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The Magick of Candles

Use of Candles in Magickal Workings

Candles have been an important witch's tool for many centuries. Candles are used with assisting in increasing a spell's power and to influence a particular power. The color of the candle that is used for a specific ritual or magickal working is simply another tool. Each color emanates a specific vibration and thus attracts distinctive influences when used.

It is considered appropriate to only use one candle for each magickal working. You should not use a candle that has been used for a previous spell unless it is being used for the same spell. For example, you use a brown candle in a ritual to find a misplaced item. It goes out before it's all the way burned. You should not then use that candle for use in a magickal working to assist with concentration and balance. It is, however, permissible to use a candle for a spell or ritual that is repeated. For example, I use the same white pillar candle every month for my Full Moon Ritual. It's being used for the same spell and purpose each time and that is considered acceptable.


Preparing Candles for Magickal Workings

Before you use a candle for ritual or magickal workings they should be cleansed and consecrated.

A quick and easy way that you can cleanse the candle(s) is by smudging them with sage.

To consecrate your candles it is common to use a small amount of anointing oil and rub it over the entire surface of the candle. This should be done either during the waxing phase of the moon or during the full moon.

By cleansing and consecrating your candles you are not only adding your energy to the candles to be released during the magickal working, but it also serves as adding your intent to use the candles for magickal practice. Once you have consecrated your candle(s), you can then put them away to be used when needed.

Before a magickal working you can add more energy and intent to your candle by painting or carving magickal symbols into it before burning it. The symbols can take the form of symbols for zodiac signs, planetary symbols, symbols for the elements, or it could be the symbols for the God and/or Goddess.

Magickal Symbols

There are numerous symbols that we use in our magickal workings. I have included some of the more common ones that are used. The following pictures are just a few of the more common symbols that you can include in your magickal workings to enhance and focus the energies that you are looking for.

Common Wiccan Symbols


Elemental Symbols


Planetary Symbols


Zodiac Signs


Theban Script


Anointing Oil for Candles

There are plenty of oils out there that are specifically made for anointing candles and are generally not very expensive. You also have the option of buying the anointing oils for specific purposes to add additional magick into the candle.

You also have the alternative to make your anointing oil at home with very little effort and money.

You will need:

  • An oil (customarily jojoba, olive, or sweet almond oils are used)
  • herbs for purification (angelica root, carob, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, fennel seed, hyssop, peppermint, rosemary, sage, sea salt, or star anise). You can use one or a combination of a few of the herbs listed.
  • A container to put the oil and herbs into
  • Cheesecloth

You will then put the oil in a container and add the herbs that you are using and seal the container. Let the container sit for 3 - 4 days so that the herbs have time to infuse the oil with their properties. You will then want to strain the herbs out of the oil with a couple layers of cheesecloth.

You can then put the anointing oil away in a sealed container and set aside to use whenever you have new candles to be anointed.

My Candle Snuffer


Thoughts on Blowing Candles Out

It has been said in many books and a lot of sites that you should never blow a candle out. I think that this is because it is considered disrespectful to the element of Fire because it's showing that Air has dominance over Fire. Fire, however, is considered to have dominance over Air because it generally gains strength from it.

Then there is the belief that blowing out the candle will disrupt the energy of the spell for which it was used and the spell will not work properly. I suppose that I can see each viewpoint and understand from where each is coming from.

I, on the other hand, believe that there is nothing wrong with blowing out a candle. It is my belief that when you are blowing out a candle that not only are you adding more of your energy to the spell (your breath), but that you are also helping to send out that energy on the wind.

I do have a candle snuffer and do usually use it (it's a pretty glass flower), but I do not feel the need to use it every single time without fail. As with everything else, it's your decision to do what feels right for you. I personally believe that your intention also matters a great deal with matters such as these. If you are not intending to insult the element of Fire, I feel that they will understand.

Candle Correspondences

When choosing a candle for magickal workings, there are many correspondences that can be used to increase the energy of the spell that you are doing. There are the correspondences for each color, the astrological correspondence for each color, there are specific colors associated with each Sabbat and monthly Esbat, and specific colors that can be used for each day of the week.

I am unable to place these correspondences directly on my page because the information exists elsewhere on the web, therefore, I cannot place it on my page. So I have instead provided the links for each of the correspondences below instead. I apologize. I really wanted to create a page where everything was in one location. Sadly, this is the best that I can do...

Candle Colors for General Correpondences

Candle Colors for Each Astrological Sign

Candle Colors for Each Day of the Week

Candle Colors for Each Sabbat

Candle Colors for Each Month of the Full Moon

New E-Book

I have spent some time lately creating an e-book for my fellow Wiccans, Witch's, and Pagans.

It has all of the common tools that we use along with history, lore, where to buy, how to make (if possible), and correspondences.

Tools of Witchcraft


Marion Stout on March 06, 2018:

This is very informative. Great info. I am grateful for your article. Always wondered how to use candles. Now when funds are available I can start.

Chris on March 09, 2016:

BEAUTIFUL informative and I too believe that by blowing the candles out you are adding even more intent into it, as you so wonderfully stated "your breath". Breathing is such an intimate and personal thing how can it be said that it would harm the spell? Intent and recognition is the MOST important thing I've found. Thank you for the artical. Blessed be! With harm to none.

KonaGirl from New York on January 14, 2016:

Great information about casting with candles and the proper use of candles. Too bad there are broken links. Pinning to my Magic Spells board.

Maurice Glaude from Mobile on October 06, 2014:

Do you think using the colored tea lights are as effective?

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