eleanor's uncle Jack taught music at the University of Puget Sound. Not long thereafter, she married Johnny Culpepper Bundy, a hospital cook from Pasquotank County, North Carolina, whom she met at a church social function.

Bundy was a good student at Woodrow Wilson High School, and was active in the local Methodist Church and the Boy Scouts. However, as he told Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth, authors of The Only Living Witness, he had no natural sense of how to get along with other people. "I didn't know what made people want to be friends. I didn't know what made people attractive to one another. I didn't know what underlay social interactions." Bundy remained shy and introverted throughout most of his high school and early college years.

Bundy's criminal activities began at an early age, before he was even out of high school. He was a compulsive thief, a shoplifter, and on his way to becoming an amateur con artist. He was arrested twice as a juvenile, though these records were later expunged.

Bundy described the part of himself that, from a very young age, was fascinated by images of sex and violence as "the entity," and kept it very well hidden. However, by the time Bundy was talking about "other selves" he was trying to appeal his death sentence. Later, friends and acquaintances would remember a handsome, articulate young man. Bundy worked and campaigned for the Washington State Republican Party as an adult. He also worked as a volunteer at a Seattle suicide crisis center, alongside fledgling crime reporter Ann Rule. Ironically, at the time Rule wrote articles on the "Ted" murders that, unbeknownst to her, her young friend was committing. (Rule would go on to write a biography of Bundy, The Stranger Beside Me.)

Bundy had one serious relationship with a college freshman whom Rule referred to by the pseudonym "Stephanie Brooks." She ended the relationship, fed up with what she described as Bundy's immaturity and lack of ambition, and they separated for a period of roughly two years. He eventually came back into her life with a new look and attitude as a serious, dedicated professional man who had been accepted to law school; he courted her once more and then proposed, an offer she accepted. Two days later, Bundy unceremoniously dumped her by ceasing to return her phone calls. He would later dismiss the proposal and break-up as part of a challenge he undertook, saying "I just wanted to prove to myself that I could have her." It was shortly after this final breakup that Bundy began a homicidal rampage lasting three years. In her book, Rule notes that most of Bundy's victims had long straight hair parted in the middle just like Brooks, and speculates that Bundy's teeming resentment towards his first girlfriend was a motivating factor in his string of murders.

First murders

Among the still unanswered questions regarding Ted Bundy is when he began to kill. Many Bundy experts, including Rule and former King County detective Robert D. Keppel, believe Bundy may have started killing as far back as his early teens: an eight-year-old girl from Tacoma, Ann Marie Burr, vanished from her home in Bundy's neighborhood in 1961, when Bundy was 14. However, Bundy denied killing Burr, even after confessing to many other murders. His earliest confirmed murders were committed in 1974, when he was 27.

Shortly after midnight on January 4, 1974, Bundy entered the basement bedroom of an 18-year-old student at the University of Washington, Joni Lenz, and bludgeoned her with a metal rod from her bedframe while she slept. Bundy also sexually assaulted Lenz with a speculum (a gynecological tool). Lenz was found the next morning in a coma, with the speculum rammed deep into her vagina, and lying in a pool of her own blood. She survived the attack and had no memory of it, but suffered permanent brain damage.

Bundy's next victim was Lynda Ann Healy, a senior at the University of Washington and roommate of a friend of Bundy's. On January 31, 1974, Bundy broke into Healy's basement room, knocked her unconscious, dressed her in jeans and a shirt, wrapped her in a bed sheet, and carried her away. A year would pass before her decapitated remains were found in the mountains east of Seattle.

On March 12, 1974, Bundy kidnapped and murdered nineteen-year old Evergreen State University student Donna Gail Manson on her way to a jazz concert on campus.

Bundy's next victim was Georgeann Hawkins, a student at the University of Washington and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, an on-campus sorority. In the early morning hours of June 11, 1974, she walked from her boyfriend's dormitory residence to her sorority house, a distance of approximately 90 feet. She was last seen by one of her boyfriend's fraternity members approximately halfway down the alley that separated the two buildings. A campus housemother reported hearing a scream around the time Hawkins left her boyfriend's room, though she initially believed it was due to students playing a joke and went back to sleep. Hawkins was never seen again.

Bundy confessed to Hawkins's murder shortly before his 1989 execution, stating that he was waiting in a parking lot behind Hawkins's sorority house, using crutches and pretending to have trouble carrying his briefcase to his car. Hawkins agreed to assist him, and he walked her to his waiting Volkswagen Beetle where he had laid a crowbar by the tire. When they approached the vehicle, Bundy hit Hawkins over her head, knocking her unconscious. He then handcuffed her, pulled her into his vehicle, and sped away. Bundy said that Hawkins awoke during a drive through the mountains and began talking to Bundy. During his confession to King County Detective Robert Keppel, Bundy stated that he thought it was strange some of the things his victims said to him prior to him murdering them. Bundy stated that Hawkins awoke and told him that she thought Bundy had come to help tutor her for a Spanish test she had to take the next day. He then knocked her unconscious again before strangling her to death with a piece of cord just as the sun was coming up. After the murder, Bundy said he panicked and began throwing out evidence from his car as he was driving away, including the briefcase, handcuffs, crowbar, and crutches. Regarding his decision to throw these items away, Bundy said, "I'd get mad at myself a few weeks later because I'd have to go out and buy another pair. I mean, it's not comical, but that's what would happen." Bundy claimed that one of Hawkins's bones had been discovered on September 6, 1974, approximately two miles from Lake Sammamish State Park in Washington, though her remains have never been identified.

In the first half of 1974, Bundy stalked and killed at least eight young women in Washington State. Bundy's killing spree culminated on July 14 with the abduction, in broad daylight, of Janice Ott and Denise Naslund from Lake Sammamish State Park near Seattle. Five different women would testify about that day and about a man wearing a white tennis outfit and with his arm in a sling who called himself "Ted." The witnesses said the man had approached each of them asking for help unloading a sailboat from his car. One went with Bundy as far as his Volkswagen, where there was no sailboat, before refusing to accompany him further. Two more witnesses testified to seeing the man approach Janice Ott with the story about the sailboat, and to seeing Ott walk away from the beach in his company—the last time she was ever seen alive.

From the description of the individual described by witnesses at Lake Sammamish, King County detectives were able to get a description both of the suspect and his brown Volkswagen Beetle. Both Ted's girlfriend, Liz Kendall (a pseudonym) and Ann Rule reported him as a possible suspect, but the King County police, deluged with hundreds of tips, did not have any reason to pick out the unassuming Bundy from the long list of leads to be investigated.

The remains of Janice Ott and Denise Naslund were discovered months later at a site near the park. Additionally, an extra thigh femur bone and vertebra were found at the site, but police did not know to whom they belonged, though evidence would later suggest they belonged to Georgeann Hawkins.

