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Superheroes Of The Bible

Superman and Batman - two popular superheroes of today.

Superman and Batman - two popular superheroes of today.

"It's a's a's Superman!"

That is the well known line that told us a Superhero was on the way to do a good deed and save the world if only in the movies or in a comic book.

Superheroes and stories about them are pretty popular these days and I can't say I have ever met a little boy who has not pretended that they were Batman fighting to save Gotham City or Superman (complete with cape/towel) flying in to freeze a lake and melt it over the burning Metropolis City.

I've heard children ask, "Are they real?" and, "Do you think SpiderMan will come to my party, Mom?" or even, "When I grow up I am going to be Captain America."

Just recently I jokingly told an eleven year old kid who walked into a spider's web that he just might get lucky if the spider bit him and it was radioactive. I turned to him, grinning, only to see an earnestly hopeful face staring right back at me. He took me seriously and told me he would call me if he woke up with superhuman strength and the ability to cling to the ceiling.

It is amazing how children love these characters. They truly admire them and wish they could be like them.

Cruz Beckham dressed as Wolverine from the popular comic 'X-Men'. Wolverine has wolf like qualities and has claws that are made of metal that are seriously deadly. He can also heal quickly from any injury and does not age.

Cruz Beckham dressed as Wolverine from the popular comic 'X-Men'. Wolverine has wolf like qualities and has claws that are made of metal that are seriously deadly. He can also heal quickly from any injury and does not age.

To tell the truth, I too love Superheroes, and wish to be like them. Not the ones who came from someone's imagination and end up in comic books and the movies, nor the ones who come from some mythological story, rather the ones who did exist and who really were super people. These people I speak of are mentioned in the Bible and the source of their super powers is always the same - the Holy Spirit.

The Superhero With Super Strength - Samson

Samson had to be one of the strongest men of all time. Even though Samson's strength was in his hair, his real strength came from the Holy Spirit. Think about it - do you know anyone who grows stronger as their hair grows longer? I didn't think so.

Samson wrestled lions with his bare hands, was able to destroy a whole army with just the jawbone of a donkey as a weapon and took down an entire building with his bare hands!This building was no shabby place. It was a sturdy, established place that could have housed thousands of people. He took his hands and pushed the pillars and with the strength that the Spirit of the Lord gave to him, he threw it down! Take that Incredible Hulk! Sure I have seen you lift cars but turn buildings to dust with your bare hands?

(To read about Samson's life please see The Book Of Judges, Chapter 13 - Chapter 16, and also Hebrews, Chapter 11)

Samson, destroying the temple of Dagon the Philistine god.

Samson, destroying the temple of Dagon the Philistine god.

The Superhero With Super Speed - Elijah The Tishbite

Surely there was no one who could run like Elijah? You might say 'The Flash' but I am talking real people here. He was able to outrun a chariot of the king's with the help of the Holy Spirit!The Bible says that he girded up his loins and raced ahead of King Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel. If you think that a chariot does not go as fast as a car, first let me ask, can you out run a chariot driven by more than one horse? Or can you even outrun one horse? I thought not. And anyway, Elijah had sent Ahab well on his way while he stayed behind to pray so Ahab was far ahead of him on the journey and he still beat him. (See 1 Kings Chapter 18)

Elijah, through the Spirit of the Lord was able to do many mighty deeds that no ordinary person could do. He healed the sick, raised the dead and parted the waters of the Jordan. He even rode away into heaven on a chariot of fire!

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He left behind one named Elisha upon whom the portion of Elijah fell. Elisha was able to do all that Elijah did through the grace of the Lord who answered and approved of his prayer.

(To read more about the life of Elijah and the mighty deeds he did through the power of the Lord, please see 1 Kings Chapter 17 - 21, and 2 Kings Chapter 1-10)

Elijah outrunning the chariot of King Ahab; it was a race against the rain.

Elijah outrunning the chariot of King Ahab; it was a race against the rain.

The Well- Loved Superhero With Courage That Caused Giants To Tremble - David

David was a Superhero even though he did not display any physical superpowers. He was of average size and strength and was observed to be a simple shepherd boy, but his courage was what enabled him to do mighty acts. This courage was the fruit of David's faith in the Lord. He loved the Lord and he knew that the Lord would fight for His people. This gave David nerve that ordinary men do not possess.

