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Sungazing; Heighten Your Psychic Ability and Feel Better


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A woman sungazes, seemingly spiritually inspired by the sun

A woman sungazes, seemingly spiritually inspired by the sun


It seems that sungazing is not that particularly well known of a pastime, but who really knows; at any rate, four years ago was the first time I'd heard of it. The person who spoke of it back then, described how they began sungazing as a spiritual practice, relative to some self improvement course they were taking. Then lo and behold, shortly after engaging in it, their psychic awareness increased dramatically. As it turns out, that person's experience aligns with my own.

For those whose interest is piqued, this article discusses the importance of engaging in the practice safely, its benefits, some spiritually relevant insight, related practical information and considerations, and also provides instructions on how it's done.

Disclaimer: No one is being advised to sungaze—this post is for informative purposes only; hence the author takes no legal or other responsibility for any mishaps or injuries.

People Want to Become More Psychic

It's a dog eat dog world that we live in. In this world of conflict and contrast, the best we can do is make the right choices. Hence it's a common belief that to be very psychically aware would detach us from needing to learn many life lessons the hard way—because in theory, we'd know who to stay away from, we'd know which job to take, we'd know who to share our love with. Alas though; if only things were that simple.

More realistically, the path of spiritual growth is usually traversed at a rate one can easily expand along with; and psychic awareness is typically a byproduct of said expansion. When one chooses a path that forces spiritual awareness, such as sungazing for example, it's a different matter entirely.

On Propelling Oneself Into Psychic Awareness

To fast forward one's spiritual journey by having psychic awareness become a primary goal, is a practice frowned upon by the truly spiritually aware; this as the lessons that would typically lead to that awareness, have been left out of the equation. What exactly can it translate into in terms of life circumstance, when a person's heightened state of awareness lacks foundational integrity? —Who's to say; but at any rate, the wisdom that is sure to arise from expedited awareness, is the greater gift, that will come later on.

Not to insult but rather to use the term 'Fool' to reference a person who has lessons yet unlearnt—imagine a Fool of this nature becoming a psychic in the way described, with huge lessons yet unlearnt but possessing an ability to see so very much. How sad/nasty is it that they can provide a divinatory message, but not a necessary degree of insight and wisdom to back it up? While becoming profoundly aware is fun, provides great lessons, and makes very interesting to read back on, journal content, it is not the be all and end all to one's spiritual existence.

When heightened awareness is earnt before growth, it may serve some as a bit of an impediment. As a parallel—imagine getting a trophy for being the world's best ice skater, before one even learns how to skate. How motivational is that? Additionally, in this incarnation we remain human, and for that we'll primarily align with the lessons we came here to digest; perhaps no amount of psychic awareness will help us sidestep that. Personal awareness and life lessons may though.

This is a very material-world oriented existence, and that's the crux of the matter. To master life, we need to LIVE, and deeply experience this material life. The greatest lessons come from love, acceptance, the free will of all, and pursuing the goal of unity. The point? any spiritual journey one embarks upon, brings with it lessons. Sungazing IS a way to fast forward oneself spiritually, and the lessons should be made known.

Spirituality is not a game, and psychic awareness is not a game; and perhaps most especially, psychically advising others when not spiritually prepared, is not a game either. Someone is playing big sis here, and is advising those looking for instant gratification to get their game shoes on right.

Sungazing Will Spiritually Shake You and Wake You

Sungazing holds the potential to change how one views spirituality as a whole. While most spiritual work offers results that slowly evolve over time, with sungazing it's like—BOOMthe awareness is there. With this known one would do best to prepare, because from that 'boom' point on the rest of their spiritual growth will flow with ease, if they do actually ready themselves for it.

