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Sun Worship in Hinduism

Anamika S Jain is a Social Media Consultant and Blogger. She is passionate about topics like Alternative Health Therapies and Hindu Mantras.

About Sun worship and Surya Mantras

Sun worship in India dates back to ancient times. Sun Worship is a ritual followed by thousands of devotees in Hindu Religion. Most Hindus start their day by worshiping the sun God. It is believed that worshiping this God gives energy and good health, which in turn leads to Money and prosperity. References to sun worship are found in Vedas and Puranas. All living beings on the face of earth get their life force only due the rays of sun. Hindus therefore worship Sun as the life giver of the entire universe and witness of all actions. The Hindu Calender has the first day of the week is named after the sun god. In legends the Sun God is portrayed as seated on a chariot drawn by seven horses. He is said to be the son of Aditi and Kashyapa. Some other names of this Sun God( Surya Dev) are Suraj, Aditya, Ravi, Bhaskara and Bhanu.

The Sun is the lord of the Zodiac Sign Leo. The sun stays one month in each Zodiac and takes 365 days or 1 year to complete an orbit of the 12 signs. Surya exalts in the sign of Aries and falls in the sign of Libra. The Sun is beneficial for those born under the zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. According to Indian Astrology a well-located Sun in horoscope indicates intelligence, good health, confidence, leadership qualities, courage, strength, independence, fame, success, power, vitality and straight forwardness in an individual. But an ill-placed Sun could mean ill health, lack of endurance, low vitality, fear and dependency. However an overly strong or poor placement of the Sun may bring in some negative qualities in people. Sun Worship is very helpful for those who face problems, hurdles and misfortune in their lives. It is also said to be helpful in curing diseases like eye problems, leprosy, heart problems, nervous disorders, asthma etc. To get the benefits of Sun one can observe fast on Sundays and take salt free food.

The sun is the chief of all Navagrahas, the 9 planet-gods and is represented by the number one. The gemstone and metal associated with this planet is gold and Ruby. The sun is especially worshiped on “Makara Sankaranthi” day which falls in the month of January. There are several temple dedicated to Sun some of them are the Sun Temple at Konark, DakshinaarkaTemple in Gaya, Suryanar Kovil in Tamilnadu and SuryanarayanaTemple at Arasavilli are some of them.The Gayatri Mantra, one of the most sacred of Hindu Mantras is dedicated to the Sun. Apart from this many Shiva temples also have shrines dedicated to the Sun God.

Sun Worship in Hinduism

Sun Worship in Hinduism

Surya Mantras



Surya Dyana Mantra

Dvibhujam padma hastam caratham makutanvitam
Dhyayeddivakaram Devam Sarva bhista pradayakam

Surya Sloka by Ved Vyasa

Japakusuma Sankasam
Kasyapeyam mahadyutim
Tamorim Sarva papaghnam
Pranatosmi Divakaram ||

Gayathri Mantras of sun

'OM Bhaskaraya Vidmahe

Mahadyutikaraya Dhimahi

Tanno Adityah Pracodayat'

'OM Bhaskaraya Vidmahe

Jyotiskaraya dhimahI

Tanno Adityah Pracodayat'

'OM Divakaraya Vidmahe

Maha dyutikaraya dhimahi

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Tanno Adityah Pracodayat'

'OM Adityaya Vidmahe

Sahasra Kiranaya dhimahi

Tanno bhanuh Pracodayat'

'OM Tat Bhaskaraya Vidmahe

Prabhakaraya dhimahi

Tanno bhanuh Pracodayat'

'OM Bhaskaraya Vidmahe

Divakaraya dhimahi

Tanno Suryah Pracodayat'

'OM Prabhakaraya Vidmahe

Divakaraya dhimahi

Tanno Suryah Pracodayat'

'OM Adityaya Vidmahe

Martandaya dhimahi

Tanno Suryah Pracodayat'

'OM Asvadhvajaya Vidmahe

Pasahastaya dhimahi

Tanno Suryah Pracodayat'

'OM Bhaskaraya Vidmahe

Sahasra rasmaye dhimahi

Tanno Suryah Pracodayat'

'OM Asvadhvajaya Vidmahe

Padmahastaya dhimahi

Tanno Suryah Pracodayat'

Surya Gayatri Mantra

The Origin of Sun Worship


Narayanan on April 02, 2012:

Dear Anamika your article too short dosent contain the real aspect. Because in Hindu Thantra ritual Sauram isa predominant one it is the one elaborate way among the most vibrant 5 Methods. those are 1. Vaishnavam, 2. Saivam, 3. Shaktheyam, 4. Ganapathyam, 5. Sauram. again Sauram have Marthanda Bhiravam, & Surya Narayanam. Great Sivamargi Maha Agasthyar have touched the heart of SUN. This knowledge of His Highness Agasthya Maharshi is embarrassing to anybody who understand Sun. Multan is the famous Place for Soorya Temple and worshipp.

mewmew21 on February 25, 2012:

can I interview you about your religion? it will be really useful to me I need to know some things about the sun god because it is for my research. thanks.

papak on January 25, 2012:

Thanks for reply

Jennifer Essary from Idaho on November 21, 2011:

" the Sun God is portrayed as seated on a chariot drawn by seven horses" As I read this sentence I wondered if there is a correlation between the Sun God and 7 Chakras. If so, how do they relate?

s on October 26, 2011:

surya dev is a great god he gives you a royal life

revotrad from delhi on August 15, 2010:

nice work anamika!!!!!!!!

soumyasrajan from Mumbai India and often in USA on August 12, 2010:

Nice one Anamika! There are very few sun temples but they are amazingly beautiful. I did not know that Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to sun. In what sense? - does the meaning of mantra imply that? or some historical story suggests that?

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on March 16, 2010:

Thanks for the visit sacredcow. I am happy you found the information helpful.

Sushil : You can chant the mantra 7000 times. Here i more information on Sun.

Sushil on March 16, 2010:

"Om Ghrinih Suryaya Namah"

How many times this should be chanted...

sacredcow from india on October 10, 2009:

this is very useful information about sun-god anamika.right now i am working on a concept of how to connect to connect with sun-god in spirit world.

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on April 03, 2009:

Thanks for the visit friends.

Rani on March 27, 2009:

I do 12 Surya Namaskars daily ever since my childhood. It has helped me to stay healthy.

quicksand on March 25, 2009:

... grab some vitamin D too ...


Om Prakash Singh from India, Calcutta on March 24, 2009:

Thanks for the reply

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on March 23, 2009:

Yeah it is true. Sun is the Lord of the zodiac leo and any person born under that zodiac would have a benefic sun. But sun does not stay in only leo but stays in all zodiacs for a month each to compleate its full journey in a year.

Don't worry, I am not a master either. Thanks for the Visit.

Om Prakash Singh from India, Calcutta on March 23, 2009:

I really like reading and knowing about different religions and cultures whenever time permits. Hence I have been enjoying your Hub as you have spoken many times about "Hindu" religion in your Hubs. That's great.

I understood most of the things here except for the mantras. I know they are texts in Sanskrit so to understand them I need to know the language but so far other things here are concerned, I did not understand one more thing, you said "The Sun is the lord of the Zodiac Sign Leo. The sun stays one month in each Zodiac...." Once you say it belongs to the sign Leo and then go back to say that Sun visits each sign for a month each year. It has confused me. Could you please clarify that to me. Please forgive my ignorance. I am trying to learn things.

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on March 23, 2009:

Not yet, My next one is on surya namaskar. Thanks for the Visit.

white atlantic from INDIA on March 23, 2009:

do u hv hubs related to yoga?

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