He faced the giant Goliath with only a sling. The Bible says that Goliath measured six cubits and a span. When that is converted to feet, it means that Goliath was 9' 7". He did not have all the fancy gadgets that Batman had or even a sidekick. He did not need either because his faith in the Lord God Almighty enabled him to move mountains such as the giant Goliath.

(To read more about David, the man after God's own heart, please see 1 Samuel Chapter 16 - 30, 2 Samuel Chapter 1 - 24, 1 Kings Chapter 1 - 2, and 1 Chronicles Chapter 3 -29)

David battling Goliath. He destroyed the giant with smooth stones and a sling.

David battling Goliath. He destroyed the giant with smooth stones and a sling.

The Stuttering Superhero - Moses

The Bible says that Moses was reluctant to speak because he was slow of speech and of slow tongue. Some people take this to mean that Moses stuttered or stammered. Even if he did not, it was definitely some sort of speech impediment. Yet he still managed to do great things. How? Through the Holy Spirit of course! There was nothing that was magnificent that Moses did that was not of the Holy Spirit.

The Nile turned to blood, the locusts, lice, and flies came and went,the fiery hail fell, the Red Sea parted, water came out of stone and bread fell from heaven all because Moses walked with the Lord and the Lord's Spirit was upon him.

(To read more about Moses and his time on earth serving the Lord of hosts, please see Exodus Chapter 2 straight through to the Book of Deuteronomy)

The parting of the Red Sea

The parting of the Red Sea

All of the above men listed got their strength from the Almighty God. They, along with others like the disciples and Paul, were able to do countless things in the name of the Most High and so glorified it. Even though all of the super men of the Bible will not be spoken of, there is one who cannot fail to be mentioned if it has to do with being a Superhero. He is The Superhero of all Superheroes.

The Superhero Of All Superheroes - Jesus Of Nazareth, Otherwise Known As The Christ, The Messiah, Emmanuel, The Kinsman Redeemer And Many More.

Superman has nothing on Jesus Christ. No imagined superhero can. No real superhero either.Sure Superman was fast but could he be everywhere at once? Could he know the thoughts in every mind at every moment? Did he create the earth and all that is in it? Did he form the stars, the moon and the sun? Did he breathe his own breath into man so that he might live? The answer is no. Only one person was able and is able to do all of that and more - Jesus Christ.

He was able to die in order to rescue mankind. And not from an asteroid or a meteor (He made those by the way and His grace controls them) but from the very fires of Hell. He was able to raise Himself from the dead and is declared the Judge of mankind as He was born of man. He is fully God and fully man - no one has that quality save for Him. It was He who sent the Holy Spirit for His disciples and it is He who sends Him to His elect today.

Will I place a portrait of my Beloved here? How can I when I have not yet seen His face. I await the day when I see what He truly looks like. On that day, this blank page which exists in my mind will be gloriously filled.

Will I place a portrait of my Beloved here? How can I when I have not yet seen His face. I await the day when I see what He truly looks like. On that day, this blank page which exists in my mind will be gloriously filled.

So there were and are real Superheroes that walked the earth. All have not been named here but the most important One has. Every last one of them received their talents through the Holy Spirit so what made them Superheroes really did not have to do with what they could do or what they did, it had to do with the God they served. Great and mighty things always lead back to Him.



John Marshall from Ohio on February 13, 2013:

Rayne123, Much of the time the 'scientists' who hold a Naturalist worldview will only allow materialist explanations to explain any evidence. So, in reality they are shaping the evidence to meet their perspective, not allowing the evidence to do its job and reveal the reality of the truth of the Bible (and the truth of God).

North Wind's answer to your inquiries was right. We may not always feel extremely close to God, we may at times stumble, but we know that God's Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path... we can go to it for guidance... as well as seek wise counsel from others who will sharpen us & encourage us.

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on February 12, 2013:

You are welcome, Laurie. If you have a time like that go to His word and you will find strength.

Rayne123 on February 11, 2013:

Well thank you for your answer.

I at times feel like I have lost him or he left when we know he doesn't.

At times it is hard sometimes as you say to not to stumble.

thank you

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on February 11, 2013:

I have not seen the documentary but I will try to see it on the internet.