Those regularly experiencing bouts of the blues, would potentially benefit from sungazing, which boosts serotonin levels

Those regularly experiencing bouts of the blues, would potentially benefit from sungazing, which boosts serotonin levels

What Sungazing Does

  • Assists in decalcification and vitalization of the pineal gland.
  • Supplies the body with vitamin D. Vitamin D supports the health of hair, skin, and bone; it supports sleep and helps protect against illness (this is the shortlist of vitamin D functions).
  • Through the body increasing melanin production during sungazing, sleep is enhanced.
  • One type of photoreceptor within the retina, tweaks the balance of hormones that assist with sleeping and awakening. This assists in managing circadian rhythm.
  • The body produces more serotonin when exposed to the sun. Serotonin makes you feel better.
  • The sun's energies can assist in healing when tapped into, and can be visually guided to whichever required purpose.
  • With ongoing practice and in time, decreases appetite.
Sungazing heightens production of vitamin D, which is understood to slow the appearance of visible signs of aging

Sungazing heightens production of vitamin D, which is understood to slow the appearance of visible signs of aging

What People Tend to Say

A common statement from people who hear about sungazing is—"you shouldn't do that! —you'll injure your eyes; don't you know you shouldn't stare at the sun?" This is simply uninformed thinking; once one knows how sungazing is performed, they will know that no one in their right mind is in fact staring at the blazing mid-day sun. Lest anyone needs to read it—do not stare at the mid-day sun!

When to Sungaze

There are only two time periods during each day, that it is safe to sungaze within—the first two hours after sunrise, and the last two hours prior to sundown. Please read the entire instructional section before proceeding. Though the sun's rays are significantly less powerful during those 2-hour time frames, some go a step farther and say to only sungaze for the first 45 mins after sunrise and the last 45 mins prior to sundown. Given that the intensity of the sun is lowest right at sunrise and as the sun sets, the 45 minute measure seems wisest to go with in most cases.

How Long For?

The first ever session for a beginning sungazer, should be 10 seconds. Each successive once-daily session, should add an additional ten seconds; hence the second session would be 20 seconds and the third, 30 and so on. The retina needs conditioning, so don't wing it or count in your mind—be safe and use a timer. The maximum amount of time a person should ultimately sungaze for, is 45 minutes.

You will potentially read farther on this elsewhere, and see that people commonly claim that you shouldn't sungaze for more than a minute, ever. On the misinformation superhighway, however, people often 'just say stuff'; and that gets problematic when people who do not know, just repeat what they've read elsewhere; or when fear based thinking leads people to make knee jerk assessments and advise others by them. People have engaged in this practice wholeheartedly throughout the aeons. Stopping at one minute is indeed a fear based suggestion.

The most important advice to be offered here, is that if you have fear of what you are doing, that's a no-no. Remember, we are moving into a faster paced age of spirit, and life lessons come at us now at an alarming rate. What you believe, will manifest the experience you have. If you fear what will happen to your eyes, you will be given something to fear. With that said, if you feel too much intensity from the sun, take note and immediately disengage...

Then go back and take another look at the clock, and make sure that you are within the range of time you should be within. Better advice yet though, just be very, very careful of when you sungaze, and make absolutely sure you have the right time.

What Will Happen?

There's no saying what will happen when a person engages in sungazing. The first time, potentially a little something, but most likely nothing. After a few sessions, you may start to see things happen that show that there has been change. The sun will be a different color, light around it will appear different, the sun's rays may appear differently to you. At times you may see sigils appear, overlaying the sun.

After a couple of weeks you may receive messages from spirit; you may see spirits appear, to give you messages or to journey with you; these things are more likely to happen at night and in the wee hours. If you were not previously psychically aware on any level though, or were aware but on a very low level, perhaps you won't see spirits until later on. However, that's just an impression; so if you aren't ready for that right away, be aware that it's possible and act accordingly.

It may be your experience, as it was mine, that meditations become more fulfilling, that you feel better all the way around and less moody, get less irritated by things that normally irritate, and that your spiritual practices become more fruitful. For sorcerers and witches, you may and probably will find, that the power of the sun fuels into your magick to further empower it, and that it enlightens divination as well.