That autumn, Bundy moved to Utah to attend law school in Salt Lake City, where he resumed killing in October. Nancy Wilcox disappeared on October 2. On October 18, Bundy murdered Melissa Smith, the 17-year-old daughter of Midvale police chief Louis Smith. Bundy raped, sodomized, and strangled Smith. Her body was found nine days later.

Next was Laura Aime, also 17, who disappeared when she left a Halloween party in Lehi, Utah on October 31, 1974. Her remains were found nearly a month later, by hikers on Thanksgiving Day, on the banks of a river in the American Fork Canyon. She was found naked, beaten beyond recognition, sodomized, and strangled with her own sock.

Further murders, first trial, and Bundy's escape

In Murray, Utah, on November 8, 1974, Carol DaRonch narrowly escaped with her life. Claiming to be Officer Roseland of the Murray Police Department, Bundy lured DaRonch into his car where he then attempted to slap a pair of handcuffs on her. Fortunately for DaRonch, he only got one wrist. She wrenched her door open with the other hand, rolled out of the car onto the highway and escaped with contusions to the head given to her via a blunt instrument that Bundy had taped underneath the car seat.

Frustrated in his attempt to kill DaRonch, Bundy snatched Debbie Kent, who was attending a school play in Bountiful, Utah, mere hours later. Kent, 17, disappeared after leaving the school play. She had left early and alone to pick her brother up, but her car never left the parking lot. Residents nearby reported hearing screams from the area of the lot, and a handcuff key that fit the cuffs left on DaRonch's wrist was later found on the ground nearby. Bundy had been clearly seen lurking in the back of the auditorium where the play was held and had boldly appeared backstage, confronting a drama teacher, Raelynn Shepard, with the demand that she accompany him to the parking lot with him to allegedly identify a vehicle—the same ruse Bundy had tried earlier in the day with DaRonch. Kent's body has never been found.

In 1975, while still attending law school at the University of Utah, Bundy shifted his crimes to Colorado. Caryn Campbell disappeared from the Wildwood Inn at Snowmass, Colorado, on January 12 where she had been vacationing with her husband. Her body was found on February 17. Julie Cunningham disappeared on March 15, and Denise Oliverson on April 6. Lynette Culver went missing in Pocatello, Idaho on May 6. Back in Utah, Susan Curtis vanished on June 28. The bodies of Cunningham and Oliverson have never been recovered.

Bundy was arrested on August 16, 1975, in Salt Lake City, for failure to stop for a police officer. A search of his car revealed a ski mask, a crowbar, handcuffs, trash bags, and other items that were thought by the police to be burglary tools. Bundy was arrested for this charge on 21 August. Utah police connected Bundy and his Volkswagen with the DaRonch kidnapping and with the murdered and missing women in Utah and Colorado. Following a week-long trial, Bundy was convicted of DaRonch's kidnapping on March 1, 1976. He was sentenced to 15 years in Utah State Prison. Colorado authorities, however, were pursuing their murder cases.

On June 7, 1977, in preparation for a hearing in the Caryn Campbell murder trial, Bundy was transported to the Pitkin County courthouse. During a court recess, he was allowed to visit the courthouse's law library. Bundy then jumped out of the building from a second-story window and escaped. The two-story fall injured Bundy's ankle, which caused him to remain in the area, and he was recaptured a week later. Back in jail awaiting the start of his trial, Bundy escaped again. He somehow acquired a hacksaw and, over time, sawed a square hole in the ceiling of his cell in the Glenwood Springs, Colorado, lockup. On the night of December 30, 1977, Bundy climbed out of the hole, managed to walk right out of the jail's front door (the jailer was out for the evening) and reach the main hallway. Bundy stole a car in the parking lot and drove off.

Bundy's final rampage — Florida

With around $510 in cash given to him by his friends during jail visits, Bundy bought a one-way plane ticket and flew TWA from Denver to Chicago the night he escaped. He then caught an Amtrak train to Ann Arbor, Michigan and stole a car that he abandoned in Atlanta before boarding a bus for Tallahassee, Florida. There, he rented a room at a boarding house under the alias of "Chris Hagen" and FSU graduate "Ken Misner", and committed numerous petty crimes including shoplifting, purse snatching, and auto theft, though he later professed that he had been determined to not so much as jaywalk while on the lam from prison. Despite his attempts to stop himself, Bundy was only in Tallahassee for six days when in the early hours of Super Bowl Sunday on January 15, 1978, he bludgeoned to death two sleeping women, Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman, and seriously wounded Karen Chandler and Kathry Kleiner inside their Florida State University Chi Omega sorority house. He then clubbed and severely injured another young woman, Cheryl Thomas, in her home a few blocks away.

Levy and Bowman had been bludgeoned and strangled. Levy's right collarbone had been broken by a tremendous blow. There was a double bite mark on her left buttock where her killer had torn at her with his teeth, leaving four distinct sets of marks where his teeth had sunk in. (This bite mark would be pivotal evidence against Bundy during his 1979 trial.) Bowman had been struck repeatedly on the right side of her head so viciously that broken pieces of her skull were driven into her brain. The force dealt to Bowman's skull was so tremendous that her brain had been slammed against the left side of her skull when she was struck with the oak club on the right. A Hanes "Alive" pantyhose ligature cut from Bowman's neck had been buried so deep that it could be hardly seen in the flesh. Neither girl had any damage to their hands or nails, indicating that they had not been able to defend themselves in any way.

On February 9, 1978, Bundy traveled to Lake City, Florida. While there, he abducted, raped and murdered 12-year-old Kimberly Leach, throwing her body under a small shed. She would be his final victim. Shortly after 1 a.m. on February 15, Bundy was stopped by Pensacola police officer David Lee. When the officer called in a check of Bundy's license plate, the orange VW he was driving came up as stolen. Bundy then scuffled with the officer before he was finally subdued. On the way to the jail, Officer Lee said that Bundy had told him that he wished that Lee had just killed him. Lee said he did not know why Bundy, who was using a stolen identity, was so upset because he was only being charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. Before long, Bundy was identified and taken to Miami to stand trial for the FSU murders.

Conviction and execution

Bundy's trial for the Chi Omega murders was held from June 25 to July 31, 1979. Despite his five court-appointed defense lawyers, Bundy represented himself as his own legal counsel, even cross-examining witnesses. He was convicted on all counts. Judge Edward Cowart said, when sentencing Bundy to death:

"It is ordered that you be put to death by a current of electricity, that current be passed through your body until you are dead. Take care of yourself, young man. I say that to you sincerely; take care of yourself, please. It is an utter tragedy for this court to see such a total waste of humanity as I've experienced in this courtroom. You're an intelligent young man. You'd have made a good lawyer, and I would have loved to have you practice in front of me, but you went another way, partner. Take care of yourself. I don't feel any animosity toward you. I want you to know that. Once again, take care of yourself."

After the Chi Omega trial, Bundy was tried for the Kimberly Leach murder in 1980. He was again convicted on all counts and sentenced to death. During his trial for the Kimberly Leach murder, while Bundy was acting as his own attorney, he married former coworker Carole Ann Boone in the courtroom as the trial was being conducted. During his incarceration, Bundy received about two hundred fan letters each day from female admirers.

