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Swadhisthana Chakra, the Centre of Total Consciousness and Glimpse of Psychic Awareness

PS is practicing yoga since the age of 11. Her yoga retreats in India have helped her gain deep insights into self-awareness.

Swadhisthana chakra

Swadhisthana chakra

Earlier, Swadhisthana was considered to be the actual seat of kundalini, but it’s said that there was a fall that caused kundalini to doze off in Mooladhara. Swadhisthana is made of two words ‘swa’ and ‘adhisthana’, which means ‘one’s own' and ‘dwelling place’ respectively. So, it literally translates to ‘one’s own abode’. There’s a possibility that you can awake Mooladhara with the help of Swadhisthana.

Swadhisthana chakra is located at the base of the spinal cord

Swadhisthana is related to the reproductive and urinary systems. It corresponds with the functioning of the prostatic plexus of nerves. Its center is the base of the spinal cord present near the coccyx or tailbone. Anatomically speaking, it is located quite close to the Mooladhara chakra which is common in every human being. Swadhisthana kshetram is at the level of the pubic bone.

Traditional symbolic representation of Swadhisthana chakra

Many yogis experience Swadhisthana chakra in black color because it is the base of the primary ignorance. Traditionally, it is illustrated as a six-petalled lotus flower in vermilion color. There’s a Bija mantra written on each petal: bam, bham, mam, yam, ram, and lam.

This chakra is represented by the water element and symbolized by a crescent moon in the pericarp of the lotus. The moon is created through two circles. The larger one represents the conscious level of existence and the smaller one represents the unconscious level of existence. There’s also a white crocodile in the crescent moon. The crocodile is the carrier of the unconscious life.

There, also, resides Lord Vishnu and Goddess Rakini. Vishnu has a luminous blue body and four arms. He wears yellow cloths. Rakini wears celestial cloths and holds various weapons in her uplifted arms. Her mind glorifies from drinking nectar (Amrit). She is also the queen of the vegetable domain. Swadhisthana is highly related to the vegetables, due to which following a vegetarian diet is considered important to awaken this chakra.

The Tanmatra (sense) of Swadhisthana is taste. The Gyanendriya (sensory organ) is the tongue. The Karmendriya (sense of action) are the kidneys, sexual organs, and urinary system.

When you meditate on this chakra, you are free from greed, lust, anger, and other similar emotions. You become bright like the sunlight capable enough to eliminate the darkness of ignorance.

Swadhisthana is the center of total unconsciousness

Swadhisthana is said to be the base of human existence. It is the center of total unconsciousness. Your previous lives, past experiences, karmas, and higher dimension of your personality is symbolized by this chakra. This chakra has an important attribute called Pashupati. Pashupati means the master of all the animal instincts. It is also one of the titles of Lord Shiva. Pashupati corresponds with the total unconscious. It rules over the Mooladhara chakra and animal tendencies.

The fact that Swadhisthana is linked with the unconscious state doesn’t mean it is in the process of inactivity. Instead, it is more powerful and dynamic than the ordinary consciousness. The entry of kundalini energy in this chakra makes the experience of the unconscious state quite overwhelming.

Swadhisthana is considered to be a universal womb, which means Hiranyagarbha. As per Rig Veda, ‘Hiranyagarbha is responsible for the creation of all living beings. He is the protector of all of them.’

The unconscious state has karmas and samskaras present in the seed form. Both of your pleasant and painful experiences are unavoidable. These experiences start to live in your subconscious state. Knowingly or unknowingly, it affects your day-to-day normal consciousness. Similarly, there are other past experiences that you can’t recall consciously but they are playing an active part in deciding your present behavior. Many of your karmas influence you in the same way, but you are totally unaware of them.

Your mind records every experience, perception, and association including the tiniest details. You don’t analyze some of these details because they are either unnecessary or unimpressive. All these details form your total unconscious.

While practicing kundalini yoga, Swadhisthana can become a great obstacle as the unconscious karmas restrict the passage for kundalini. This is one of the reasons why your kundalini keeps returning back to the Mooladhara even after so many attempts. There’s a karmic block in your Swadhisthana chakra. These karmas can’t be analyzed but they possess great force. To understand it better, consider the example of a water tank. You throw all sorts of things in the tank and examine the contents after five or more years. The material would exist there but in a different form. This different form is an analogy to the unconscious state of your Swadhisthana chakra.