Take note—no guarantees are made. There have been a few who've expressed that sungazing did not help them in any significant way. It is possible that their beliefs did not allow for it, or that not enough effort was put in, or that they were energetically or otherwise impeded. There is no way to know. The best you can do, is DO IT, and with an absolutely open mind.

What this author got from sungazing that they most appreciate: when I'm absolutely peaceful and tuned into the universe, since sungazing, any deity, angel, or demon called will come forth. Usually they appear enough to be seen, but sometimes just vaguely. Virtually no matter what's asked, they respond—usually by providing a vision.

Additionally, sometimes now the voices of entities can be heard; often when they are present they give physical sensations to more simply answer Yes or No; and when in the presence of water these days, often will come a vision.

Journal Your Journey

As you begin sungazing, it's good to note any changes you perceive. Keep a notebook handy even if you don't intend to take regular notes, because at some point you are bound to see things that you do not immediately understand, which may require contemplation or meditation.

Note things such as differences in how you feel, your overall perception of the world, spiritual events, awareness, visitations, change in appetite, sleep patterns, overall health, and so on.

Deciphering Sigils

At times you may be shown sigils, either by universal intelligence itself, or by an entity communing with you. At times it will immediately come to you what you are being shown, other times it will not. Note though, if you feel compelled to find out what a sigil means and looking at it gives you no real impression, if research yields no result, meditate—meditation will provide the answers for virtually anything, so long as it's done in the right state of mind.

The aforesaid does not only apply to sigils, but also to any visions you do not understand.

Sometimes when a sigil refers to an entity name, overlaying it on the Rosicrucian Cross sigil wheel or similar, will reveal what the name is. However, such wheels are better used to create sigils rather than to decipher. Meditate the sigil; it works better.

Will My Appetite Decrease?

Often one's appetite will decrease; however, this is one of the slower to manifest benefits of sungazing; one would likely not experience this for a couple of months at least.

Do People's Eyes Get Injured Through Sungazing?

As previously stated, people have been sungazing for times untold; yet rarely are stories shared of harm coming from it. When we read of harm coming to eyes, it's sometimes through a research-based medical statement.

There's one thing that should be shared about the nature of medical research... when we look at a topic such as how sungazing affects the eyes, as spiritual people we can tell that generally speaking the eyes are protected, by the metaphysical nature of the practice itself. We don't know how, but our experience has shown us this. Science does not see things that way. If something is seen as being damaged, said damage must be attributed to a perceivable cause.

Think of it this way—thousands upon thousands of people sungaze. Once in a blue moon we read of someone who in theory damaged their eyes through sungazing. However, there are parts of such stories that remain hidden to us. Like the man in India who had yellow dots on his eyes... no one monitored his sungazing sessions. Did he invariably sungaze during appropriate hours? or after a time did he get careless? or was it something else? ...

In the story for example, it's stated that his doctor said that the type of eye damage he had was most typical to staring at an eclipse. Had he at some point been staring at an eclipse? We don't know.

Weighed against the many who have long participated in the practice, it appears that the truth of the matter is rather clear—there are few cases that compel us with cold hard facts, to believe that our eyes are likely to be harmed through sungazing. Still, everything should be taken into account, so please read the next section as well.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

There have historically been a small number of cases, where out of the blue people sustained solar related retina damage, without even looking directly at the sun (typically while in direct sunlight). Though it cannot be known for certain what happened, theories lean towards offering that the ozone protection in areas relative to such happenstances, was significantly thinner than ideal at the time injuries were sustained.

The aforementioned tells us that if we experience discomfort, or change from the usual during sungazing—such as that the sun feels stronger than it has on other days, to cease the session. Also, to take a break for a few days would be a good idea. When returning to sungazing, start back from a ten second session; and again, pay attention to whether or not the sun feels strong. If you ever have any reason to suspect that the ozone layer in your region is thin, do not sungaze.

As a final word: as always, use due caution—those are your eyes we are talking about.


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