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Tarot Card Reading For All Signs

Bri Smith is an intuitive energy reader, who reads energy using multiple types of tools.


The Cards

Card #1: Querent- How are you approaching. your intention? How's your self Perception affecting your intention? [10 of cups] you're Starting to see the light@ the end of the tunnel- and You're Working towards fufilment in love and life. You now know how to make yourself happy.

Card #2: Expected obstacle? [7 of cups] You get sidetracked easier than you'd like to admit. When presented with Many choices- they can seem like Obstacles.

Card #3: How will your challenge be defeated? How's it dissolve? [Knight of Pentacles] By taking it as Slow as you can while making minimum Investments in it. Don't go too far too fast.

Card#4: What's Strengthening the Obstacles? What path Should you avoid? [The Hermit] The fact that you aren't lighting the path for yourself, and you're in hiding. Come out to breathe.

Card#5: Hidden problems you don't see? [Queen of Swords] Someone arrogant, or, somebody quite cold and dominating. Possibly an air sign. (Maybe a Libra?)→→ Somebody behind "the scenes."

Card#6: How does the problem dissipate? [The Chariot] By taking control + making a choice to progress. This is the Way forward, movement.

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Card#7: What's stregthening the hidden problem? [6 of Swords] Walking away from the pain instead of dealing with it won't benefit the overall situation. Take it all as it comes, work with it, even if it hurts.


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