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Tantric Sex Eye Contact



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The Power of Love=Grasping Your Personal Reality Creating Ability

A Dream Guide is teaching me about sex. Sex can be classified as tantric through the eye portals. Energy exchanged this way, polarities balanced. no touching of the body need occur to raise the kundalini energies up and through the body and sex is much more fulfilling this way, than using body contact, although touching may also be a part of tantric Yoga.

The Guide lectures on this technique. It is the way it’s done on certain spiritual levels, mind to mind joining with no exertion of physical movement involved on either party save maintaining the eye contact and not looking away, for there is no physical body dimensions within the spiritual planes of being, there is only that semblance of a body, while it is in it's energy composition only; it is the mind which gives the body a form within spiritual dimension.

The physical afterglow of the act then is immediately attained at the forefront of the mind to mind, soul to soul exchange and maintained permanently rather than temporarily, as in the physical initiatory sex act upon earth dense planes. The afterglow is the true union and enacted in the mind through the eye stream energy contact and opens the 3rd eye to greater awareness of your partner’s total being.
Total acceptance of the being is practiced while maintaining the eye contact, and this entails experiencing the emotion of love, without attempting to achieve a body orgasm as the outcome. The orgasm which is achieved would look like the afterglow if comparison is used. It is gentler, more long lasting and is like an inspired state of being overall. The energy bodies are balanced in a flowing manner rather than a big ka-boom explosion which dissipates and leaves the man wanting to rest.

The Power of Eye Contact
Is The Power of Knowing

In Tantra, both are energized but need not replenish their physical bodies by resting afterwards, instead they are awakened fully with more energy which enters the cells of the body all over, rather than isolated in the genital area. Most frequently in Tantra, although it’s not a goal, the energies connected to the heart have arisen upwards to the head area, around the ears, and up to the top of the head, all this producing the tingling and pleasurable waves of accepting and being accepted by the beloved fully, which produces a sacred emotion or feeling, as it is the closest we know to full union with God at present. As God is Love in the simplest terms.

This is true union. Normally it is done by the male and female polarity physical beings, yet it can be achieved by same sex polarities and in this case it is a deeper, more fulfilling union mind to mind; the idea being to expel from the being any residual guilt patterns about the body itself that have been instilled for centuries.

The body is neutral and having a body is not a reason to have to carry this guilt century after century. The sex act itself need not be thought of as something naughty but nice; only the immature engage in the guilt patterns. With the mind orgasm, the acceptance of the person, as they are, and not how they shall become, is loving attention to their well being. There is no guilt associated with loving attentiveness to your partner, in this type of union, a true higher union.

Practice of Tantra can also be included should the physical organs be utilized. With practice, the body orgasm, as it has been known, can be achieved over a period of time, and if desired, while learning, very quickly for both until it becomes no longer necessary as a desirable human habit because, as mentioned the afterglow means total fulfillment in union of love in a permanent physical manner as well as in the soul qualities of each, which are then taken into each further incarnation cycle until the soul is able to graduate from *ELS. *Earth Life System

Procreation used in physical body contact is a different subject and usually entails the youthfulness of hormone activity, and the energy is mostly located in the first 3 chakras. Tantra is for the mature souls who are no longer experimenting with their own sexuality and the objective is different and would not be entailing the making of new bodies to come into being, necessarily. However, Tantra is useful to know and understand for both the youth and the mature.

Dream symbols which proceeded this lecture: I have a flat tire, I must glue the tire back together which is standard practice in the school system of life I am in. It is the front tire. I am walking my bike looking for a place to fix it across a great yard where I see others with bikes. I come upon a business establishment where I discover the cashier is a gay woman. she takes a large tool and locks the cash register with it to prevent theft. She seems to be saying that love is not business as usual.

That money is an exchange system. But that society thinks it can buy love. She places a lock on the cash register to show that real love is freely given. Her eyes are clear, and she is being used to teach me something and she seems familiar, although I do not know where I met her, I do know her from somewhere.

I am very tired and lay in a bed close to the cash register, this place of work out in public. I need a nap from my travels. I am naked. She locks the cash register and jumps in bed with me behind my back; she begins to touch my physical body. I do not mind but I am wanting sleep. When her hand goes to my genital area I pull away quickly to let her know I’m not interested in physical sex with her. She ceases her activity. End of dream and beginning of a guides lecture, a voice directly situated above our physical locations. A voice which this time, carries the inflections and tones of my own voice, my higher self I deduce.