In October 1982, Boone gave birth to a girl. Eventually, however, Boone moved away, divorced Bundy, and changed her and her daughter's last name. Both of their whereabouts are today unknown.

In the years Bundy was on death row (at Florida State Prison), he was often visited by Special Agent William Hagmaier of the FBI's Behavioral Sciences Unit. Bundy would come to confide in Hagmaier, going so far as to call him his best friend. Eventually, Bundy confessed to Hagmaier many details of the murders that had until then been unknown or unconfirmed.

In 1984, the very manipulative Bundy, likely hoping for some leverage in delaying his death sentence, contacted former King County homicide detective Robert D. Keppel and offered to assist in the ongoing search for the Green River Killer by providing his own insights and analysis. Keppel and Green River Task Force detective Dave Reichert traveled to Florida's death row to interview Bundy. Both detectives later stated that these interviews were of little actual help in the Green River investigation; they provided far greater insight into Bundy's own mind, and were primarily pursued in the hope of learning the details of unsolved murders that Bundy was suspected of committing but had never been charged with, let alone tried or convicted.

Bundy contacted Keppel again in 1988. With his appeals exhausted and execution imminent, Bundy confessed to eight official unsolved murders in Washington State, for which he was the prime suspect. Bundy told Keppel that there were actually five bodies left on Taylor Mountain, and not four as they had originally thought. Bundy said that the fifth body was that of Donna Manson, the Evergreen State University student missing since 1974. Bundy also admitted that the extra femur bone and vertabrae discovered beside the road two miles from Lake Sammamish State Park was all that was left of Georgeann Hawkins. After the interview, Keppel reported that he had been shocked in speaking with Bundy, and that he was the kind of man who was "born to kill". Keppel stated:

"He described the Issaquah crime scene (where Janice Ott, Denise Naslund, and Georgeann Hawkins had been left) and it was almost like he was just there. Like he was seeing everything. He was infatuated with the idea because he spent so much time there. He is just totally consumed with murder all the time."

Bundy had hoped that he could manipulate the revelations and partial confessions into another stay of execution or possibly commutation to life imprisonment. At one point, a legal advocate working for Bundy, Linda Barker, had asked many of the families of the victims to fax letters to the Florida governor and ask mercy for Bundy in order to find out where the remains of their loved ones were. To a person, all the families refused. Keppel and others reported that Bundy gave scant detail about his crimes during his confessions, and promised to reveal more and other body dump sites if he were given "more time". The ploy failed and Bundy was executed on schedule.

The night before Bundy was executed, he gave a television interview to Dr. James Dobson, head of the evangelical Christian organization Focus on the Family and Catholic Priest And Activist Thomas Byers. During the interview, Bundy made repeated claims as to the pornographic "roots" behind his sexually driven violence. He stated that, while pornography didn't cause him to commit his crimes, the consumption of violent pornography helped "shape and mold" his violence into "behavior too terrible to describe." He said that he felt that violence in the media, "particularly sexualized violence," sent boys "down the road to being Ted Bundys". In the same interview, hours before his execution, Bundy stated:

"You are going to kill me, and that will protect society from me. But out there are many, many more people who are addicted to pornography, and you are doing nothing about that."

While embraced by Dobson and others, many found Bundy's allegations to be fabricated and another last ditch effort to elicit sympathy. According to Hagmaier, Bundy also contemplated suicide in the days leading up to his execution, but eventually decided against it.

At 7:06 a.m. on January 24, 1989, 42-year-old Ted Bundy was executed in the electric chair, "Old Sparky", by the State of Florida for the murder of Kimberly Leach. His last words were, "I'd like you to give my love to my family and friends." Then, more than 2,000 volts were sent through his body for less than two minutes. He was pronounced dead at 7:16 a.m.

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diana wolf on December 31, 2018:

Because HE could

Cecilia Svensson on May 06, 2017:

I think it is like he said. Porn is the reason. I also think that he felt hate towards females because of his brutal murders. He was betrayyde by two women that he loved very much. His mother and Stephany Brooks. There is a similar case in Sweden. Goole Anders Eklund. But the authorities arrested him after the second murder so he never had the chance to continue hurt people. But he resemble Ted Bundy a lot.

Suzie from Carson City on October 15, 2014:

"Ted Bundy".. a name that will forever be carved in blood throughout history.....evil incarnate. I have read every book, article and viewed all videos and documentaries on this savage beast of a man. This is one of the very best accounts I've had the pleasure to read. Excellent. Up+++

Marilyn C. on February 24, 2014:

The Very First time I've seen the movie called the Deliberate Stranger was during the summer of 1988 and I've never even heard about Teodore Robert Bundy.

So I've watched the whole movie and couldn't understand why this very attractive young man, has a bright future head of him, was attending law school in Salt lake city, in Utah and instead he was killing young women From Seattle,WA, all the way to Utah state and then in Colorado state and many oter states in the US,

He could have had a bright future head of himself if he wasn't a serial killer and he was caught and has escaped twice from his jail cells in Colorado and it took them a few days to finally catch him and they should have chained him down in shakles then he wouldn't have escaped from from his jaol cell the second time around.

I've felt sad for all of the families of the missing women, whose lives that Bundy has destroyed for life, their lives will never be the same again and I feel for them all.

May his soul burn in hell forever.

I've read every book written about this Bundy creep and so far, every book tells the same thing about his life and how he has killed so many Women from from six different states and they have made three different movies about Ted Bundy and I've seen all three of those movies and he should be forgotten for good.

Jacqueline on October 17, 2013:

