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Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign Reading for Cancer, Leo, and Aquarius


Past, Present, And Future Energy

Past Cards

(I shuffled 3 times, once to represent each time period. I took the cards that 100% flipped over and out.)

3 Cards fell out in this position...the III (3) of Wands, Queen of Wands, The Wheel of Fortune

Well damn, I'm getting two different stories for the past placement.

Either you have a choice made, and it's putting you in the Queen of Wands type energy, meaning that you are aware of what you need to do and you've made your mind to move forward, regardless of what happens....whether good or bad.

Deep down, I feel like you knew it was time to take that leap of faith. Your intuition is literally pinging off the charts about this (your person or situation).

You know this is karmic right?

For scenario 2, you're contemplating or/and on the verge of making a move of sorts.

You may literally be traveling or moving. This seems to be more like present energy to me, or either it's the recent past. (Like, this week on Tuesday or some sh*t. Lol).

Recent past, imo, refers to the last week or two up to the last month.

Here's where they can converge again, bc you are all pulling the Judgement card.

Present is Judgement

This card is the only one that jumped out of the deck during my second shuffle. That alone is symbolic, this is important. It needs to be focused on alone.

Judgement is the present energy here. This is a card I never pull for my own sun, moon, or rising signs, at least not in the present placement. You know what that tells me? It's time.

You know that thing you been waiting for to happen? It's happening, and if not, I assure you it's literally about to pop off.

But like I mentioned before, you can feel the shift of energy.

It's like riding a rollercoaster, you're on the way up to the first huge drop, the drop that scares you, yet has you excited at the same time. You're literally in the front cart, listening to the ticks as it pulls you feels like it's taking forever!

All of the sudden, you are over the "hump", and the track appears in front of you for a split second, then the cart releases. The ticks stop, and you free fall as you rise in your seat.

This is Very symbolic of our energy at this moment. I feel like adrenaline is running through our bodies, with renewed vigor because Judgement has come.

Our hearts will have to break, we have to make this choice. We know it. It brings karmic balance to our reality, and releases us as it hurts.

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We are complicated creatures, and even then, we are among the select few set to experience life through "feeling" it. What a beautiful disaster, huh?

The pain is not going to be the same, not like all of the other times. It will be a transformation, the Phoenix is finally rising from the flames that burnt them. Do you know where those flames come from? The Phoenix. Hmmmm.

It's your time love. It's our time loves!

You know you're going to be okay in the end, and then you'll be glad you took the chance.

Damn that one card went way deeper than I meant, sorry. I just write. This is easier for me because I know 100% it's coming from another place, I don't know. It literally feels like a freestyle. Lol.

Moving on...

Future Cards Are the 3 of Swords and the 6 of Swords

Well, fu*k. Told ya. But, you initiated this for your own good. That's why the pain isn't going to be the same, it won't cut you like a knife, or rip your heart out this time. It's more like an ear piercing, or something. Lol.

You're numb, been numb. The pain has unravelled you already, little by little, over many years.

That's why it's even possible for you to come to such an extreme outcome, it's because a decision had to be made.

You're leaving something behind, but it's exactly what you have to do to elevate.

It's pain, but the beautiful kind. And you see it coming, you know you have to go through pressure to become a diamond.

But for once in our fuc*ing lives, we have the upper hand. We are in control and without external pressure, so that we can contemplate this chance/choice we have. We will bring on the pain, for ourselves and by ourselves.

And then....the world. Omfg.

I pulled an extra card off the top to finish the sentence in the moment...the "world" freaking came out.

I swear I could not have planned a better outcome, and this just gave me chills. I may have to start doing them on camera, because there's no way to prove it to you, but I am being 10000% honest...this just gave me my confirmation as well.

I'm going to move forward, yes it will hurt, yes it will make me step up my game, but my outcome is the World.

I know the choice I'm making is correct, and that is well worth writing out a tarot card reading.

God bless us all,

we don't need luck this time, it's our karmic justice.

It's coming as a blessing from our Creator for enduring the pain, and lessons we go through in order to guide the others. You know exactly what I'm speaking about.

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