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Ted Bundy

Who Was Ted Bundy

Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy (November 24, 1946 – January 23, 1989) was one of the most notorious murderers in U.S. history. A serial killer, rapist, and necrophiliac, Bundy murdered scores of young women across the United States between 1974 and 1978. His total number of victims remains unknown to this day, and there is some speculation that he first began to murder in 1961 at age 15. After more than a decade of vigorous denials, Bundy eventually confessed to over 30 murders. Bundy is considered by some to be the archetypal serial killer, with the term "serial killer" having been coined to describe his crimes.

Bundy is believed to have been a sociopath. He is usually described as an educated and charming young man despite the brutality of his crimes. Typically, he raped then murdered, or murdered then raped, young women and girls by bludgeoning them, and sometimes by strangulation.

Ghost Of Ted Bundy Still Haunts Death Row In Florida

Does the ghost of Ted Bundy still haunt death row in Florida.

Does the ghost of Ted Bundy still haunt death row in Florida.

Update , Ted Bundy's DNA Added To National Database

There has been a vial of Ted Bundy's blood recently found by a detective in Florida and now Ted Bundy's full DNA profile will be added to the F.B.I. National Database so he can be matched to cold cases across the United States.

When Bundy was executed in 1989 he was suspected in many many more murders nationwide and now with his DNA profile in the F.B.I. National Database many cold cases could be solved. His DNA profile will be added to the F.B.I. National Database on Friday August 5th. It will be interesting to see what happens.

A bulletin will be sent to law enforcement agencies once the DNA profile is uploaded. In the days leading up to his execution Bundy attempted to trade information on unsolved murders he claimed to have committed in exchange for his life. However the Florida Governor was not interested and the execution was carried out.

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Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

The Ted Bundy Ghost Story

In April of 2001 a guard retired from the Florida State Prison at Raiford, Florida. With the condition that no one reveal his name he told a story to a Tampa Newpaper reporter that was strange and spooky.

Ghost Of Ted Bundy Setting In The Electric Chair

He stated that shortly after Ted Bundy was put to death in the Florida Electric chair that guards including himself would go into the room where the electric chair was located and there would be Ted setting in the chair. He would not be strapped in or or anything he would just be setting there smiling at who ever came in the room like he knew a secret. When you would approach the chair or speak he would simply vanish. At one point the former guard said it got so bad that you could not get a guard to go into the room. Other guards began to report that they would see Ted in the area of his former cell where he spent the last hours of his life. Some claimed he spoke to them and all reported he said the same thing. It was " Well I beat all of you didn't I " The former guard said the Warden and Wardens staff went guard to guard and told them that any guard who reported what was going on at the prison would be fired. Several didn't have to be warned they quit after seeing Ted a time or two.

And the former guard said Ted was not the only ghost out at Starke haunting the prison.

Harmonica Playing Ghost At Florida State Prisons Death Row

Over the years several times stories of other ghosts had slipped out. He said another ghost seen by everyone at the prison was the ghost of Charlie Grifford who was 72 when executed in the Electric Chair Feb. 21 1989. Charlie plays the Harmonica. and guards on many occasins in the middle of the night have hunted for the man playing the Harmonica. Of course no one is. John Spenkelink an inmate who was executed in 1979 told on several occasins to anyone that would listen that Charlie Grifford's ghost spent time on several occasins in his cell with him telling him that he Charlie Grifford was innocent and that he was going to haunt the prison until his name was cleared. Prison officials said Spenkelink was trying to escape execution by playing crazy. And of course Charlie Grifford has never came forward with any information.

It only stands to reason that if you were innocent and executed by the State of Florida you might want to hang around and try to get even. A lot of the time where ghosts are reported it is associated with people who have died tragic deaths or people who won't pass on to the other side because they feel they still have something left to do in this life.

Ted Bundy

Bundy loses his temper during the Orlando trial for the murder of 12 year old Kimberly Leach.

Bundy loses his temper during the Orlando trial for the murder of 12 year old Kimberly Leach.

The Rest Of The Ted Bundy Story



Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, at the Elizabeth Lund Home For Unwed Mothers, where his mother lived, in Burlington, Vermont. His mother, Eleanor Louise Cowell, was a young department store clerk. His father's identity has never been authoritatively established. For the first nine years of his life, Bundy and his mother lived in Philadelphia with his maternal grandfather who, according to some family members, was mentally unstable and prone to violence. To avoid the stigma of an illegitimate pregnancy, many neighbors and friends were told that Eleanor's parents had adopted Bundy, and that he was actually Eleanor's younger brother. According to sources, Bundy was led to believe that his mother was actually his older sister throughout most of his childhood and adolescence.

Much speculation has been placed on Bundy's early formative years, though little is definitively known. However, in a 1987 court competency hearing, a psychologist who had interviewed Bundy related an incident involving his Aunt Julia in which she woke from a nap to find that her body was surrounded by knives, which someone had placed around her while she slept. When Julia looked up, she noticed her nephew, Ted Bundy, standing at the foot of her bed and smiling. Bundy was three years old at the time.

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Bundy and his mother eventually moved to Tacoma, Washington, where Eleanor's uncle Jack taught music at the University of Puget Sound. Not long thereafter, she married Johnny Culpepper Bundy, a hospital cook from Pasquotank County, North Carolina, whom she met at a church social function.

Bundy was a good student at Woodrow Wilson High School, and was active in the local Methodist Church and the Boy Scouts. However, as he told Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth, authors of The Only Living Witness, he had no natural sense of how to get along with other people. "I didn't know what made people want to be friends. I didn't know what made people attractive to one another. I didn't know what underlay social interactions." Bundy remained shy and introverted throughout most of his high school and early college years.