I really agree with a post on here by Kittie Danger. It is quite old, actually 3 years old, however, it is one of the only clearly and accurately well spoken posts on here that is putting forth an opinion that I completely agree with. You stated all the things that I was just itching to write in response to some of these posts before I had the chance to do so, so thank you for that lol. It is refreshing to see an intelligent woman on here getting it right. Obviously the long, sad and sadistic saga of Ted Bundy has had quite an effect on all of us who have known of him and the unfathomably terrible things he did. All of these posts show the impression it has had, even after all this time. However, many people seem to want to speak out on this before really having an understanding of the deeper psychology of it all. Thus, making themselves out to be very ignorant, immature and purely instinctive, and this is something even Bundy himself could precipitate. I am not condoning what he did at all here. What he did was sickening. But even more sickening in a certain context, is the way most of the world reacts to such things. The media using and selling every sick detail in a competition for publicity. This world was sick and desensitized then and is far more sick and desensitized now. Ted did deserve the most harsh punishment imaginable for what he did especially to those who were still only little girls, still only children. However, we as fellow humans shouldn't rightfully be able to impose the type of punishment he got. In most cases I don't believe in capital punishment. I really think that he should have been locked away for life, just as many others have said because much more could have been gained, much more insight into the pathology of such a serial killer. What went so wrong within him, within his mind, his genetics and his life. Was he hormonally/chemically imbalanced? Was he a predisposed, violent ticking time bomb who was just incredibly hurt by what his mother did, having torn the foundation of his existence, the basis of who he thought he was, right out from under his feet contributing to his very unhealthy, unloving relationships with women and his obsessive nature? Its quite obvious that losing the girlfriend he loved was a stressor. Was he wired all wrong with his brain intermingling sex and violence dangerously together and was he seriously affected or desensitized by his early exposure to violent pornography and subsequent addiction to pornography throughout his life, (ohh gee I wonder if that happens, open your eyes and look around at all these men who can't have normal intimate relationships and women being so objectified to the point where they are being represented as nothing more than a disposable sex doll or something?) paving the way for him to become some sort of sexual deviant? Or was he just purely EVIL? Its probably more of a combination of most of this. Its true that to most, these things don't equate to brutally raping and murdering women, but to someone with a dysfunctional brain, dysfunctional way of living and interacting and all these stressors it quite possibly can and sadly does. The development of research and knowledge on this topic is helped along with the case of Ted Bundy and it is so very compelling and interesting to me because here we have this guy who was so highly gifted and intelligent, so articulate and charming and well spoken. He was not totally insane like some serial killers are. He was not a creepy looking pervert, he carried himself so well and was very, very good looking (and no I don't care what some of you might think, it is just a physical attribute he DID possess so get over it! And this is something that at first I really didn't agree on when viewing random images of Bundy while at the point of only having a vague perception of him and who he was, but after more research and watching more interviews I realized how appealing and seductive he really could be, and dangerously so! lol) and he could have been with many of these woman with out force or rape, yet he resorted to it. He appeared one way but inside he had no real confidence, no real concept of self love or worth and his fear of rejection and inadequacy lead him to need complete and total control of someone in order to feel pleasure. Some women just totally lust for him but disregard the terrible things he did but I have a soul and a conscience and I can't disregard the pain he put those girls and women and their loved ones through. I cant just totally separate him from his acts. He allowed his terrible compulsions to overtake everything else. In the end this is a man who had such potential for greatness but he went in the total opposite direction and from the outside looking in that is so hard to just understand or accept. I really wish his story was not a story of such desecration and death, such tragedy and eternal damnation but that is just a wish, and it was his 'choices' that made that impossible.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on August 04, 2013:

Please do not post links as they will never be approved.

wendy kochis on April 10, 2013:

When I was 22 years old, I was hitchhiking from Salem, Oregon to Falls City, Oregon alone at 3 AM one night and Ted Bundy picked me up. I did no know who it was until 30 years later and watching a movie about his life on television I put two and two together. He said only two things to me not looking at me while we were riding along out in a farm dark area, he was taking me to my house......... he said "do you know how lucky you are?" and he said "don't ever be doing this again". and I never commented and he never said another word but the hair on my head stood on end. I will never forget his low voiced words,,,,,,,, and he did not drive a tan volkswagon bug that night, it was bright green bright bright grehat en. And when i ask did he live around there long he said "all my life" but I knew he hadn't because I had grown up there and that car or him had never been there before,,,,,,,,,,,,,, creepy? I'd say so I am now 62 years old, and I often wonder why he let me go did not even harm me.. because I fit the picture of the girls he had killed exactly, thin, long dark hair parted in the middle and small boned,,,,,,,,,,,,

MD on December 08, 2012:

He suffered from antisocial-personnality disoder: A persistent challenge of irresponsible and antisocial behavior that begins in adolescence or childhood and continues into the adult years.

Disregard for and violation of the rights of others

Impulse, reckless and irresponsible

Persistent failure to perform responsibilities that are associated with occupational and familial roles

Often include people who have committed horrendous acts of violence against people, including genocidal war crimes and serial murders.

It is a mental maladptive mental disorder classified in the DSM-IV-TR (Book recognized and used for mental disgnoses)

Wayne M. on October 17, 2012:

Bundy: A Case For Incest?

This article and most of the above comments scarcely touched on the core cause of this man's horrific violent behavior. Most psychologists will agree that most of the world's ills are a result of incest.

Our present day world population is directly (immediate off-spring of incestuous relationships) and indirectly (through many generations of incest) affected by all the wickedness of humankind that preceded us. We are now the living recipients and the unfortunate victims (Bundy was one) of harmful abnormal recessive genes impacting societies in every aspect but not more than in the area of violence--the area of rape and homicide--where it is felt most by grieving families who never fully recover from shame nor from losing a son or daughter-brother or sister.

No one knows who Bundy's father was and many suspect it could have been his maternal grandfather who was known to be a violent man. His mother would never reveal who the man was, only that he was a sailor. She may have been protecting her father and herself from an incestuous past, nevertheless, it was certainly a looming factor impacting Bundy's violent behavior. He had a double reason for his aberration: 1. born with bad recessive genes, and 2. abused by adults also born with bad genes though not as severe as Ted Bundy's genetic anomaly which we all know compelled him to rape and kill young females--certainly an abnormal behavior in our society.

Bundy blamed his horrific violent behavior on pornography but I reject this notion. I regard this as potent fertilizer for a bad seed. This was not the root cause by a long shot because we know that not all who fantasize about pornography go out rape and kill young women. And normal men do not become addicted to pornography.

Genes, abnormal genes, being impacted by a harsh unforgiving environment conducive for exploitation of deviant pornographic fantasies would be a good description of Bundy's mental predicament in which he longed to fulfill at the expense of innocent young women.

This was in a period when police technology was still primitive in contrast to today's high tech world of cell phones, computers, and the great level maker, DNA prints. Had all that existed in Bundy's day, his rampage might have been short lived and instead of being put to death, he might be sitting in a cell for the rest of his life in Washington or Utah.

This should come as no surprise if you are a student of history and anthropology and desire to study the cause of so much violence in our lives and throughout our long recorded history. You won't have to go very far to learn that we are all descendants, to varying degrees, of incestuous relationships that go back to the beginning to our origins on this planet when brother and sister and cousins were producing off-spring who inherited harmful recessive genes that have been passed down through the generations.

There is a general consensus that most incestuous genes passed through the ages that we carry today came from cousins uniting, generation after generation, a common occurrence in close knit clans and rural tribes migrating together across Europe and later in America.

The European population during the middle ages and before were made up of tribes, and within the tribes were small homogenous groups comprising a limited gene pool from which their off-spring were born. Many were born with abnormal mutated genes through an uncontrolled process of incestuous procreation that has been going on throughout history in every country of the world since the beginning of time.

Within many of these small tribes, gene pools were not sufficient to offset the damage accomplished through incest with each passing generation. Whether through lust or survival of the clan, incest was an integral part of the tribe's survival.

There is nothing new about this information and should be no shock to anyone versed in world history or anthropology. Island people have long been living in incestuous relationships for generations. And somehow, they survived the odds against extinction.

