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Tarot Card Combinations: Two of Swords & Reversed Three of Cups

the Two of Swords. What choice will you make?

the Two of Swords. What choice will you make?

Two of Swords

On the Two of Swords we see a character who is blindfolded and unable to remove the blindfold because she is holding two heavy swords. The suit of Swords represents actions, and in this particular card, they indicate two choices or paths. In order to come to a resolution, the character much either choose a path by putting down one sword, or she must choose to remain as she is, blind.

This card is about balance and clarity. Even though our character is blinding physically, she has many other methods of communication with the world. The moon gives her some light, even behind the darkness of the blindfold. The birds bring messages from above down to her consciousness. The rocky waters behind her remind her to focus on her emotions, as well as to be mindful of what she hears and smells as much as what she can see. The butterfly in the background, though small and quiet, can still be sensed by our intuition. It shows that we have the power to transform our lives for the better, even when we feel we are locked in place.

This card often comes up when we have choices to make. Being that the card is upright, it shows that we are probably on our way to making a balanced decision, but that the querent might still feel stuck where they are.

This card usually surrounds questions of business, love, friendships or spirituality. Sometimes it's a mixture of several issues. When this card is upright, it shows that either decision could be a good one and that there isn't necessarily a "right" answer. There is simply a choice. More importantly, the choice we make now, can be changed later. We can always revisit the other path at a later time. So it's important to set aside anxieties and just pick a choice to go with for now.

Three of Cups Reversed. Heavy emotions and overindulgence cloud your life right now... Get control of them before they take control of you!

Three of Cups Reversed. Heavy emotions and overindulgence cloud your life right now... Get control of them before they take control of you!

Three of Cups Reversed

In the Three of Cups, we see three ladies dancing around a fountain, jovially enjoying themselves. The card depicts lots of great emotions in a social situation. It could be a party, a gathering of old friends of a new situation involving love and romance.

Because the card appears reversed, instead of seeing a time of healthy fun and adventure, it shows a time of overindulgence. Instead of love in the card, we see lust. Instead of some well needed time away from reality, we see reality escapism to the extreme.

This card often appears in readings surrounding love, business or family. In a business reading, the reversed Three of Cups can indicate a social-business situation gone wrong. Maybe to much smoozing and boozing. Maybe it's a competing co-worker who goes to far. Or it could be that the querent has become a workaholic and needs to step back.

In a family setting, this card can indicate a sibling, parent or child who is asking for more than they really need. Or it could indicate that the querent is looking to negatively at a family gathering, or that they are going to be causing issues at family gathering, due to their overindulgence in their own emotions.

In a love reading, this card can indicate that there are heavy emotional and financial stresses that are bearing down on the relationship. Or it can indicate infidelity in the relationship, which has usually been caused by the stresses in the relationship. Because the reversed Three of Cups is so full of emotions, it can sometimes be hard for a reader to gauge whether this card is speaking of the querent or the person the reading is about. Allow your intuition to guide you.

Two of Swords + Reversed Three of Cups =

At it's most basic interpretation, the Two of Swords represents - balanced choices. The reversed Three of Cups represents - overindulgence and heavy emotions. So together, we receive a message about a balanced choice between overindulgence and heavy emotions. These may not seem like great choices, but they are in balance. And often, a person might choice to overindulge themselves when they are faced with dealing with heavy emotions.

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Some possible meanings of the Two of Swords with the Reversed Three of Cups:

~There are some choices to be made at work, but both choices can bring good results, so long as the querent doesn't allow their fear of emotions to stop them.

~The querent has a choice to make about a partnership. It could be about finding balance with the partner, or about going a different direction completely. Either way, there are lots of heavy emotions surround this decision and it's important for the querent to meditate on these emotions in order to come to a decision.

~The querent or subject of the reading is experiencing heavy doubt about a relationship. It could be that the relationship is not going as planned, or that they are in a rough patch. This can indicate that they are considering what other options they have available to them, or it can indicate that they have already started another path but can't decide whether to continue down that path or go back to the first one.

~These cards together can indicate that the querent or subject of the reading is dangerously close to stepping outside the bounds of their relationship, or that they have already done so. This has created a lot of heavy emotions for all parties involved, and one party is trying to escape these feelings through continued overindulgence.

~Times could be difficult financially, and these cards together can indicate a need for change of direction in work or career. The cards are suggesting that the querent spend some well needed time meditating on their options.


Numerologically Speaking

The Two of Swords and Three of Cups reversed bring us to an energy of 5 (2+3).

The number 5 brings more exploration, freedom, curiosity, playfulness, detachment, learning, travel, variety and adventure. These energy can help bring clarity to our reading. They show that in the choices we have to make, we have to deal with these energies along the way. Seek more freedom or stay attached? Follow our curiosity or remain safely inside the lines? Seek wisdom or seek adventure?

These energies will be determined by the questions from the querent, as well as other surrounding cards in the reading.


Curious on February 01, 2012:

So what would you say, when the two of swords is reversed and the 3 of cups is upright?

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