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Table Talk (2): The Pause In Heaven: The Animals, The People, The Nation and The Kingdom

Robert who was raised in Hawaii lives out in the countryside of Augsburg, Germany today. He loves sharing the Passion Paradigm.

The Pause In Heaven - The Long Six Months

When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. - Revelation 8:1 (NIV)

In March-April of 2020, the first world lockdown began and this lasted six months until August-September 2020. There was a silence across the world in all the major cities, and the animals ventured into the empty streets of the cities. For the Second Pentecost Week, an hour is a year. The pause was for a half hour. When the pause was over, the First Resurrection Week time, the week with seven years with a eight day, promptly began.

The Second Pentecost Week and the First Resurrection Week simultaneously paced to two different time lines. Second Pentecost Week continued with an hour being a year. The Second pentecost Week was in the 5th hour of the fourth day of the week. First Resurrection Week started with an hour being a month. First Resurrection Week began its first day in August-September 2020. As of this moment in March 2022, we are in the 6th hour of the second day of the First Resurrection week. We are in the 7th hour of the 4th day of the Second Pentecost Week.

During the period of silence in heaven, the streets emptied on the earth. The animals came.

The Empty Streets - The Animals


Did Mother Nature Heals Herself or did Heaven take a break?

During the first lockdown, humans were confined to their homes. A eerie ghostly strange scene happened when man was placed in detention and quarantine; the animals took over the the empty streets, hotels, parks, parking lots, beaches and landmarks. Elephants, wild pigs, deer, wild sheep and many other animals roamed the streets. Lizards and various animals swam in hotel pools. Dolphins played in the harbors. The normally crowded vacation beaches were visited by wild animals.

The environmental and climate change activists praised mother nature for healing herself as the waters became cleaner. The animals roamed freely. Humans watched on the news like they were animals in cages in the zoo as the animals roamed freely in the cities, the parks and the streets.

In August-September, the pause in heaven ended. The First Resurrection began its first day with introductions. The Second Pentecost continued the fourth day. The first of three phases began for the Second Pentecost. The first phase was the vaccines, the mandates, the quarantines, the logical and illogical arguments and the fear, pain, sickness and denial of the covid and the pandemic.

The Covid - The People


The isolation of the persons

As of March 2022, many of the nations are pushing back and dropping the covid mandates. Ironically, for instance in Germany, the virus cases are higher than the last two years, but the covid mandates are still being cut back. For two years, people were placed in some form of isolation depending on the mandates, virus cases and deaths.

The interesting matter is "individuals" were placed in isolation from each other. Vaccines were given to allow limits of socialization. Various groups came into play for and against the vaccines, but still individuals had to make the decision as to whether they would get the vaccine or not get the vaccine.

Now, whether the vaccines are important comes into question because with the freedom to socialize, many of the new cases of the viruses is showing up in the vaccined groups. An easy explanation is most of the vaccined are involved in close socialization and contact. In terms of the Second Pentecost Week, where is this control defining the week? Many "christian groups" across the world started to claim the "mark of the beast". Is there really a mark and what freedoms were really lost? The world moves pass this hurdle of escathological times and there is no beast.

The Invasion - The Nation


The Isolation of a Nation

As Russia invades Ukraine, there are some writers comparing Putin with Hitler. Hitler was important to making sure the fulfillment of the sacrifice, the Holocaust; for the Zebulun Week. The Zebulun Week is Israel's sixth week. Hitler is like Pilate in a way because Pilate was responsible to make sure the sacrifice made it to the cross. The sacrifice was Jesus. Is Hitler evil if he is like Pilate? Maybe in the micro-magnification of things, Pilate is like Hitler. Is Hitler and Pilate evil or individuals like Judah who should have never been born? Men who are "placed and chosen" to accomplish a certain abhorrent event.

Putin and Russia invades and destroys Ukraine, and the world "supposedly" isolates and shuns Putin and Russia. Would the Prince of this world condemn Putin and Russia?

Could or would the "Spirit" who works the Second Pentecost Week condemn Putin? The Spirit has job which is to leave the Temple. Is the Spirit at all working in the world or in the living temple? This goes back to the individual. The Spirit on Pentecost did not fill the world. The Spirit filled individuals.

How does a man and his nation have anything to do with the Spirit, the living temple and the kingdom of God. There is the third missing part of this periods of isolation. How does individuals, nations, and Kingdom of God find a connection?

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The Prince of this world - The Kingdom -


The First Beast, The Second Beast and a Prince

A beast will give rise to a beast and in the end, they will be one and the same beast. The job at hand like jesus to the cross will be to take down a kingdom that is not of this world. There is a prince of this world. Jesus recognized the Prince of this World. The prince of this world knew who Jesus is, "not was". An eternal being knows an eternal being. The prince of this world knows that Jesus is not of this world nor is his kingdom is of this world. Because Jesus's world is, this universe exists. This universe can cease to exist with only "His word".

The redemption, revelation, reconciliation, resurrection and kingdom story starts with "let there be light". All of what exists to fulfill the story came into being and will be fulfilled until the Genesis Week enters the 8th day. On this moment, a billionth of a second, this world and universe will pass away. A new heaven and a new earth will begin.

What does this "world or earth" have to do with "god's kingdom". Nothing. The kingdom of god will be isolated and removed from this world when the "living temple falls".

First, the animals roam the cities.
Secondly, man is set in isolation.
Third, nation or even nations are being isolated.

They will join together because a kingdom has to be isolated from this world, this kingdom where a prince reigns will be the only kingdom for a short season.

The fourth movement is the living temple will fall bringing down the kingdom of God and releasing the Spirit. The two witnesses simply die. There will be no witnesses until three days later. The two witnesses will rise. The two witnesses and the living temple are one and the same. Do you know who the two witnesses are?

‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’


"Here it is, or There it is." Neither here nor there. God is the kingdom. .

Once, on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed,nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.”

When the living temple falls, the Spirit will leave the temple. For once in the story of the Word of God, God's spirit will leave this place for roughly 50 years until the Jubilee year which should be in 2072. In 2072, the revelation will be "God is the kingdom." Will you be able to bear the fullness of God's presence, "God is the kingdom".

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