Everyone can agree that violence has been a pervasive part of the human experience and most psychologists would agree that incest is the chief culprit. Even today, many couples in America who are first cousins marry and have their off-spring pass on recessive genes that enter the gene pool which are attributed to mental illness, autism, physical deformities, and violent behavior among many other debilitating ailments.

In a closed knit community, you might marry a person who carries the same recessive gene you carry and not know that your grandfather's brother is your spouse's grandfather through an unknown illegitimate birth. Your off-spring child could inherit two bad genes, one from each parent, that both you and your spouse carry while unwittingly passing them on. Both parents passing these recessive genes to an off-spring son could unwittingly cause havoc in a community (in the old days, the tribe) like what happened at the Columbine High School Massacre in Colorado in 1999.

Innocent parents who raise monsters who become serial killers, tell the world we did everything right and loved our little boy. Unfortunately, many learn too late that every pregnancy is truly a roll of the dice.

What happened to Bundy? Too many bad genes from incestuous relationships in an environment conducive to violence.

Why do we have 15,000 homicides in the US each year and over 80,000 reported rapes? Rape. Murder. Incest. All connected. Incest is the aberration of humankind--the root cause of our ills.

Incest is taboo, a subject no one wants to acknowledge or talk about and it has always been that way because no one is immune to incest. Everyone of us has a problem, a disease, a mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction, cancer, something we inherited that is not normal that we battle and learn to live with. Some win the battle, some don't. All a result of past incestuous unions causing mutations and aberrations through the centuries that we unfortunately inherited from our parents who inherited it from their parents and so on.

In regards to incest, we don't discuss such a volatile subject. It is much too unpleasant to discuss as to why it happens with family. We are not ready to give it a thorough worthy discussion. It is still a subject that is off limits. In time, it will receive its due. In the meantime, we just write the guy off as someone who is mentally ill or crazy. That is the easy polite way to explain it away.

However, on the bright side, it will be future technology that will bring an end to incestuous off-spring.

(Abortion has played a huge roll toward eliminating potential incestuous off-spring to the tune of over 40 million terminations since 1973 in the US alone. Birth control and the advent of DNA prints has also made a dramatic impact on reducing homicides, rapes, and all violent crimes since it peaked in 1992-1993.)

Stay tuned if you are young because you will see it in 30 to 40 years when biotech engineered babies become a reality. Imagine a pure race, an untainted race of people free at last of incestuous debilitating genes! That's when all the races of the world might become a truly liberated people living together in a world for the first time in history in harmony and peace without violence, murder, disease, cancers, rapes, mental disorders, wars, and all the things that have plagued humankind since the birth of humanity. People could live to 120 years! I can only visualize that future world. I won't live to see it. But you may be the one who gets to live in it someday. Good luck getting there.

As for Bundy, an unfortunate creature who inherited a rotten blueprint for life who chose to act out his wild fantasies without any regard for the fate of his victims, got what he deserved--a painful death and an end to his murderous rampage.

I firmly believe that Bundy's rampage was a direct result of Bundy inheriting corrupted recessive genes, and in his case, an overdose of the violent ones that in the end, ultimately did him in.

Wanda on June 05, 2012:

I think he was a monster who got what he deserved, and that was too good for him.

bella on May 04, 2012:

how did no one realise something was wrong with him when he was standing at the foot of the bed when his aunty or mum woke up with knives all around her??? i would have seeked help way back then for him and maybe none of that would have dont play with knives like that without having some sick head

alex on February 21, 2012:

i agree he is a messed up nut

James on February 17, 2012:

I suspect some kind of bad genetics played a role. I think much of the problems in this world are due, at least in part, to bad genetics.

ryan on February 13, 2012:

here's the deal about Bundy. He lived his life as a child, teenager, and finally, adult who was completely lost in life. He grew up isolated, had none or very few meaningful relationships, and in my opinion was shown no affection or positive attention from the people around him growing up. I have analyzed his story and while he disgusts me and I would have gladly pulled the switch on the electric chair, I also have found myself touched at times as well. He was, like so many of us, bullied at school, concerned with poularity and being accepted, dealing with rejection, etc. I wish there was more information on his childhood, because despite what is known about him, there is a lot that is not known, and if there was i think that would go a longer way to explaining how his homicidal personality developed. Is it possible his grandfather was a murderer? who knows?

madeline l on February 10, 2012:

I was working at a mall in Colorado Springs in Dec 77. I saw him sitting on a bench with his hair bleached to a weird yellow orange color and he wore a rancher's coat that was dirty and too small for him. He was with a slender young woman who had silky blonde hair that was in a blunt cut past her collar bone. She had on a cream colored turtle neck sweater. To make a long story short, I had to wait for a jump start for my car, and this girl came flying up in a yellow VW with a cream convertible top blowing the horn hysterically, and she looked at him and I looked where she was looking and there was he was in a black cap hiding behind the car that was next to me. When she looked at him she smiled at him, but he glared at her and slammed his hands down on the car, and she lost her smile, and taking a second look at him she asked me if I was SURE I didn't want a ride up to the mall, I said no thanks, and with one last worried look over her shoulder to him she left...and when I looked back he too was gone, and then I realized my car door was unlocked on that side...I didn't know who it was, and believe that she was helping him and I know he was in Colorado Springs before he left for Florida. I wonder what happened to that girl. I recall seeing pictures of the girls he murdered and I would swear she is one. I got away and didn't even know I got away from Ted Bundy, and if she hadn't raced up blowing her horn he could have very well added me to victims, even if she didn't mean to, because I am sure she was with him.

Gary S on January 15, 2012:

I understand Bundy was a very dangerous man that we needed to be protected from, but on the other hand shouldn't we do all we can to prevent more Ted Bundy to exist? Maybe by using him to understand what drives people like that to do these horrible things? But no, we seem to be obsess with vengeance and vindictivness, even if not apply capital punishment would provide a solution, no no no, criminals have to pay , at all costs...Even at the cost of sabotaging a better future for our children,,we re in trouble.

Tellit on January 12, 2012:

Wow, some of these comments have blown my mind. It's one thing to have empathy for a person who has struggled through a hard childhood and heartbreak, many of us have. But it's another to forgive someone 30 odd violent murders because of it. He was a clever man, but only in terms of planning his crimes, and the comments about porn towards his end were obviously to get simple people blaming something other then him. Hr enjoyed murder, he revelled in hurt and pain this much is obvious, he enojyed confusing people and outwitting them. And the fact that he shared the secrets of so many f his murders show towards the end he wanted to protect his legacy, so even now in 2012 we have people talking about him, fancying him.. , saying he wasn't that bad. He was, he is and he always will be. if someone from abad background commits crimes like buglary, or tagging or something small like that then perhaps you can understand them crying out for the love and attention they never had, to try and raise themselves from their background. Ted Bundy was a monster, and I hope none of the victims family see any of these posts because they will be sickened.

humansuck on January 04, 2012:

I don't blame Ted Bundy for what he did,i blame his past/his childhood.One doesn't become sociopath or monster without any reason.I believe there's a monster in everyone but some people know how to control and not show it but some people doesn't.

