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The Kingdom Dynamics Against Satan’s Kingdom

A pastor, a teacher of the Gospel, and a deliverance minster,


I feel convinced by the Holy Spirit to write about the dynamism in God’s Kingdom for the believer against Satan’s Kingdom. The translations made the Kingdom of God look like a distant God-made city beyond the blues.

According to (Matt. 6:33), almost all have in mind that the kingdom of God is beyond the blues or the sky after Jesus spoke to them in parables about the kingdom. Therefore, seek ye first, as he has painted a picture in our minds. The book of John also states that in chapter 14:13. I am going to prepare you a place, and when I finish, I will come for you. This also confirms [Matt. 6: 33] in the picture I am trying to portray to your mind.

But I pray that you consider these also; all other "things" shall be added unto you. The believer who is picturing the heaven city is now going to consume the other "things" over here on earth. Let’s assume the other things are money, wealth, marriage, etc., which the same Bible considers to be worldly materials that possibly may drive the believer to the contempt of Satan’s court, then practically our King has never been kind to us since those things are a snare to our faith and a hindrance to achieving the pictured city He promised.

Jesus again preached to them in the book of Luke (17:20–23). Jesus said that the kingdom is within you. (Matt. 12:28) states that by casting out demons with the Holy Spirit, the kingdom of God has come upon you.

Also, confirm that the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink but... in the Holy Spirit. As ministers of God, let’s consider these scriptures by comparing them each to understand the link between them.

God's kingdom is within us, and this is very true because no one has ever been to Heaven except Himself and the host of heaven from the system of creation.

To rest my case for further discussion later, the life pattern in Heaven is different from ours, and since you and I were not there, the imitation will be very difficult for the people living here on earth to comprehend.

On the contrary, if someone is aware of something or experiences something about a city or kingdom, you can imitate the beliefs, culture, modalities, and eventually everything about the people living there.

The picture is in the distance and, for that matter, the royals have been eluded and forgotten to practise it from here on earth. Since the promised city is beyond the blues, the king, Jesus, is expecting our portrayal of the kingdom and, after mastering the mannerisms, he will issue us a ticket to that unknown promised city.

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Satan, our enemy, is aware of the truth that most of Christ's followers have missed the truth and therefore could not portray the kingdom's dynamism on earth. Kings and prophets always portray their kingdom, and their culture, with high esteem. Christians continually hold the kingdom's motives as something to inherit one day.

Ministers of God, the time has come for us to begin to live like prophets and kings who cherish their cultural beliefs and modalities.

As custom demands, kings don’t even eat with wolves, play with them, dress in royal clothes, and read the king’s message, let alone other strange languages. Before all these can be achieved and practised well, we must understand ourselves as one unified body, with one king-Jesus.

Jesus said, be one as you are also one (John 17:21-23). Hold fast to the one doctrine of Jesus Christ and nothing else. One kingdom individual will bring all thrones to their knees.Our weapons will be sharper and more powerful than any two-edged sword.(Hebrews 4:12), 2 Corinthians 10:5

We must protect our king’s kingdom.

We must teach our hearers to understand their rights and morals as members of the Kingdom. For example, the right of the Royals to pay tithes, offer charity and build temples for new souls to be taught.

Protect the Kingdom's members by teaching them how to love and support one another. Royals don’t fornicate, commit adultery, sodomy, lesbianism, Stick with their wives, and no polygamists. Cherish the Kingdom with high esteem and bring it to the notice of the unsaved that peace, everlasting love, and Holy Judgment are there for everyone who runs from Satan to Jesus.

We should be anxious for nothing about this and the end of time (Philippians 4:5-7), but mindful of these three things in prayer before the throne of Grace.

  1. We must pray for the King’s Kingdom to prevail against Satan’s Kingdom.
  1. We must pray for backsliding members whom the devil is almost on the verge of devouring.
  1. We must pray for the unsaved, which is the reason for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, our king. Christians are so selfish and very anxious for ourselves materially, and that is not the reason for our salvation, but to be labourers for the kingdom business. When these three areas of supplication are considered in the believer's life, our king turns to fulfill the rest of (Matt. 6:33) unexpectedly.

An answered prayer is based on a prayer timetable, as our forefathers did in their lifetime. Every day, Jesus goes to the mountain to pray. Daniel prays three times a day (Daniel 6:10). Father Abraham prays every dawn (Gen. 19:27). All these are offered in the Spiritual Courtroom, i.e., before the throne of Grace.

© 2022 Benjamin Joseph Ansah

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