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Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Combinations

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Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Devoted.

His dark side: Has some bad habits.

Parents that were in conflict, lukewarm family ties, and a tendency to self destruction all rear their ugly heads with this configuration. You'll hardly notice though, because he is the epitome of charm. He catches your imagination right away. He can be almost irresistible until one of his little weaknesses shows up. One of which may be laziness. He is a wonderful short term relationship, fun, passionate, and considerate. Heaven help you though, if he is not ready to move on (and he usually is) to the next relationship. He is possessive. He will want to know where you are at every moment. He begins a relationship telling you how much he needs his freedom, and warns you that he hasn't even fallen in love before, nor does he want too. Usually he is right. Occasionally, he is mistaken, and he will want a very long term relationship with you. It is almost irresistible at first. He is so devoted. If you are a working woman, he will find it sweet. And after patronizing you and flattering you, he will gradually try talking you out of the whole thing. He really does not want his woman running around for everyone to see. He invented jealousy, and he does have a nasty temper about it. If you can handle that, he will only ask for your devotion. You can be sure, if you are the one he wants, he wouldn't even consider looking at another woman. Even while drunk. Which is a lot to say about this man or your future husband. Help him break away from his bad habits, and he may surprise you by being very successful. His success will not come at a job that is conventional or secure, and his coworkers find him unreliable. He may win a lottery or large inheritance, for example. And he will want to offer you everything imaginable, including a few babies. A Capricorn could snag this one. A Scorpio or a Cancer also has a good chance."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds)

Famous person with this combination: Bono (from U2)

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Knows what she wants.

Her dark side: Hypersensitive.

This exciting lady needs one week at The Taming of the Shrew school because she has one of the nastiest tempers in the Zodiac. She is really hypersensitive and quick to defend herself against real or imagined slights. She's a wonderful, passionate, animated lover and playmate. Her long term wife material may leave a little to be desired though. If you're looking for lesser than a cosmic or spiritual relationship, this lady could be for you. She's affectionate between outbursts, and always has a nice touch or pat for you and the children. She smiles adoringly and manages to try to be a good companion to you in business or recreational pursuits. Her highly physical nature puts lust and desire above any other characteristics she dreams of in a man. Lucky for you, you don't have to be especially bright or successful; you don't even have to be witty and fun. You just need excessive sexual energy to make this lady happy. She's shrewd, resourceful and very courageous. If this sounds like your cup of tea (or in her case, love potion,) then all you need to do is catch her eye. This shouldn't be a problem if you are attractive, musky and ardent in you pursuit. She can nearly read minds, so send you sexual messages through your brain waves. Surely she has other interests, you say. Of course. She's probably a whiz at investing other people's money, handling wills, estates, insurance claims, and could even be an outstanding investigator of most any sort. She's also very capable of making money. She's enchanted by the natural wonders of the world, and hiking and outdoor activities. She's also interested in her coworkers. So, she's not solely interested in sex, just primarily. If you're slightly breathless at the sound of this girl, I hope you are a Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio or Aries. These signs have the best chance for a long term relationship."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Tori Spelling.

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xx on December 21, 2015:

I wish this description was more like she's a dreamgirl, now I have to go watch Shakespeare"s taming of the shrew to see if I have any of those characteristics.. cuz usually i'm a nice girl and of course I need a spiritual connection in my relationships it's just difficult to find someone thats on the same level as me.. I wonder what this book is based on

Katie on March 25, 2013:

I was born under this combination. Although I do have a temper. I rarely let others see it. This description of the's too combinations make me look like a married man's worse nightmare... Screw that. I do know how to get what I want. But I'd rather invest in making my own money than try getting my hands on other people's money, insurance claims, etc. Ugh coming across stuff like this reminds me that astrology alone can't give you the right satisfaction and truth I seek. Oh well. lol.

Die Trying. on September 28, 2012:

Some of this seems 'on the ball' true; A conflicted family, tendency towards self-destructive behaviors(though I have broken that habit), not having a traditional career, musician.

Some of it seems very very far off; Being possessive, being jealous, being lazy.

Most of it seems like the male version is doomed to a miserable existence. Not my cup of tea! haha.

But I understand there are many many more aspects to take in account, for example my water grand trine/cardinal t-square.Kite.

Ellie, Thank you so much for the information.

I really appreciate it.

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