Judith on January 02, 2012:

To the people who are for the Death Penalty are just as bad as the murderers themselves. Murder the murderer for justice. You are not better than he is believing that murder is justice. Killing a human for any reason is bad, you would why the death penalty. Not to mention it cost almost double-tripple the amount to keep them alive to stay in Prison for life -forever-.

He would have been great for science to better the FBI/Police/Whatever at finding and capturing killers more efficiently, not to mention even avoid killers from developing.

I am suprized to say that you, those for the penalty, are more cruel than he is. I do not respect people who are for it. You are all callous murderers in my eyes and will also go to hell.

Dom on December 11, 2011:

From what i have seen on the comments people are too ignorant. You see a man socially confused with lack of nurture from his "mother" living with his abusive grandfather, and what do you expect. There are only bad parents. There was an experiment done with monkeys there were 2 fake mothers 1 was furry and warm one was cold with breast milk, every baby monkey went to the warm monkey and would rather starve to death with their comforting mothers than get food. His social disorders, based on bis confusing childhood, lead to his abusive sexual behaviors, he isn't lady gaga he wasn't born that way.

princessmaryem on November 14, 2011:

I was so fascinated by his story even though i live two continents away from him and was just 13 when he was executed..He was a control freak and oozing evil even on TV and Video and i got spooked watching him so many times,,My fascination were his eyes...they gave nothing away and i was afraid any woman would have been a victim of his good and urbane looks,,I still wonder even 23 years after his execution,,why?? why would such goodlooks hide so much evil?????? Only Ted could answer that,,but since he didn't,,i guess he actually won! Kudos Mr Bundy,,You did a lot to screw up things..

jenniferwillams2118 on October 21, 2011:

i guess most of the women on this page only saw ugly,unattractive serial killers?gee my home life sucked i guess i have an excuse to go out and strangle 30 plus people and keep their skulls as trophys??!!ted bundy was a loner who didn't have friends and didn't know how to interact or have relationships with other people.i believe this world learned a lot from ted bundy,including that all of us should be careful and not so trusting around strangers.if ted bundy murdered our family members im sure none of the girls on here would be claiming how hot and charming he was.we all need to think about that for a minute..... r.i.p. ted bundy and to all of the women you took from this world. i hope that this unfortunate experience taught us a lot.

af on October 19, 2011:

Ted Bundy was a tormented, fragmented human being. Even with the best of home circumstances, I think he would have been a sociopath, but the dysfunction already present in the family had to be a catalyst to the early manifestation of criminal behavior. His handsome outward appearance only made his crimes easier to commit.

He professed to have remorse at the end of his life. I am not his judge. It would never have been possible to unscramble the shattered lives of all the families devastated by his actions. These victims could never find peace knowing he was somewhere in a prison breathing. I pray they find peace knowing he is no longer in this world. I pray that he was sincere enough in his profession of faith to find peace in eternity for his tormented soul.

nic81 on September 10, 2011:

The people out there who are talking nonsense about him being good looking and feeling sorry for him etc, they are just bored and seeking attention, trying their best to get some sort of reaction from someone...anyone! They know deep down what would have became of them if they were to let him anywhere near them...or does the crime scene pics make them all doubt the evidence of their own eyes?

I'm not going to even try and work him out, I wouldn't want to waste my time with him. He was just evil...plain and simple. The electric chair was FAR too humane for bundy. He destroyed SO many innocent lives in the most brutal way his evil mind could think of, with not one shred of remorse.

Jody on August 25, 2011:

I will never understand the claims he was good looking. There must be an awful lot of people with painfully-low standards. I have never found him to be anything but unattractive. To me, it's like many people trying to convince me Dustin Hoffman is attractive or Woody Allen. Sick! I NEVER dated men based on their appearance, yet everyone I dated was better looking on their worst days than Bundy was on his best day. Seriously... What gives with the constant refrain that he was good looking?!?

Billy on August 06, 2011:

What I'll never understand is how someone who did what he did to women could get hundreds of love letters from women while in prison. That's as sick as the crimes themselves. Somebody help me with this one, please.

Terry on August 04, 2011:

I read the beginning and the end of the last non-forum writer's comments. I left tallahassee in 1980 at the age of 21 with my long dark hair parted in the middle (my sister kept our red convertible vw) heading to texas. I have never forgotten the horror of Bundy and I was never attacked by him. I too, graduated with a BS in Psy, wrote a paper on him and always knew he killed the little 8 yr old girl. So as this sick bastard did his "good work", that child was already in the ground. Kudos to "the man" in Tally that came up with the blood to prove this. Sympathy is there for all of his victims.

Waste on August 02, 2011:

I very rarely contribute to forums, but in this case i'll make an exception.

Ted Bundy was an incredibly intelligent man. He was also charismatic, dedicated (had multiple jobs at one time)and educated (with a bachelor of science in psychology, along with 2 years of law school). He even spent years volunteering for a crisis clinic helpline in seattle, providing advice to those who were on the verge of suicide or other methods of self-harm. To one of his close companions (Ann Rule - who wrote an autobiography on him which i have read), he expressed disgust towards murderers, abusive boyfriends, theives and the like.

Now addressing the 36 (or more) murders. It is widely suggested that he was driven by a bleak compulsion, wanting to control or overpower women in particular. Many people say that it was the result of his childhood.

Ted Bundy himself (in an interview) stated that he was raised with 2 loving parents, spent a great deal of time babysitting his younger siblings, and attending a well-rounded orthodox school.

There are many possibilities for why he became murderous, but most are just speculated.

Throughout his teenage years he'd been arrested and released for minor offences involving stealing - although this isn't too uncommon.

In his twenties, Bundy had discovered his real birth parents, and had also been rejected by a woman who he absolutely adored (in every way possible, she was the girl of his dreams). Now many people suggest it was the combination of these 2 things which sent him overboard. First of all, someone in their twenties, especially as intelligent as Bundy, is not likely to change their entire personality (from birth) as a result of discovering those two things. The concern is, what Bundy hated more than anything was 1. humiliation and 2. A detrimental blow to his ego or pride. Unfortunately those two discoveries did have an effect on both his pride and ego. It is wrong, however, to assume that they ultimately led to his wrongful acts.

I believe that the "bleak compulsion" which so many people blame for his murders, was not the result of those 2 discoveries, or any one single event. It was rather a result of external influences and Bundy's developing personality.

Consider this situation *Keep in mind it's a generalisation and could be viewed as innapropriate.

