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Taurus Bonus Cards for the Full Moon and Any Future Full Moon. Tarot Cards Reading.

Taurus, Taurus, Taurus. What are you doing? Oh yeah, that's right, You're doing you. But it's not always positive, it can be destructive.

Full Moon Bonus Pull


Taurus Bonus Cards

Taurus: Full Moon Tarot Card Reading

• Card #1: Page of Cups
• Card #2: II of Swords
• Card #3: VII of Swords
• Card #4: Queen of Cups
• Card #5: VII of Wands

I also pulled: June, which gives me a free-love, hippie vibe today for some reason. So, you may be dealing with a Leo or Cancer…or you're searching for that energy of love and joy, of Warmth.

December represents the complete opposite of June, which tells me there is a huge internal conflict taking place within yourself. Possibly about something you love. You could be going through some type of spiritual growth, or some emotional maturity.

But overall, you're battling who you’ve always been & what you've always done against the knowledge you’ve come into about life.

It is causing you to see that you’ve been wrong about many things, and that is something your ego hates. You don’t want the embarrassment of having to “eat your words”, or to backtrack and look bad in front of people who help inflate your pride. If they knew the truth, you’d fall from grace…you would be like everyone else then. You had to lie, or so you thought.


Why do you feel like they wouldn't love you for who you are?

Why do you feel like you aren't good enough to enjoy the things you chase after?

Be careful please in the season, as it represents the culmination of a situation, or the ending of a long façade.

What's done in the dark may come to light up your home, along with the Christmas Tree, around December.

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I pulled Cancer from the pile too, which relates to the June card from above. The timeframe or dates that may be significant are June 21 through July 22.

I also got Virgo, hermit energy. Your being a little obsessive over something or someone, but on the plus side, the anxiety from it has triggered an epiphany, of sorts.

You're actually going within to an extent, and trying to figure out why you act the way you do.

You're asking yourself, who are you living for? And Why you feel the need to live life as a show, for everybody else...always making your next move based on what you think they all expect or want you to do. Or what makes you look good in the physical world, hey, that's your realm, right? and Life's a stage!...

Right? Nope. It's not. And you’re just now realizing there's a different plane of existence, one where you’ve got to cultivate the emotional and spiritual side of things as well. It's not your department, you’re more of an earth-dwelling type, but that's exactly why you were paired, or will be, with your water sign.

They need you to teach them how to get out of their feelings, and to be more practical. And in return, you learn to feel again, they teach you about the universe and how everything is connected. What a great exchange!

But, how can you learn a thing if you know it all?

If you don't realize this person is a light for you soon, you will fail to leave the shadows you are stuck in.

You are not in your element, but you have to experience things, and learn the lessons God set upon your soul.

Let this person guide you by example, and stop being so full of yourself.

It's causing your downfall now, as it's one of the last negative character traits that you have left to work on in this lifetime.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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