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The Snake Gods of Hinduism

The Snake


The Snake Gods are adorned and celebrated in all the Hindu temples of the world. From many centuries the Snake Gods have been given prominence in the life of most of the Hindu people. The Female Snake God is called as Nagarani and the Male God as Nagarajan.and idols of both Gods are placed in all the major Hindu temples of India. In some villages of South India, they have been adorned in the live form and their shelter, termite nest, is also kept in many temples of the country. Pariticularly on Fridays they are given raw eggs and milk. The devotees of them put the raw eggs and the cup of milk nearby their shelter and if the snakes are really living there, they will come out in night times to drink the eggs and milk.

Lord Shiva , The Great God of Hinduism, is wearing the God Nagarajan on his neck and Lord Krishna has made the Snake God Adhisheshan as His bed in His home.

The Hindu people are believing that Snake Gods are associated with wealth and healthy life and they will act as great securities when the people meet difficulties in their life. It is also believed that Snake Gods are having separate world and Shri Nagarajan and Shri Nagarani are ruling that world. However The Snake Gods and other Holy Snakes are under the control of major Gods like Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna.

Lord Rahu


Lord Ketu


Shri Rahu and Shri Ketu are also the Great Snake Gods as well as planetry deities of Hinduism. They both get prominence next to Lord Vinayaka in all the Hindu temples. They are described as malefic planets as they are giving great tribulations to the people in case of unfavorable horoscopic positions. They are also associated with many misevents and accidents in the life of Hindu people. This is believed by the devotees that Shri Rahu is the both averter and creator of misevents and accidents in a life. So the people are fearing to face His associated time period of Rahu Kalam, Kalam means certain hours of a day. Faithful worshipping of Shri Rahu would avert any obstacle and accident in the life of the Hindu people. Shri Ketu is associated with Gnan ( Knowledge ) and gives extreme tribulations to whom found lack of Gnan and sense. It is believed in Hindu's life that Shri Rahu is immediately killing by creating undesirable misevents and accidents and whereas the Ketu is giving great difficulties when He is not in favorable horoscopic position. But both Shri Rahu and Ketu are giving all the desirable things and events in ones life when they are in a favorable horoscopic positions.

Though these Gods are wicked and giving tribulations to the people, they are given significance and celebrated by the Hindu people as almost equal to Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. To get peaceful and happy life the most of the Hindu people adorn them with great bhakthi. But some people are blaming that these Gods are the root causes for their difficulties in their life. The main thing to understand here is that these Gods are not mere responsible for the ill fate of the people. Lack of knowledge and lack of carefulness are the big reasons to the most of misevents and accidents. We have to make correct decisions in each and every part of our life to lead a happy life. When we lead a proper life, we need not blame the Gods to our misfortunes. Faithful worshipping of Shri Rahu and Shri Ketu and well planned life are showing success in all parts of our life.


agalya on July 10, 2014:

Can husband and wife put milk and eggs at termite nest for 9 weeks to get baby? How true is this?

raniraul on April 14, 2013:

black snake comes in my dream since last one and half year,he don't harm me.but i don't like snake. since last one and half year i couldn't concentrate on my studies.i want to do many things,i feel that i can complete but i cant complete on time and face failure specially in studies other work get completed .i always worshiped shiv ling.what to do so that i can concentrate on my studies.

udayasree on October 14, 2012:

I am looking for some names of nagini for my daughter (but which should not start with word "naga" but mean the name of Goddess nagini), is it possible to post that names with meaning to my email address,

ratnaveera (author) from Cumbum on April 25, 2012:

Dear friends, Thanks for reading this hub. I have sent an email to Nishanthaswathy. Dear dsrini, You can come out of problems sincerely praying snake Gods like Shri Rahu and Shri Ketu.

dsrini on April 25, 2012:

I am from south India. A snake entered our house at the first floor. The servant killed the snake while driving it away inside the house. Within a week time servant father died in an accident. After this lot of bad things happenned in life. Incase any mantras or special prayers help please let us know.

Nishanthaswathy on April 25, 2012:

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i want to knw about the name of various nagadevas and nagadevis for naming my plz help me and send it to my mail,

ratnaveera (author) from Cumbum on August 06, 2011:

Dear Durga, Thanks for reading this article and sharing your experience. You can worship Lord Raahu and Lord Kethu to get more spiritual experience in your life. Best Wishes!