- You first discover masturbation

- You then discover pornography

- You discover your temptation for the opposite sex (or the same sex)

- You have a first kiss/sexual experience

- You gain confidence, begin to experiment

- Depending on your desires, your partner tries new things with you

As you can see, the progress of sexual curiosity that a person can make will lead them down one path or the other. Bundy's girlfriend (Meg Anders), admitted that Bundy enjoyed particular role-play scenarios, especially involving pretend strangulation (which his victims were actually subjected to). Bundy himself blames "pornography" in an interview, as a reason for his sexually perverse nature towards victims. It could be that this was just a last minute attempt for psychologists to analyse him (to escape the death penalty). It may appear that he found difficulty in describing his actions, only because being human, we're not all certain of why we do what we do. But put together the early instances of burglary and autho-theft, the excessive viewing of pornography, the supposed diagnosis of "Bi-polar personality disorder" and "Antisocial personality disorder". It all contributes to who he was. He may or may not have been sick minded to begin with, but we're all tempted by sexual curiosity. It just so happens that Bundy's charm and ability to manipulate, enabled him to follow through with his perversions. In a sense, Bundy became a victim of his desires, rather than a person who could control and exploit them.

Now the majority of the public believe something like "How could that sicko kill all those women and not feel anything towards it". This opinion is due to the fact that he killed 36 people (not entirely proven), but mainly it's based on negative publicity. Consider the amount of murderers and paedophiles who have been convicted over the years. They committed very similar offences (if not worse), and didn't feel anything towards their victims either. The only thing is, Bundy was clever enough to discard of any evidence. He also managed to escape 2 jails (through methods which i won't explain in this post). He further had 30-something credit cards and 5 different alias' on him at all times. His evasive movements also enabled him to remain undetected. That is why he has become so popular - even if it were due to infamy.

Finishing, (about bloody time that i did) I'd like to say that although he committed murder, assualt, or whatever be the case, it does not neglect the rest of his character. Sure, it is gruesome, it is horrible, it is "wrong", but that does not give people the right to depict his entire personality as sick and twisted. In many instances he cried for his victims, felt horrible, but it was his personality disorder that prevented him from dwelling on the murders. It's hard to relate to, but it should be understood that his actions weren't always entirely planned, and if they were, it's only because the process got "easier" (by desensitizing him). Perhaps sympathy is needed, both for the victims and the murderer. After all, both are dead.

nancy on July 31, 2011:

I can't believe anyone would collect stuff about serial killers. Bundy was just as bad as any serial killer. I think people shouldn't forget the victims, and that is what happens when you "glorify" people like Bundy. I think too, he was given a lot of leaway in his trial and when he escaped from custody the 2nd time!! The people in power that gave him an inch are responsible for what happened in Florida.

Raymond Watkins on May 15, 2011:

I think the fascination with Ted Bundy is due in part by the way he was depicted by Mark Harmon in the Deliberate Stranger. Harmon gave a brilliant performance of a likeable serial killer. One must snapp back to reality and realize, Mark Harmon was only acting and is not Ted Bundy, and Ted Bundy was not Mark Harmon. This man brutalized these women and caused so much pain. He was a sociopath to the greatest degree and should not be idolized the way he has become.

Harvard1982 on May 15, 2011:

I believe that Bundy's father was his grandfather, so that would make his mother really his sister and that made the out come of the way he was, an inbred, A true genetic monster.

helen on May 06, 2011:

i think theres worse murders out there then ted was i like ted bundy ive got his films and books theres something bout him that amazes me but dont know what mite sound mad but that's up 2me luv u ted xx.

realist on April 14, 2011:

People stop making excuss for him he murder many people stop trying to warter it down.

laney on March 22, 2011:

Ted Bundy was a psycopathic, necrophilic, homicidal maniac. You say he's cute, he's hot and you're a sociopath with issues with your self-esteem. You say he deserved to be studied- well, you're forgetting he escaped detention twice and killed more people. You say capital punishment is inhumane; I wonder what could be more inhumane than killing 30-100+ helpless women. Of course he was screwed up. He had a tyrannical grandfather who may as well have been his biological father, a-supposed elder sister for a mother and a less-than-desirable childhood. thousands of people grow up in similar or even worse conditions but turn out right. Perhaps he had some kind of hereditary psychological disorder; all the more reason to eliminate him. There was never repentance for Theodore Bundy. He would only have kept manipulating everyone, and kept murdering if he got the chance.

He has absolutely no right whatsoever in heaven. Here, I do not wish to judge, but going to church does NOT in anyway mean you are a christian, you love Jesus or you have a right to life eternal.

I strongly believe the capital punishment should be given more often. Sometimes, it is necessary to purge our streets of demons who take the human form.

Certainly, Mr. Bundy was a smart, educated and perhaps charming personality. His death was a waste to society. But if he wasted and would have continued to waste the lives of scores of beautiful, intelligent, charming and resourceful young women, then perhaps that waste was for the greater good.

growup on March 06, 2011:

The people who are professing love for Ted Bundy etc, are just attention starved. They are trying to get reactions. Immaturity.

Monika on February 09, 2011:

Ann Rule explains it very well in the last chapter of her book. The only thing that should be added is that Bundy was exposed to porn at a very early age. His grandfather was very abusive to people and animals and Bundy witnessed that at the very young age. So these experiences were ingrained deeply in this person's brain.

HC on February 03, 2011:

I think it is sad that we all talk about Ted. Should he have been exicuted? Should he have been spaired and studied? What we all miss here are the beautiful women he killed. Ya Ted was smart, charming, and well educated. These women were smart too they were beautiful. They were someones daughter, someones sister and someones friend. If Ted had not stolen their lives they would have been somones mother and Grandmother. Those poor women were not offered a "plea agreement" or a "stay of exicution". They were brutaly murdered in a most disrespectful way. Even after their untimely death they were still being raped and victomized. Some still have not had a proper burial.

Their crime?

Trying to help an injured stranger.

Ted Bundy is not a hero he is not even a person. He is the face of evil.

ed on January 11, 2011:

you say he was mad? oh no this is the guy who repesented himself in court.even the judge was impressed.each day of our lives we pass people just like him.there will be more on the way with all of the pressure of copeing with the stress of theses times.look around you folks you or one of yours could be the next bundyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Anonymous on January 07, 2011:

Ana.... im gonna tell you right now why so many woman liked ted bundy.. some woman like serial killers they dont care what they have done or who they killed.. but i do agree with you.. why didn't any of them care about the victims? a question i asked myself is what if he was found innocent and he married one of those woman who claimed they loved him? he probably would have killed them too. I never understood why the letters came in after he was given the penalty and not before

dani on January 02, 2011:

well sometimes people like ted get pushed to the point that madness takes over and he literally did not know what he was doing..he lost his marbles..that is the only explanation i can come up with

Ana on December 30, 2010:

It's unbelievable that Bundy had friends to the end and that there were/are women out there who are so blinded by looks that they actually feel sympathy for this monster. Did they not read the article about his life? Did they forget about all the victims of this monster? Did they forget that his victims were savagely abused by this sadist? For all Ted Bundy's external good looks, he was an ugly, mean, petty, insecure, immature, small person inside. Just take his obsession with his ex-girlfriend as an example. She dumped him because she accurately pegged him as an immature loser, going nowhere in life. For two years he obsessively determined to get revenge by tricking her into believing he changed and finally became a mature adult. When he had her convinced he had changed, and won her back, and got her to agree to marry him, he did what he planned to do all along - he dumped her. That shows what a vengeful, spiteful, petty, immature individual he was. Bundy was incapable of love - giving or receiving - because he hated himself, and he feared that women would see what his ex-girlfriend accurately saw - that he was just a loser.