There are times when I feel extremely close to God and there are other times when I feel as though I have drifted away. At all times I am conscious of my relationship with Him and I pray for Him to lead me on His path and to keep me from stumbling. I have faith that He does this and I ask Him to guide me when I write, when I speak and even to guide my thoughts. I always remember Lot and the torment his soul went through living in Sodom and Gomorrah. The world is a lot like those places.

Rayne123 on February 11, 2013:

Thank you

You said it so beautifully when you said.......if you misuse your gift, the word hero is not fit.

God will make the world/some remember for sure.

I also love when you said (another good way of putting it)God is misrepresented everyday. This is so true. They mold God the way they want to mold him, not realizing/remembering he created us/the world and he knows what is and has become to each and every one of us.

He has given certain gifts to certain people. Some which as we see have went into corruption. God knew this of course. However he gives us tests, allows us to repent and what most do not realize is he is watching everything on earth and even before judgement day they are in for a big surprise.

I watch a lot of bible stories on youtube or actually some I found on a hub on here, and one documentary that I was watching had to do with the plague Jesus send to the city for sinners (magicians).

The scientists of course trying to find an explanation. The scientists did discover that there was a big plague back at that time however they said it was just a thing that happened.

One scientists did say, he was astonished and mystified that the plague only struck all the first borns in every family. He had no answer for that. They will not to this day accept that God has the power to do so and he does keep his promise.

God has said he will bring a plague and earthquakes. So with that said, I do know the reason the first borns were struck with this plague, God knew that scientists would try to debunk him hence why he ordered his plague unto the people the way he did.

This way there is no possible scientific explanation for what God did. No plague today has ever killed just the first born in every family. So God knows exactly what he is doing and who will try what.

The same goes with the documentary I seen on "noahs ark" scientists came up with this story that there is no way Noah could build the ark God intended him to and no way all the animals would stay quiet. So they said there was this family who sold beer build a small arch and were stuck in a storm.

However I know when God gives orders he follows through with them.

They did discover Noah's arc, took measurements and it measured the same size that God ordered Noah to built.

Actually there is a day honored to Noah's day. Not sure you seen this documentary however it is very interesting to watch.

God knew who would find his word and what ears it would fall on.

I mean after all these decades its mystifying to see that the word of God and his promises the exact way God intended.

Can I ask you something.......I know we are not to be boastful according to Gods words , however do you feel like your close to God, does he lead you where you want to go/write at times.

Have a good day

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on February 11, 2013:

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for your awesome comment. There are so many things you said that I agree with. I have never seen the Heroes series but the whole purpose, no, definition of a hero, is someone who uses their capabilities to help others. If you use what you have for yourself, you are just selfish and the word hero does not come into it at all.

I also think that the end of all things as we know it, is near. The world seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into the mire and blissfully so. There is also a lot of mockery that exists and many have molded God into a character that satisfies them. It would appear that everyone is going to heaven because God tolerates and forgives sins these days without repentance ( or so they claim). He is misrepresented every day and I find that His word is being disdained quite a bit as well.

God will make the world remember. Every knee shall bow and tongue confess.

Healing is a wonderful gift. I also like having your words guided by the Holy Spirit. Actually, I think that any gift from God would humble me greatly.

Thanks so much for your contribution to the hub!

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on February 11, 2013:

Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement, Kasman. I agree with you when you say that the comic book guys do not deserve to be in the same sentence as our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks a lot for sharing and for voting up too! Peace and blessings to you and yours through the Lord Jesus Christ.

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on February 11, 2013:

Thanks livewirez. I am glad that you enjoyed it!

Rayne123 on February 10, 2013:

I really enjoyed your hub, it was great.

I read the scriptures everyday and firmly believe in God's word.

I however did not know about Samson's hair to be honest and I am so glad you decided to leave the versus. I am going to have to read on that one.

Superheros are great. Actually I just recently watched 7 disks of "heros" season one and now need to get the other seasons. Its the first time I heard about it. I think its great, how this show reflects on gifted people however they do not see themselves as God or want to be worshiped, instead they use their gifts to save the world.

They do mention that their gift should not be used for personal gain as no gift should.

Every gift/talent/chances we get do come from the Lord. It is amazing how he can do anything, knows everything and hears all. He knows names and places. No one can get away with anything all though they try.

