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Tarot Cards Reading: Cup Suit.

The Cup Suit shows you the emotional, inner healing, relationships, family and spiritual situations. If you get more cups than other suits, then you may need to focus on your relationships, inner healing, or psychic work. Cup suits tend to create a lot of blue shade around the spread, and blue is the color of the third eye chakra, which means you lack balance at that particular chakra and you have to work on it, or you will have that chakra activated more than you already have.

The reading depends on what resonates with you, because they tell your story.


Ace of Cups - emotional force, in touch with feelings, let heart lead the way, express deep feelings, intuition, trust your own inner voice, get in tune with ourself, gut reaction, messages from within, intimacy, attraction, love growth, establish a bond, deeper level of closeness to someone, express affection, open up yourself, get rid of negativity, forgive and forget, emotional fulfillment.

2 of Cups - connection, joining, union, sharing, helping, strengthening the bond, truce, heal a severed relationship, bring together opposites, declare peace, satisfactory agreement, a developing bond, moving toward someone, accept preferences, positive responses.

3 of Cups - exuberant, bursting energy, celebrate, on top of the world, friendship, finding companions, sharing, relying on others, trusting for help, community, develop team spirit, form group bond. Sometimes this card gives me the vibe of : too many people in a situation.

4 of Cups - self-absorbed, concentrate on own feelings, wanting for self, unaware of others, giving out little, ignoring gifts and blessings, withholding, apathetic, passively accepting, losing interest, little effort, no motivation, no desire, going within, dreaming, contemplating, introspective.

5 of Cups - loss, let go of hope, defeated, giving up the win, something being taken away, saying goodbye, setbacks, bereft, break up, deprived of love, longing to reunite, grief, sorrow, regret, disappointment, wanting to turn back the clock, wishing for what have might been, believing you have made the wrong choice, mistakes.


6 of Cups - goodwill, kindness, sharing, gift receiving, feeling blessed, innocence, contentment, blissfully unaware, clear conscience, simple joys, childhood, carefree, nostalgia, playing, babies.

7 of Cups - wishful thinking, fantasy, daydreaming, illusions, lacking focus/commitment, building castles in the air, options, many choices, limitless possibilities, dissipation, overindulge, let everything go, neglecting health, disorganized, lazy, procrastinating.

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8 of Cups - looking for deeper meanings, personal truth, looking for answers, finding out facts, more time to spiritual affairs, moving on, realizing the current cycle is over, abandoning a hopeless situation, finishing up and walking away, weary, drained by demands, tired, hopeless, energy lack, burned out, worries weight down, leaving everything behind.

9 of Cups - wish fulfilled, desire achieved, dreams come true, satisfied, pleased, content, enjoying, fulfilled, sensual pleasure, luxury, delicious meal, making love, experience beauty, enjoying art.

10 of Cups - joy, happiness, counting blessings, delight, peace, serenity, calling truce, relax, family time, peace at home, family events (paired with Empress could mean marriage and even children), bonding with family.


Page of Cups - emotional, let feelings show, heart leads the way, respond to beauty, intuitive, guidance within, remember dreams, intimate, start/renew love, meet someone, get closer, go beyond formalities, cherish, special moment, loving, forgive, apologize, reach out, mend broken things, brighten someone's day, respond with care. Page of Cups represent potential for emotional fulfillment and new relationships.

Knight of Cups - he is a romantic who emphasizes love/ feelings, poetry of life, remembers special dates, and on the other hand be over emotional who is over jealous, melodramatic, acts hot and cold. He has a wild imagination, is a visionary who looks beyond the obvious and at the same time his ideas come to nothing, or he shades the truth. He can be sensitive, aware of mood and feelings, diplomatic, and also temperamental, with mood swings, someone who gets offended easily and is depressed. He can be introspective who values inner life and tries to understand. He can also be very introverted who avoids participation and withdraws to an excess. Knight of Cups represents opportunity for romance and new relationships.

Queen of Cups - loving, turns away wrath, accepts others, infinite patience, empath, tender heart, intuitive, senses the vibes, guided by the heart, psychic, telepathic, medium, spiritual, feels oneness with universe. Queen of Cups represents satisfaction at home and with emotional issues.

King of Cups - wise, good adviser, has a deep grasp of human nature, teaches through love, helps others grow, sees right to the heart of the matter, calm, maintains composure, emotionally stable, diplomatic, balances needs of others, the right word at the right time, subtle influence, caring persona, natural healer, volunteer work, charity, responds to emotional needs, tolerant, open-minded, accepts others limits, allows others their freedom, patient. Kind of Cups represent stability that comes from knowing your emotional self.


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