voodooqueen on December 28, 2010:

Does anyone know if Denise Naslunds Mother Rose is still alive? One of the girls that went with Ted to help him with a sailboat at the Lake in Issaq. Washington. Rose lived in White Center, Washington, and had a son also. My Mamaw (grandma) knew her(Rose) and talked with her in great depth, about Ted, her daughter(Denise) and life in general. From mamaws notes she left, Rose was a wonderful lady and went through hell after this happened, eveything from Electric Shock Treatments to Drugs, mainly just wanting to know "WHY" and then years later when they found her daughters remains, the police had to keep them for a time, and then believe this "Lost the Remains" so she couldn't even put her to rest the right way. Rose had to take things of Denise and put in the coffin, that's not fair either.

My mamaw had every article on Ted and every book that was ever written on or about Ted, Plus all these hand written notes about her many talks with Rose. It is just amazing to read all this, and to know he Ted Bundy is still here, making the News, and some people may be right. Maybe Ted did Win!!! God forbide.......

ktm2433 on December 24, 2010:

I have read about Bundy extensively and I truly believe that he suffered from severel mental illnesses from an early age that were left untreated. For example, the fact that his "sister" was really his mother was hidden from him for many years left him damaged caused feelings of confusion, abandonment and loss of sense of self that were never addressed in any therapeutic manner. Also, there were early signs such as him lining knives around his sleeping aunt that were also ignored. The lack of psychological help for these unresolved issues and deviant behavior only reinforced these negative aspects of his personality. As time went on, what was "normal" became less and less part of his psyche. I am by no means excusing his behavior. As he got older, he should have realized he had a problem and gotten the help he needed. However, many people who have such problems try to "doctor" themselves by helping others, like he did with the suicide hotline. I believe that once he passed late adolescence, he was beyond the point of return. His childhood problems coupled with his obvious delusions of grandeur developed progressed and as he got away with his crimes, primarilly because of his looks and the facade he created to hide his insecurities, he believed he was indestructible. He finally had control over others. I believe he felt like God had abandoned him and so he decided to play God. I wish that he could have lived longer and revealed more of his crimes to help criminologists and pshychologists (not to mention victimes' families) learn more about his crimes and about the fate of his victims. However, I doubt that they would have learned much more from Bundy. He was a chronic liar and a showman. He was not one man anymore, but a combination of mental illnesses trapped in a body that was beyond help. Death probably provided closure for many of his victims' families, and it probably helped Bundy himself escape from the hell his mind never had a chance of escaping while on this earth.

Kim on December 05, 2010:

I don't believe anyone will ever know why he was a serial killer. From what I have studied and read about him it is obvious he didn't understand why either. I certainly don't think that pornography caused this kind of perversion. Most people can watch or look at "porn" and not become violent offenders. I have a theory on this but there are no factual basis for this: I think that there is a possiblity that this could be contributed to an innate instinct to kill that was developed in early man as a way of survival. In most people,that instinct almost went away as time passed and humans evolved. In instances like Bundy and others like him that instinct somehow survived with them but somehow "the wires were crossed or messed up somehow." haven't quite come up with a scientific theory as of how yet-but working on it.haha. I hope someday we have the technology to predict and prevent behavior. I hope they saved his brain tissue to study it and see if he was wired a little different than others--kind of like the study of Autistic children is being done. I have to say that even though I feel very strong sorrow for the victims families--I think after he confessed that he should have been studied more. They should have "deconstructed" him. He should have never been allowed anywhere outside of prison walls and only been kept alive for further study. I am all for the death penality but i believe they should have made an exception for him- considering all the valuable info we could have possibly got to stop others like him and prevent other horrible outcomes.

alex on December 05, 2010:

I'm afraid he loved what he did - rape and murder - and just wanted to keep doing it. People can turn themselves into monsters, and he did just that.

Melanie on November 24, 2010:

I beleive that he was addicted to vielent pornography since a very young age , which must've caused addiction. Maybe,if starting from such a young age with such an addiction , obssetion will be next. He was normal for the rest of the time , but he was so obssessed with pornography and violence! He probably couldn't help it.After the text , if i'm not wrong ,his IQ level must've been VERY high , he was educated , polite and kind for the normal part of him , but the paranormal part was all that was left from his childhood obssetions. What really surprises me is that he complained about there being lots of other people out there addicted to pornography and that nobody was doing anything about it , because that really shows that he realized what he was doing was wrong and that it needed to be stopped.What is deffinatly evident is that he had no care whatsoever for the people he murdered. He was one of the world's worst serial killers ,so we can just be grateful that he's not around anymore and try to concentrate now on our children , before they may get horrible addictions too!

notanidiot on November 23, 2010:

Renee, wtf? Really? Women shouldn't help people who appear in need? Hope you're never on crutches. Those women weren't dumb for helping him because serial killers like him exist in such a tiny minority. And people (not just women) don't exactly expect to run into that minority. So what are we all supposed to do, be afraid of everyone? That makes for a real functional society... It is hardly appropriate to victim blame the women, because he is suspected of killing more than a hundred. There is no way they were all dumb, especially considering they were all college educated. Instead of blaming him, check your facts. He was a psychopath, and an intelligent one at that, meaning he was capable of using charm to manipulate others. He lacked empathy for other people, and he was egocentric to the point of not seeing value in other humans if they could serve his desires dead. He was monster and if you think calling women dumb makes you smarter than them and thus less likely of being killed by a serial killer, well, then you're the one who's dumb.

Huma on November 22, 2010:

I am scared to stand or even pass by any guy...

Anyone could be 1 like him...

The world is changing n getting worse day by day...

I think such people are not normal at all... They have many psychological problems... that scientists and doctors would know better...!

renee on November 18, 2010:

i am really interested in ted.

the internet cant explain the info that i want

i wish he was still alive but in accapibility.

i want to learn from himwhy he did this what

triggered his mind? women shouldn't be dumb

enough to help a stranger. sorry for the 12 yr old family that's one horrible thing to bury a child.

idk why you all are getting mad bout people thoughts about this smart man.

Curse on November 16, 2010:

What was Ted's Prison ID number?

AG on November 16, 2010:

wow he needed punishment..

Celtic on November 07, 2010:

His death sentence was far too lenient. He should have been tortured the same way he tortured all of those girls right up to his death. Many of those girls dads would've liked to get their hands on him all alone for just 5 minutes. As a dad, I know I would've, even to the point of getting my own self killed doing it. The women (or posers) on this board who are sympathetic to him or lustfully attracted to him need mental help, for they are as evil as him.