Some think they can fool/mock God, they think for example, if they go to church then come out and maybe worship someone else God will never know. They help a few people out for their own benefit and think God will not know. This is a mockery to God. I know he knows all. He knows if our thoughts/actions match our lives.

I would love the Lord to come to my place and tell me bible stories that would be so cool.

Any gift given to us is to be humbled as God our Saviour can take it away at any given time with just a touch of his finger. He is great in power and pretty much can take down the world if he wants.

I think we may need him for the second coming soon, too many people are corrupt. I have been hearing and reading so much on corrupt police system lately it saddens me. They are given a gift from God to serve and protect and seems that they are now the ones we need to run from.

The world needs to know and remember who made them and who made the world.

If God asked me what power I wanted I think I would choose healing. If I can heal anyone I can heal the world.

Anyway very good hub, certainly enjoyed the whole prospect of the superheros.

Thank you


Kas from Bartlett, Tennessee on February 10, 2013:

My friend, this is one of the best hubs I've seen in a long time. This combines two of my favorite topics, Jesus Christ (THE KING!) and comic book heroes. To be honest, they don't even deserve to be in the same sentence as my Lord Christ! You have captured my attention and I'm beyond words at how great a job you've done here. Keep bringing em in this way North Wind. Voting this one up and I'm definitely sharing!

Romel Tarroza from Philippines on February 10, 2013:

I love reading your article.. Great hub....

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on February 08, 2013:

Hello Lisakelly,

No, I have never heard of it but I will be sure to research it. It sounds very interesting and it does sound like something that will keep the children's attention.

Thanks for the heads up about it. I will definitely find out more about it.

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on February 08, 2013:

Hello CarNoobz,

Yes, Paul had the healing power - or the immunity. Of course Paul makes the list! :) There are so many to name but I will edit the hub soon to include a special bit about Paul.

Thanks for the comment and visit!

Lisa Kelly from Massachusetts on February 06, 2013:

Have you ever heard of the Action Bible? It is a fantastic bible for children that is illustrated in comic book style. The artist who did the illustrations, once worked for Marvel. The characters in the bible are illustrated in a way that depicts them as true heroes. The comic book style of this bible also makes the stories really easy to understand. I have given the Action Bible to many of our little friends as first communion gifts and they love it. My son read the whole thing in a few weeks and I could not get him to put it down. It is a great way to feed that superheroe desire in our children with the words and stories of the true biblical heroes.

CarNoobz from USA on February 06, 2013:

What a creative idea for a hub! Samson I expected. Moses too. But I forgot about Elijah. I guess Paul had that healing factor like Wolverine when he shook off the snake into the fire lol

Poor Paul...didn't make the list =(

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on January 12, 2013:

You are welcome, Sojourner1234. I thank you once more for your gracious comment as well.

John Marshall from Ohio on January 12, 2013:

I will have to read your hubs about David's mighty men, I am sure I will enjoy those as well. Thank you for the writing part, the reading is much easier. Thanks again for the insightful hub!

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on January 11, 2013:

Hello Sojourner1234,

I love David's mighty men as well. I actually wrote about them in some other hubs but I have not written about Benaiah. I do not know if I have a favorite but if I had to choose it might be Asahel. I become fond of all of the sons of Zeruiah, David's sister.

Thanks for reading, I am glad that you enjoyed the hub!

John Marshall from Ohio on January 10, 2013:

Great Hub! I must admit that I also like David's mighty men, the amazing accomplishments they had. I think Benaiah is my favorite of those guys.

Again though, very good post with great super heroes!

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on June 29, 2012:

Hi Yodude,

Thanks for sharing that. Jesus is at the top of the list, of course. David and Moses did do some wonderful things when the power of God worked through them. I too like Joseph, I think that he is one of my favorites as well. Elijah and Elisha, Ezekiel and Jeremiah, Esther and John the Baptist....well the list goes on and on really.

Yodude from Draper, Utah on June 28, 2012:

My favorite super heros other than God in the Bible are Jesus ( of course), then David, and then Moses. Those are just my favorites though. I still enjoy people like Joseph being able to interpret the kings dream, and other stuff, but just again, my favorites.

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on June 25, 2012:

Amen,, all is for the glory of God and that is why He is willing to give His people His strength and might so that they may glorify Him. The Son wishes for the Father's name to be glorified and He will let it be so all the time. from upstate, NY on June 25, 2012:

I believe the reason that we want to be superhero's is because God wants us to be a people of power, who can demonstrate the power of God!

