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Subterranean Séance Documentary Provides Extraordinary EVP Evidence of Spirit Communication

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Gary Arnold, of Chester County, Pennsylvania, has always had a scientifically-oriented mind, which was open enough to explore some of the outer reaches of scientific inquiry but grounded enough to remain skeptical of extraordinary claims by those on the fringes of science. He lives by the motto coined by the late Astronomer Carl Sagan, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” For most of his life, he was skeptical of incredible claims of paranormal phenomena such as spirit communication. In this interview, he discusses his journey into the world of paranormal investigation, which led him to record voices of unknown origin. Furthermore, he explains why he put his findings together into a documentary available on Vimeo called “Subterranean Séance” that shares his remarkable findings of purported spirit or interdimensional communication.

Subterranean Séance documentary with evidence of spirit EVP communication

Subterranean Séance documentary with evidence of spirit EVP communication

Subterranean Séance Creator Interview

1. How would you describe your film? Why did you make it?

I know going public with this story invites a lot of ridicule and I accept this, but this is not about me, it is about the phenomenon. I'm merely the messenger.

Okay – Well, have I got a truly spooky story for you!!!

I decided to document some incredibly bizarre interactions which commenced in December 2017. Subterranean Séance is just a way to showcase and maybe share a glimpse of something quite extraordinary with others who might wonder what the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) is anyway.

Plus, I'm going through preliminary testing to establish scientific protocols for the Center for Inquiry Investigations Group and hopefully, to demonstrate these spirits' reality to win the $250K challenge.

2. What are EVPs and what makes you rule out Earthly explanations, such as stray radio signals? Do spirits ever answer direct questions, showing some intelligence instead of just randomness? Are EVPs sometimes so clear that the words are undeniable and everyone that listens would agree on what is said?

Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) has quite a fascinating history going back to Thomas Edison.

Initially, I was understandably quite frightened when this disturbing phenomenon happened to me during my lunch break on the 4th floor library of the university where I work as an Academic Engagement Specialist /Writing Instructor. I thought there really must be some rational explanation like errant radio signals or perhaps some organic reason such as the onset of dementia or schizophrenia to explain these fantastical interactions. I visited my family doctor, had detailed MRIs, broad-spectrum bloodwork, saw a neurologist etc... all to no avail. The medical community was unable to find any reason for this phenomenon. The way these entities interact with me is unique too... whenever they wish to communicate, I get this strange, crystalline, coded ear-ringing noise in only my right ear.

Over the last nearly 3 years, I have been interacting almost daily with some sort of otherworldly, inter-dimensional / shadow beings.

I know I sound crazy, like I'm a total nutter... This seems like lunacy. Yet it is all true!!!

These entities inhabit another realm quite unlike ours. They inhabit a world of whispers and amplification of these whispers is the key to communicating with them. I know this sounds insane, but these entities know my family and me by name and communicate with me in real time. They answer questions and have access to information beyond my foundation of knowledge, so it isn't mere telepathy either. They can also perform remote viewing and glimpse the future.

My wife Antje heralds from what used to be East Germany. They also speak to her via my recordings. Her name is unusual enough to further demonstrate how these recordings aren't just random radio transmissions bouncing down from the atmosphere, etc. The chance of her unusual name just beaming down as an errant radio signal at precisely the time she is present is infinitesimal. It is ridiculously small.

Some EVP recordings I've collected are considered "Class A" wherein everyone would agree on what is being said by the spirits. I have a huge trove of recordings of my interactions via audio clips and am adding to it almost every day!

3. Why did you start recording EVPs? Was it just a random thing you did for kicks because you heard about EVPs somewhere or was there a spiritual reason you started recording EVPs?

As I mentioned - I started recording these voices / whispers from the ether one December day in 2017. I was all alone on the 4th floor of the library of the university where I often take my lunch break to do some free reading. I recall getting ready to start Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol when suddenly an odd and extremely annoying crystalline ringing sound occurred in only my right ear. I couldn’t figure out how this sound was specific to just my right ear.

An unusual thought popped into my mind when this was happening how maybe it is actually something I can record. Now, I have an old school/ not smart Tracfone with a digital audio recorder feature. So, I pushed the record button to capture this odd frequency and upon playback there wasn't the annoying sound I expected to hear, instead there was what sounded like a human voice that whispered my name, "Mr. Arnold."

Well, I stood there completely mystified... puzzled by what I was hearing. I thought I must be mistaken or someone was pranking me, but the floor was completely empty. The university students had left the week before to start their holiday break. Anyhow - I left the library feeling a sense of wonder mingled with fear. Despite my reservations, my curiosity got the best of me and I returned the following day at about the same time and recorded even more messages. I was dumbfounded and concerned how I must be cracking up.