I ascertain the woman, myself and my higher self are all involved in this scene for my learning, and so that I may pass on what I know about sexual union and what it has to do with love. For a sexual encounter can be divorced from love, as surely as a loving act can be divorced from a sexual act. It is the human experience of both we come here for. When we transition to spirit realm the only thing we take with us is Love we have had for another. We forget the sexual activity when love has come in total fulfillment of the soul’s intentions for incarnating, which is beyond the achievement of a successful career in it’s value. I deduce if the gay woman had touched my heart rather than my genital area, the situation would not have been so threatening, as the spinning of the heart energy leads to the higher mental plane which is where humanity is destined to go.
Tantric from dictionary is:

# relationship to Shaktism ( in Shaktism (Hindu sect) )
...power, lying dormant within the body as a coiled serpent (kuṇḍalinī), that must be aroused and realized to reach spiritual liberation. Shaktism is inseparably related to Tantric Hinduism (q.v.), a system of practices for the purification of both mind and body.
# My notes: I am not talking about a ritual, nor about worshiping deities when I speak of Tantra. There are no deities in my dreams. Just people, whether I know them physically, or I know them as being in their spirit body, they will bring to me some info. I need to realize fully. All that is given to me, it is as if I already knew it. It is as if I am just remembering it. Therefore the dictionaries are not very helpful to explain what I mean by Tantra or eye contact.
The one exercise I promote is simply looking into your partner's eyes and picking up the energy stream within the eye portals and knowing them this way.

None of the dictionaries talk about this. It does not matter whether you are a Hindu or an American, this is known by the soul of all, that the soul is in the eyes, and that the chatter from the head is not the soul essence itself.

You must look into the eyes of the beloved or you will not know whom you make love with. That is the gist of this message aside from any religious inference placed by the dictionary on the words Tantra or Kundalini. It is not magic; it is direct knowing.
For the Indigo children, and all other star children direct knowing is as far removed from sexual experimentation of the hippie generation for example, as the ocean divides a continent. These Indigo and star children of the different ray energies have come to teach us what we have forgotten. Let them pass. Let them through. They include our gay population as well. You just never know who you're talking to these days. It could be a star child.

It's Not In His Kiss

Eye Knowledge is Energy

Eye Knowledge is Energy


Alysia McAlister (author) from Arizona United States on January 10, 2014:

I've heard there's another way to look at can have a sexual experience so deep and profound that you become one with that person and the desire to repeat the experience is null and void and so lasting. in that case it's a celebration of union that is the lasting part. because love is eternal. I don't know about rightful partners. I never really found anyone right for me, but since we're eternal beings, heck, you never know! good for u VP.

vp1990 on January 09, 2014:

I'm glad you've included same sex acts. After all its the souls connecting. I just experienced my first eyes locked during orgasm. I actually started crying it was the most blissful thing I've ever experienced. I then told my partner to do the same. They

didn't cry but they became quiet and their eyes glossy. They said they felt truly comforted. In my opinion its was like we were actually looking at each other for the first time. All day I've been searching the web for an explanation, most threads just say it's "more intense" followed by people saying they don't actually want to do it again. This makes me wonder if what I felt is spiritual, and that most people avoid it because we're so detached from our spirits or that they're not with the right partner.

aby on January 30, 2012:

`R B

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Alysia McAlister (author) from Arizona United States on December 14, 2009:

hello Rick,thanks for your comment. I am currently looking for others to explain this misnomer that has been termed astral sex, for the term itself somehow cheapens what has taken place between two beings.

if u know of anyone has a way with words, let me know!

love, LR

AptTec55 on December 13, 2009:

Yep me too! Just in the last few years fully realizing how much the physical body or how little I might say, has to do with an energy exchange we feel as Love or in some cases refer to it as astral sex...really a misnomer of sorts.

Love, Rick

Alysia McAlister (author) from Arizona United States on December 10, 2009:

my pleasure Paul. thanks for your comment. it means a lot.

some of us do wait many years, and we find it was worth the wait. happy holidays, LR

Paul on December 10, 2009:

Everything you say about soul contact I am only just now experiencing, having waited many years for the fullness of time. Thank you for this insight. Namaste.

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