Durga(male 22) on August 05, 2011:

Hi i m frm nepal n here in nepal many families have their own seti(white) and kali(black) naag residing in their home surrounding my house even has a pair of seti white naag residing and we pray them as god n i pray with dhoop agarbati during in important events i have seen them in my dreams too now i m thinking some ways to make them happy a lot so that i can be successful in my major works what more i can do to please them please reply me writing what u think more...

dharshini on July 21, 2011:

hai.. ur article is good.. can i ask a question sir.. do snake incarnate thmself as human to take revenge? is it true ? tq

karthik on May 30, 2011:

today 1pig enters in to m sis marriage is in few days..what it will signal??

have to any poojas for tat???its bad to our family??

please mail me

Kelly Massey on May 28, 2011:

good page. been following a while now. looking forward to more.

SHASHIDHAR SHETTY on February 17, 2011:

I am looking for some names of nagini, is it possible to post that names with meaning to my email address,

Substance on December 29, 2010:

Nameste' Ratnaveera, I had a dream of a Naga, five headed looked like a Cobra. Can you advise me on the symbolism of the dream. The Naga was out in my yard coiled up, then rised up with all heads lifted up moving around and then disappeared into the wall of my house like a picture.

HOM Nath on November 30, 2010:

Hi Doc. Ratnaveera,

I am from Nepal, Currently I have rahu and sukra in my kundali, previously I had rahu and ketu. ketu left and now sukra is there. last 2 year back, i was having an excellent time, and i was making money, but during that time only, i made further investment which all of them are giving trouble now.

how do i please rahu??

Rajesh Menon on November 22, 2010:

Is there Special & Specific Mantras for worshipping Snake Gods ?? Where can I get these Mantras

Suba on May 05, 2010:


How many time do u need to repeat the names? As adviced by Br.M

ratnaveera (author) from Cumbum on December 10, 2009:

Hello Nehal, Thanks for visiting this Hub! No problems with such dreams. If you are Hindu are following Hinduism, you can worship snake Gods like Shri Rahu and Shri Ketu to get their blessings!

Nehal on December 10, 2009:

Hii Dr. Ratnaveera

I had a question...I saw snakes in my dream...I just wanted to knw if that is a bad omen or a good thing?

ratnaveera (author) from Cumbum on November 06, 2009:

Dear friend, Don't worry. You can worship God Nagarajan one who living on the neck of Lord Shiva, God Shri Rahu and Shri Ketu to overcome the situation.

Deepika on November 05, 2009:

hi...snake entered my home sterday??????

nd my neighbor house members killed tat...

is tat good r bad???

Nadia on August 23, 2009:

Hi, what does it mean if you house is surrounded by snakes harmless ones though. My brother and sister in law's house have found several snakes under their house and also one inside their home. is this a bad thing ?

Br.M. on June 13, 2009:

Dear Friends,

In the Hindu tradition we worship Nags. They too are considered as Devta's.There is a difference in the two varieties i.e, Nag and sarp. A Nag can lift its head and so in modern terminology it would be closer to a cobra or that family whereas a sarp does not lift its head. There are nine Nag's that are important and are worshipped. These are Anant, Vasuki, Sheshnag, Padmanabh, Kambal, Shankhpal, Dhritrastra, Takshak and Kalia. These nine names are repeated early in the morning and after sun down. They are not repeated in the day as it is believed that the snakes sleep during this time. Repetition of these names removes the fear of being poisoned and gives victory in all good deeds. Repitition of these names also help people overcome Kaalsarpyog and are to be repeated for atleast one year in the morning and evening.

Whereas it is correct that our deeds(Karmas) in day to day life are important as well as information, decisions and knowledge; we should focus on them yet one cannot deny other deeds such as prayer and mantras are important as well. God in a very simple sense can be taken to be the higher mind and higher ideals in each one of us.

If you wish to prevent snakes from entering your house and harming you, one can repeat the Mantra "Maharishi Astikay Namah". Take some water in a cup, put your finger in the cup, repeat the mantra atleast 11 times and sprinkle it around your house esp around the doors.

Snakes entering your house is not bad luck. They do invoke fear. Please do not kill them as killing a nag in the hindu tradition is believed to invoke a curse which gets transferred to each generation till one does not atone for it, from among other things, by prayer on Nag Panchmi. Try to chase it away or get a snake charmer or the forest office to tackle it.