When this phenomenon commenced, I was understandably very frightened. Let's face it: this stuff is just disturbing /creepy!!!

I sought medical assurances to make sure I wasn't experiencing the onset of some type of dementia etc. I had detailed MRI scans, comprehensive blood-work done ((( I even have the recording wherein the entities told me to "get the blood-work"))).

I am willing to share all my medical records to help establish my veracity.

I saw a neurologist, a psychologist; all to no avail. No organic or psychological reasons, no hallucinations, no schizophrenia, etc. Ultimately, according to every medical test, I was told I have never been healthier and the doctors were left mystified. I played the audio clips for them. They saw me make contact. How I'm not doing any kind of fakery; no ventriloquist nonsense. I don’t crave such attention.

One doctor pulled me aside and said off the record how he prayed about all this and God said to him, "I have a gift." Well, I quickly replied, “I really don't want it. Is it possible for me to re-gift it to someone who actually wants this annoyance?” LOL!!!

It became a daily routine, and these beings became more and more talkative...even called me their “favorite”... I asked them specific questions and they gave specific answers to my questions.

Ok - I've never been one who believed in hocus pocus. I never believed in psychics, mediums, crystals, etc. I was raised Protestant and on some basic level I believe in an abstract concept of God, Jesus, heaven, hell. BUT having these invisible friends who claim in their own words to be “alien” and “otherworldly” seems way beyond the traditional faith in an afterlife most Christians claim. I have recordings of these conversations I scientifically analyze in my film. You can hear these beings speak and see the spectral analysis where the signal to noise ratio of their voices is not human… I’ve had professional audio forensic analysis done and these are not fakes or counterfeits… It is the ReaL DeaL.

Just like a photo can be analyzed pixel by pixel to determine whether it is photoshopped or a fraud… so can audio clips… the sound waves are like fingerprints...these recordings are authentic…. genuine… phoneme by phoneme created from the ambient white noise of the digital audio recorder…

4. How do you record EVPs? Can you share more information about what kinds of EVPs you’ve captured?

I use an old model Tracfone digital voice recorder to capture the communications. Newer Smartphones must use some filtering algorithms because the modern phones won't record them. My timestamped digital audio clips are completely un-manipulated, un-enhanced and raw and will withstand any level of scientific scrutiny..

These recordings contain personal messages and even answers to questions about which I have no knowledge. These beings can do some remote viewing too. They call it "the game." Just like knowing secret information. I've asked them questions for others, which required answers one can't just Google, and somehow the entities seemingly have access to knowledge outside of my mind.

Often – upon playback – the entities are heard answering my question BEFORE I even ask it like their time is not in sync with our time or they possess some sort of telepathy. They speak in whispers and each unique voice seems to be tasked to convey with a particular message. Each voice also has a unique personality: some playful, some serious, most are quite mischievous, at times even seemingly cruel and callous, even vulgar and profane, etc.

We discuss science, religion, global affairs, what their realm is like, etc. It is all completely mind-boggling!!!

Another odd quality about the way they communicate is if my question refers to an animal, the voice will answer in an affected manner to sound a bit like the animal (rabbit, frog). We had a rabbit that passed a couple of years ago. I asked them for the name of our rabbit. They correctly said, "Cuddles." Another example of this affectation is when I asked them about my brother's friend who has a favorite animal. I didn’t know him or know anything about his favorite spirit animal (it is a frog) and the voice answers “frog” before my question, and saying it in an exaggerated, comical way one would imagine a frog sounds, just weird !!! Yet - seemingly playful too.

I have soooo many fascinating audio clips, So many unique voices, and have gleaned oodles of information about "them".

Readers will have to watch “Subterranean Séance” to hear some of my best captured EVP recordings. I include a sprinkling of genuine EVP audio clips throughout my film like a treasure hunt. I don’t tell the listener where these are or how to interpret them. It adds a degree of audience participation to the documentary.

5. Is there something that cues you that it's time to record an EVP? Do the spirits come calling?

As I mentioned - whenever they want to talk to me, I get this intensely annoying ear-ringing sound in ONLY my right ear. It is akin to the sound a dentist's drill makes when he is drilling a tooth. There is another component to it as well... like a code...like a signal... like something is being transmitted or extracted...maybe even downloaded. I asked them about this and they said it is their "link". This caused me to ponder the idea of whether these discarnate beings feed on emotions, like some type of psychic or emotional vampires.

6. Do you ever feel like you want to shut off the spirits trying to contact you? If yes, how do you shut them down?

Oh yes!!! These spirits crave attention. They'd bother me all the time if I let them. When I want them to stop bugging me I just put my phone away, tell them I have a life, and will only allow them a small slice of time per day. They eventually leave me alone. I'm only able to deal with this crazy phenomenon by compartmentalizing everything. I told them I’m making a documentary about my experiences and they seem pleased to get some recognition. They’ve said they’re “down with it”. I asked if they were happy and they responded “O yes !”