1 cor 2:4 "message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power"

John 14:12-14

Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on June 24, 2012:

Thank you Soldadodedios. Yes, these super heroes are real ones. Thanks so much for reading.

Soldadodedios on June 23, 2012:

Truly a great hub. You have place before us true not fictional, true super-powered heroes. I was truly blessed by this hub. Great stuff

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on April 20, 2012:

Hi teacherjoe52,

Thank you very much for reading.

Once we are pleasing in His sight, that is all that matters.

God bless you and yours as well.

teacherjoe52 on April 19, 2012:

Very good

When we accept Jesus and trust Him to supply our needs when doing the work He assigns us we all become superheros. But, many times, only God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit know it.

God bless you.

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on December 18, 2011:

Thanks for reading Michele! I hope your daughter likes it :) It is so nice to know that you are a mother who really takes an interest in her daughter. For children especially I think that showing them that ordinary people have become extraordinary people with God can only strengthen their faith and help them to see that nothing is impossible for Him!

Michele Travis from U.S.A. Ohio on December 16, 2011:

This is a wonderful hub! I wish it was taught this way to my daughter in church. As you know she has Aspurger's syndrome. If she was taught this way, she would listen. I think I will read this to her. That way she will look at the pictures and then she will understand.

Thank you so much!!

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on November 19, 2011:

Thank you crochetfancy! When I first heard about these heroes I couldn't get enough of them either. I still can't get enough of them and I truly marvel at the mighty things the Lord did and does.

Thanks again :)

crochetfancy from New York on November 19, 2011:

AWESOME hub! Love it! Really appreciate your love for bible heroes and our Savior and writing about it! My kids love Samson and David the best. I have to read those ones over and over to them. Love the hub!

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on November 02, 2011:

Thanks for reading leann2800. Heroes do make great stories.

leann2800 on November 01, 2011:

I hadn't thought of it that way but thats probably why those stories are told in Sunday school classes on flannel boards. Heroes make great stories.

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on September 17, 2011:

@ Admiral_Joraxx,

Wow, your comment is so nice (I wish we had the option of italics because nice would definitely be in italics!) God is extremely extraordinary indeed and yes, we too can become superheroes if we allow the Spirit of the Lord to guide us. I think that that is truly some great news! Nothing is impossible with God!

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on September 17, 2011: made me blush! To tell the truth I learn new things from the Bible everyday. I am blessed that the word is available to me and that I know the Superhero of all superheroes :)

I am so glad you liked it!

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on September 17, 2011:


Thank you so much for reading! I knew about some of the heroes in the Bible during my childhood but I only got to really understand the source of their strength when I sought for the kingdom of God. They did do great things and all because of the One who worked in them.

Thank you very much for visiting my hub and leaving a wonderful comment!

North Wind (author) from The World (for now) on September 17, 2011:

@ Hyphenbird, Amen! I love those words of Joshua's! He summed it up so well. That is all that really needs to be said concerning me :)

Thank you again for taking the time to read and leave such lovely comments, Hyphenbird. It is surely appreciated!

Admiral_Joraxx from Philippines on September 17, 2011:

I'll call this hub a Super hub! because it talks about Super heroes! The bible itself contains stories about great men who had done extra ordinary things out of their ordinary faith in an extra ordinary God. Great Idea of animating these models of great faith North Wind. They are indeed super heroes! May we also become one in our own special ways. Voted up and beautiful!

cheerfulnuts from Manila, Philippines on September 16, 2011:

This is a great hub North Wind. I admire your knowledge of the Bible. These superheroes (especially the Superhero of all superheroes) are really amazing. I'd love to become a superhero, too. Voted up!

lundmusik from Tucson AZ on September 16, 2011:

Thanks for this interesting and well-done hub,, very inspirational,, my whole childhood was filled with wonderful stories about heroic Bible figures..

thanks again

Brenda Barnes from America-Broken But Still Beautiful on September 16, 2011:

These are great allegories. I pray people will be drawn by curiosity and the creative aspect of this and learn. As for me and my house, we serve the one true God and Jesus is Lord and super hero extraordinaire!

I like this very mush North Wind and appreciate your devotion to our Savior.

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