Not all snakes are poisonous so please be compassionate.

sheetal on May 24, 2009:

i need some advice.

many snakes have visited my home through the back entrence. mainly baby snakes but all in black colour. can u tell me the meaning or symbol of this. what meaning does this bring? please advise

Jyothi on April 27, 2009:

A snake entered by house in the dining area and then the pooja room. What does it signify?

Raj kamal from Guntur, A.P., India on April 20, 2009:

"The main thing to understand here is that these Gods are not mere responsible for the ill fate of the people. Lack of knowledge and lack of carefulness are the big reasons to the most of misevents and accidents. We have to make correct decisions in each and every part of our life to lead a happy life. When we lead a proper life, we need not blame the Gods to our misfortunes."

you were so damn good till that text.

What happened later ???

"Faithful worshipping of Shri Rahu and Shri Ketu and well planned life are showing success in all parts of our life."

When the so called Gods are not responsible for our miseries, how can you attribute your success to Gods. As you said when we lead a proper life then we dont need God.

ratnaveera (author) from Cumbum on April 20, 2009:

Dear Thillainadan, Thanks for coming here and your question. I hope you need not worry about the snake incidents. Your house may be located nearby their living area. However, you can pray snake gods to get rid of your confusions and worries. In my experience many people are well settled by faithful worship of these great snake gods.

M Thillinadan on April 16, 2009:

Dear Dr Rathaveera,

I have no comments to add but i have a practical about snake myth. Recently snake entered my home (through the back entrance). First incident was last year a python and recently a cobra. My question is what does it signifies as far as Hindus are concerned. Some said it means bad omen and i must vacate my home. Is that true, if not how do i relate this incident with others.

ratnaveera (author) from Cumbum on March 29, 2008:

Yes, Neet , You are absolutely right ! These Great Gods are so powerful to determine the fate of human beings. The accidents are creating and increasing feeling of love and humanity among the people. So They both are the Great Agents of Humanity and Love by creating accidents. Could you remember the year 2004 which is the first fourth year of 21 st cetury. We every one know well that number 4 is associated with my favorite God Shri Rahu. What happened in that year?, the chain of unforgettable tragedies. eg. At Srirangam in Trichy a fire accident happened in a marriage function in which about 70 persons killed, My favorite and Lovable actress Soundarya killed a few days after the Srirangam accident and on July 16 th Kumbakonam accident was the major one in which 94 young children killed ( here see the aggregate of 9+4 that's also coming as 4 ). The ultimate drama by this Great God is staged on December 26 th of the same year as Tsunami in which about 1.3 lacs of people were killed from all over the world. The above said all those will create humanity feeling to any body.

Ravneet from Delhi on March 28, 2008:

Oh that's great.

Usually people fear Shri Rahu, isn't it? I have heard that if God Rahu is happy on some1, he makes his life wonderful and if he is angry, he makes life hell for that person.

God is eternal. God is Great.

God bless U!

ratnaveera (author) from Cumbum on March 28, 2008:

Dear Neet, Happy to meet you. Thanks for your nice comments. I am faithful devotee of Shri Rahu and Shri Ketu. I have got a great change in my life after begining to worship them. Please see the beautiful picture of Shri Rahu which is worthy enough to meditate. 

Ravneet from Delhi on March 28, 2008:

You have brought out a wonderful picture of snake gods. Snakes are usually feared world over for their venomous touch, however, in this country of billions -- INDIA-- Snakes are treated as GOD. Also, it is said that if someone dreams of a snake, it is a good omen.

GReat hub, Ratna! 

ratnaveera (author) from Cumbum on March 27, 2008:

Dear Dr. Prasadjain, Thank you very much for your more information about the worshipping of Naga Gods in Hinduism. Also accepting your points about Rahu and Ketu.

Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD from Tumkur on March 26, 2008:

Dear Mr. Rathnaveera, I wish to add some points:

1 Snake is given a sacred place in hindu beliefs. Reason for this is that,it posseses all six chakrasmentioned in yoga on its backbone, as human beings posses( like-kundalini, anahatha, mooladhara, etc). For this reason we believe that it should not be killed.

2. In Indian astrology, Rahu and Kethu are treated as shady-planets.While the gfreat astrologer Varahamihira gives no place to them in his famous 'Brihad jaathaka' other ancient astrologers like :arashara etc, say , they have the same power of the planet of the house where they stay in the horoscope.

Many other points in your article are correct.

ratnaveera (author) from Cumbum on March 25, 2008:

Dear Om, Thanks for your nice comments !

Om Prakash Singh from New Delhi on March 25, 2008:

Great mith fact. thanx for sharing.

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