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So, when you awake the Swadhisthana chakra, the explosion may create a severe disturbance as it has bought the details of the subconscious mind into the conscious state of mind. You may find it impossible to understand these experiences and thus, it can cause the troubled mental conditions.

Despite these experiences, it is crucial to trigger this state for the sake of spiritual evolution. If you have a competent guru, the confusing state of Swadhisthana can be safely passed with no major issues.

Swadhisthana and the possibility of offensive turmoil

When kundalini reaches the Swadhisthana chakra, the negative impressions start to dominate. This can make you filled with sexual fantasies and cause anger and fear. You may also feel depressed and lethargic. You start to display all the characteristics of tamas guna. You start to procrastinate and feel like sleeping at all times. This is a state of turmoil. If you read the biography of ancient sages, you’ll learn that most of them have faced such turmoils and gross temptations.

When Lord Buddha was meditating under the bodhi tree and trying to reach enlightenment, he was confronted with Mara. According to mythology, Mara is a demonic temptress just the way Satan is in the Bible. This demoniacal force is not external, but internal indeed. It is present in the very essence of your personality and has the mastery to create powerful illusions. Mara is illustrated as a big snake or a hideous person with scary teeth and a monstrous face, or as an attractive woman looking to embrace the spiritual aspirant who is deeply indulged in his sadhana. This is mythological, yet quite real.

If you have strong willpower and fearlessness, you can go beyond this temptation. Every human being, irrespective of who they are, goes through this impulsive experience.

Your little falter can cause your kundalini to fall back to the Mooladhara chakra. This will make the awakening more difficult. That’s why it is important to have a strong sense of detachment (vairagya) before proceeding with Sadhana and awakening practices. You can develop this state of freedom by deeply analyzing your life conditions. What is the end of life pleasures? Can you satisfy all your desires? Are all your desires really worthy of being fulfilled?

If you wholeheartedly accept the truth that desires can never be satisfied irrespective of how many births you take, you can handle the effects of Swadhisthana chakra. Then, your kundalini will pass smoothly. Otherwise, crossing this chakra becomes so difficult that only a few among thousands can do it.

It is the same energy that manifests into different forms at different levels

When you have overcome the sexual fantasies and you lack personal attraction, this concludes your kundalini has crossed the Swadhisthana chakra. However, your understanding of the context of sexual life must be very clear. You may be free from sexual awareness at present, but this doesn’t mean it is completely removed. It may be existing in a suppressed state. The act of suppression is a natural tendency of human beings.

As per Hindu sages, sexual desires may emerge at any stage of evolution. They are highly alluring and clearly expressed in the Swadhisthana chakra. But even if you pass this chakra, these feelings never actually die. They are one of the primal energies and present within you throughout your life. Your sexual need can arise at any stage. It is present even in the highest state of consciousness. In Swadhisthana, it is present in a disturbing state, while in the higher centers, it is present in seed form. After all, your sense of devotion is nothing but a pure form of your sexual energy.

Energy is referred by different names at different levels. At the highest center, it is known as a spiritual experience. At the emotional level, it is love. At the physical level, it is called sex. At the lowest center, it is known as ignorance (Avidya). This means, when you refer to sex, it is just a form of primal energy. Just the way, milk can be present in different forms of curd, butter, yogurt, and cheese.

The matter is the result of energy formation. In the ultimate state, matter converts back to energy. Your thought is an object and that object is your thought. Your body is consciousness and that consciousness is transformed into a body. Similarly, you can redefine your sexual awareness.

Sages say the same energy that drives passion, anger, greed, and lust can be manifested into devotion. You can channelize this energy further to gain spiritual experience. That’s why aspirants love God in various forms. They see God in their parents, children, friend, spouse, or pet. In this way, they can transform the same energy into a divine or emotional experience.

Psychic tendencies of Swadhisthana

The way awakening in Mooladhara impacts the Ajna chakra, the awakening in Swadhisthana causes the experience of sound in Bindu. Bindu is a psychic center located at the back of the head.

The awakening of Swadhisthana makes you fearless, enrich you with intuitive skills, and make you aware of astral entities. You must remember that at this level, your consciousness is not yet purified. Right now, your level of ignorance and confusion is quite high. You are filled with harmful mental tendencies. But once, you have passed this chakra, you can easily handle similar mental tendencies.

The main purpose of awakening Swadhisthana is to improve your psycho-emotional life. After that, you may experience certain traumas at higher chakras as well, but those events will be entirely different from this one.

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