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Tarot Cards Reading: Wands Suit.

Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world with the ones worthy of it. The magick, the witchcraft, the ascension.

The Wands Suit talks about your spirit, movements, actions, passions. If you get more wands in your reading other than other suits, it may suggest that you need to take immediate action, plan strategies and keep your eyes on the prize. It may also suggest, especially on love readings, that you are heading to a passionate relationship, which unfortunately may be short-term.


Ace of Wands - creative force, invent a better way, expand potential, open to greater possibilities, conceive a dream express self, unfold talent, come up with solution, enthusiasm, fired up and eager, aura of excitement, ready to tackle the world, inspire others, confidence, believe in self, assured of abilities, high self-esteem, faith in your path, knowing things will work out, courage, going beyond limits, dare to take a stand, facing fears, staying true to your beliefs, going for it.

2 of Wands - personal power, command attention and respect, influence, calling the shots, directing others, authority, holding the world in your hands, bold, dare to take risks, gambling events as you go, take initiative, speak your own mind, facing fears, seize the day, originality, pioneer, doing what others have not done, creating your own style, inventing, holistic approach.

3 of Wands - exploring the unknowing, seeking uncharted areas, new adventure, expand horizons, foresight, visionary, plan ahead, looking for greater possibilities, anticipating obstacles, knowing what to expect, demonstrate leadership, showing the way, taking the main role, providing direction, setting an example.

4 of Wands - celebrating, rejoice, recognize a success, congratulations, part of a ceremony, observing a special time/ anniversary/ milestone, freedom, cut loose what does not serve you, break free of bonds, let go of limitations, self-determination, open to new possibilities, escape unhappy circumstances, excited, feeling thrilled, delighted, getting caught up in the moment, surprised.

5 of Wands - disagreement, quarrel, argue, debates, at odds with others, competition, having an opponent, rising to challenge, outdo yourself, looking for a fight, having a rival, challenged by an upstart, hassles, get annoyed by demands, minor setbacks, bothered by trivialities, irritations, needing to take care of details.


6 of Wands - triumph, day in the sun, walking away with the prize, success, victory, acclaim, being acknowledged, getting a praise/ compliment, recognition, applause, award, pride, enjoying self-esteem, head up high, arrogant, worthy of notice, self-important.

7 of Wands - aggressive, firing first shot, fighting, going after what you want, forcing your point, seize the advantage, defiant, defend position, holding out against pressure, refusing to yield, saying "No", resisting authority, conviction, being sure, holding fixed position, firm, strong character, knowing you are right, standing up for what you believe.

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8 of Wands - quick action, make the moves, strike, declare self openly, put plan in action, rushing into new area, caught up in change, conclusion, culmination of an effort, all elements come together, grand finale, completing unfinished business, successful resolution, news, message, truth, information, conversations.

9 of Wands - defending yourself, assuming ill will, expecting the worst, extra precautions, paranoid, protecting others, remembering past attacks, being guarded, persevere, persisting despite setbacks, refusing a "no" for an answer, keeping resolve, keep trying, seeing through the end, stamina, continue despite fatigue, holding fast, drawing on hidden serves, keep up pace, hold together through force of will, physical strength.

10 of Wands - overextend, trying to do too much, refuse a "no" for an answer, take on all the blame, overtime work, extra load, assume others debts, burden, not time to relax, tied to a treadmill, held accountable, clean up the mess, unpleasant duties, struggle, fighting uphill, experience resistance, push against the current labor, nothing comes easy, work for every gain.


Page of Wands - creative, take a novel approach, be original, invent, use your art, new direction, come up with a solution, enthusiastic, jump in wholeheartedly, passionate, excited, optimism, confident, focus on success, move beyond doubts, tackle a challenge, courage, take a risk,dare be a leader, overcome fear. Page of Wands represents potential for new manifestations of energy and enthusiasm.

Knight of Wands - He is charming, physical attractive, seductive but at the same time can be superficial, focused on looks and physical appearance. He likes glamor and excitements, lacks self-doubt, and on the other hand he overestimates his abilities and over brags. He is daring and willing to risk anything, but at the same time he is foolhardy, reckless and rashes things. He is passionate, easily roused to action, very loyal, but on the other hand he has a hot temper, get angered easily, is ready for a fight and acts without thinking. Knight of Wands represents opportunity for inspiration, travel and creativity.

Queen of Wands - attractive, appealing, popular, powerful first impression, warm, outgoing, makes friends easily, wholehearted, loaded with enthusiasm, gives the most every time, open and sincere, does not hold back, dedicated, energetic, leads a busy active life, vigorous and strong, natural athlete, vibrant health, cheerful, upbeat, encourages others, brightens the room, self-assured, not easily provoked, handles situation calmly, faith in her abilities. Queen of Wands represents satisfaction on a passionate and enthusiastic level.

King of Wands - creative, inventive, masterminds new strategies, artistic, inspiring, powerful, natural leader, instills confidence, creates atmosphere of excitement, sets an example, forceful, seems to dominate, commanding presence, charisma, theatrical, magnet for others, watched, earns respect, imitated, talked about, the focus of attention, bold, dares to be different, takes chances, unconcerned for others' opinions. King of Wands represents stability that comes from a tempering of desires.


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