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Sweet Simone Shining Gold!

Kathy is a retired rehabilitation therapist, a survivor in her own right, and a published author who finds life stages unique and shareable.


Sweet Simone, You Are Gold!

Simone Biles, thank you for your humanness. You are more than gold! As for those who found a landing spot for their judgmental views or opinions on this fantastic athlete's shoulders, can we agree to disagree? Is it possible you are not looking at the big picture of how phenomenal this young woman presents as a beautiful representation of athleticism on the world stage? Whether competing or honoring her heart and standing alongside her teammates as a constant encourager, supporter, and cheerleader. She remains a fantastic example of strength while accepting her truth!

Some of Simone's Truth's

Imagine the many scenarios that could be her reasoning.

  • She recognized she was not her best self and was not feeling able to perform, humbling herself to the need to take an immediate step back.
  • Owning that, combined with her mental and physical health, she also experienced a severe blow to her pride and confidence to compete safely. (A stellar truth, in and of itself, to own how pride and lack of confidence shake us to the core at times, immobilizing our presence and allowing us to falter!)
  • The return to this environment is another obvious point or trigger. Sexual abuse at previous events or competitions is a natural subconscious factor.
  • She honored her sport and recognized her limitations due to the twisties and possibly permanent injury if she competed.
  • She boldly understood the open wound could be a breeding ground for the hostile attack, yet knew her team needed her to concede and support.
  • How about the possible outcome of realizing "I am not my best; perhaps some of my teammates will shine due to my adversity?" (And they did!!!!)

Regardless of the purposeful reasoning of this young woman to focus on her mental health and physical stressors, many felt the need to judge her performance, not fully knowing or viewing all that was happening in Tokyo. How often do we as humans assume without full access to the experience?

Simone Biles is a warrior of excellence and dedication in the sport of gymnastics. To say she weighted the world on her shoulders is accurate, as we put it there. In some ways, we all live vicariously through the actions, accomplishments, weaknesses, and even disappointments of others. Yet, we impose our reactions rather than coming alongside those in difficult circumstances and applauding their recognition of genuine needs. Dare I say our pride, anger, and disappointment of self get in the way?

How easy to sit on our couches or have comfortable life experiences and assume we know or understand the experience of another. Why do we not allow people to be fully human with the ups and downs of the journey? How often do we create hate, separation, and ultimately loss by not accepting the story of a person? You do not have to agree or live that story, but we are much more alike than different when it comes down to it. Simone reminded us that we are weak even in our greatest moments without the support, understanding, and love we all seek.

A Remarkable Child Of God!

Why do we react so strongly or personally to others? Perhaps it is because we have allowed our mirrors to fog up! Even in desperation or difficulty, we may be able to relate to an experience. However, living in a bubble where everything presents as perfect is much easier. Why can we not applaud the ability of a vital person who recognizes a need or weakness as their most extraordinary strength? Exploring the ability to own our present situation by accessing the needs, outcomes, and consequences gives us the most experiential growth. Also, it is in our brokenness that the most beautiful outpouring of the Holy Spirit occurs. That grace comes from our awesome God and from others who recognize they, too, have experienced that same grace and mercy in their own life. In spreading that unconditional love, we are united to move forward, learning and growing from all this world has to throw at us!

Though we would all prefer to stand on a podium of praise, it is important to humble ourselves before others. To acknowledge the road of life has many twists and turns. To face those head-on allowing others to take the stage is a cathartic reality. Hence, the outcome is the confidence that we are more than our accomplishments. We are humans experiencing a plethora of intricacies that make us whole. To only give credence to the perfection, positive, plastic, fake, shining moments of our lives is to deny our journey's real struggle, difficulty, negative, and realness.

We can be sure that our combination of highs and lows, good and bad, strengths and weaknesses, are all perfectly designed. Just look at the people or characters you will find in the Bible. They were some honest folks, displayed in the most incredible love letter ever written. There were some crazy stories, but they indeed taught us to humble ourselves, love one another, and get real. There is one Gold shining star to follow, and the rest of us seek fragments of that ultimate podium of the cross. We are lucky to be a part of that story, and

SIMONE BILES, you are a remarkable child of God. Thank you for showing the world what it is like to be the best, then judged, mocked, attacked, and ultimately a shining gold star on the podium of life.

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© 2021 Kathy Henderson


Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on August 05, 2021:

So true, Peggy, Sadly some have difficulty seeing the wonderful impact she has made yet again on the world stage. A remarkable young woman!!!!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on August 05, 2021:

I agree with what Bill wrote. Her legacy will go far beyond any medals she has accumulated.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on August 05, 2021:

Bill, (Thank you for your comment!)

Yes, Sir, Simone is a remarkable young woman. I worked in physical rehabilitation for many years. But, unfortunately, I did see some tragic results of athletes that did not make the call that Simone did. In addition to her ability to highlight the mental health stressors of our world-class athletes. I am in awe of the impact she is making for the future of all involved in sports or any stage for that matter—also, the example for young women/men to share their truths and remain safe.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on August 05, 2021:

A remarkable story, an important story, her legacy now greater than any gold she would have won.

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