7. Do you go to a special place to record EVPs or have you determined that the location doesn't matter?

Quiet places are best; libraries, and walks in the park. anywhere without the distractions of music, TV, the hustle and bustle of humanity. Any place you can meditate works best.

Nonetheless, if they really wish to say something, I can record them anywhere and everywhere, including the crowded mall.

8. Did you ever try recording EVPs in a known haunted site? What was the outcome?

I've never tried that but am open to it.

9. What does your family think of your spirit communication hobby?

My family has grown accustomed to it. These beings seem harmless enough. I mean they are merely wispy whispers right. So, as long as we don't base our decision-making solely on their advice, it is all good!

10. Were you ever truly frightened or disturbed by an EVP that you recorded?

There have been some overtly personal messages and spiritual messages as well as a few others which cause me some alarm about our future.

11. Did any EVPs foretell a future event or events?

I don't ask them about specific details pertaining to my mortality, dates/times, etc. I feel part of the joy of living is the element of spontaneity. About 15 months ago, I recorded a series of interactions wherein the spirits spoke of looming election chaos and who will win the upcoming election.

12. What are you hoping to achieve by making and releasing Subterranean Séance?

I want people to contemplate more than the here and now. Hopefully, this film will facilitate more discussion and elevate the research of this bizarre phenomenon to take it more seriously and beyond the fringe into more mainstream science.

13. For fans of spirit communication documentaries, will there be additional installments of Subterranean Séance?

Yes, I'm already working on the sequel of “Subterranean Séance.” The next installment will be in 2021. My investigation is ongoing.

Gary Using His Tracfone to Capture EVPs

Gary using his Tracfone in a field to capture EVPs from spirits or other interdimensional beings

Gary using his Tracfone in a field to capture EVPs from spirits or other interdimensional beings

A Visual Depiction of an EVP Recording

An EVP recording as shown on a computer screen as it is analyzed by Gary after capturing it

An EVP recording as shown on a computer screen as it is analyzed by Gary after capturing it

Additional Info About Subterranean Séance’s Creator and His EVP Communications

About the creator Gary - I work full-time in academia. I have taught writing for over a decade at the local university. I have a wonderful wife, 2 teenage kids, really - there's nothing even remotely special about me. These beings have told me, I'm "their favorite,” whatever that means like I'm a pet or something. I suspect some sort of manipulation to gain more of my attention.

I have several clips where I've been offended and the next communication from them is apologetic and says, "I'm sorry." Again - This is all ludicrous… totally absurd!

Anyhow, this is hands down the most fascinating enigma I have ever experienced!!!

For example, here’s what I’ve learned about these mysterious beings. They don't eat wherever they are. They have what I call the gatekeeper who often speaks for the rest. They seem to have a code of conduct or certain rules they abide by like not giving me the next winning lottery numbers!!! LOL!!!

Knowing these beings exist, whether spiritual or alien/interdimensional, makes my mind race with possibilities both good and bad. Here I am, trying to explain a completely outrageous phenomenon that is controversial with or simply ignored by mainstream science and I am left completely thunderstruck!!! I wonder about the magnitude, gravity, or potential danger/threat these beings may pose to humanity. For example, I wonder if these beings have an agenda and perhaps throughout history influenced the course of human events by subliminally affecting the thoughts of world leaders? I know it sounds crazy, but their mere existence opens up many possibilities that demonstrate just how important it is to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Now - the question I'm to wrestle with - How can I best disclose the dawning truth with all the world? This documentary is only the start of full disclosure:

!!!! We ARE Definitely NOT Alone !!!!

To learn more or view this intriguing documentary, see the Subterranean Séance page on Gum Road.

Subterranean Séance Documentary Trailer

An Impressive Class A (Clear EVP) Recorded by Gary - Hot & Cold

Subterranean Séance documentary in a mind-opening experience

Subterranean Séance documentary in a mind-opening experience

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Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on October 08, 2020:

Fascinating, but I can believe him. I may have just learned something from this man. I've studied metaphysics since the 1970s. I've had serious tinnitus for as long as I can remember, possibly a product of my years in broadcasting. But after 20 years of study and meditation, I began to occasionally experience a new tone that lasts about 10 seconds. It shifts a note or two and then goes away. I was told that these are "downloads" from the spirits. I won't go in to what for. I never tried recording them since I have the annoying tinnitus anyway. I wish my old not-smart phone had not died, I would like to try recording the tones, but I would need to carry the phone on me at all times because I never know when they will happen. I would like to know if anyone else experiences them.

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