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Tarot: The Page of Swords in Love Readings

Arguments Abound

The Page of Swords can indicate that one or both of you are upset about someones recent actions. Because the Page of Swords is on rough terrain, swinging his sword into the heavy wind, and because his nature has to do with messages and communication, many often see him as an indicator of a heated argument on the way.

Likewise, he could also indicate a heated argument that recently happened.


Sometimes, the Page of Swords, who is a messenger in his very nature, can indicate that someone has a bone to pick, and they are getting ready to interrogate you, or that you are ready to slice open the problems you've been having with your partner.

This is often driven by the Page of Swords need to seek the truth and fight for justice. The only problem, is that he hasn't acquired enough experience to make sound judgments about situations, which often leads him to speak before he thinks, and to seek answers based only on his pseudo-rational analysis.

Distant Lover

Often, the Page of Swords shows up not to indicate a person, but to indicate certain characteristics that the querent is seeing in the person. The page of swords is a young lad (or at least young at heart), who really appreciates his freedom and independence. He's practical, and likes to survey the land around him before choosing an action. Often, because of his nature, he can seem very distant at times. In a land so far away that not even his beloved can reach him.

This card can also indicate the same characteristics in a female partner, though this would often be indicated by a reversed card.

Lack of Intimacy

Just as with the "distant partner", the Page of Swords can sometimes be representing a lack of intimacy in the relationship, due to one or both partners analyzing things to much. It may be that they are loving too much with their mind, and not enough with their whole selves. Either way, this will be easily identifiable to the querent, or to yourself. This interpretation can be validated by the:

  • Devil Card
  • Reversed Lovers
  • Reversed Two of Cups

Hark! You have a message!

The pages are known to be the messengers of tarot. Like their brothers the Knights, they are all about communication. Being of the swords suit, this particular page represents messages through action. Which means that you have a message coming your way, or that you will hear some news in relation to your love question. Sometimes though, the Page of Swords indicates that it will be a non-verbal message, or that it won't be so cut and dry as a letter or clear note.

If you've been waiting for a potential (or current) lover to call, the page might indicate that they will call, or that they are at least thinking about it. It might also indicate that they aren't good with phones and will just show up.


PermissionGiver (author) from Lake Stevens on March 10, 2012:

Yes Tobusiness, that's one reason I love reading tarot cards. The answers they bring to light can be amazing most times.

@Paradise7, the swords can be a funny suit, lol. You're not alone in feeling like the swords are a bad omen. Many tarot readers and those who get readings feel the same way. Though it's important to remember that swords in the tarot are Double Edged. Which means that while they might come through and cut to the heart of some issues that are unpleasant, they also have the amazing ability to get rid of emotional clutter and clear away the negative aspects that caused us to have to deal with those unpleasant issues in the first place. =)

Paradise7 from Upstate New York on March 10, 2012:

Interesting to me, because the Suit of Swords is always a BAD one for me. I also tend to get more power cards in my reading than most people; one reading was entirely power cards, and very spooky!

Jo Alexis-Hagues from Lincolnshire, U.K on March 10, 2012:

I had a reading once, it was surprising how accurate it was, I find tarot very interesting. voted up