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Stupid Reasons That Turned People Into Atheists

A silent observer looking around. At times he must protect his identity with avatars and weird sounding names.


Beliefs aren’t just any bejewelled crown one will wear. Have you heard this saying that great powers comes with great responsibility? It came from a superhero movie, but it makes sense when you practice your belief. In this case any forms of belief you adopted comes at a price. It requires responsibility and maturity, or else it will make you sound like the biggest jerk around. And irresponsible practitioners are often the results of ignorance of their own beliefs. To be short, they don’t have a proper clue on what they been into.

As what my friend, who is an atheist will ask any newbie he met; you are an atheist? Cool, but why? When entering a religion, or even non religion, one must have a good reason for doing so. Sadly, like some theists people, some wannabe freethinkers became atheists for the wrong reason. My friend stressed that being an atheist is his desire to become an autonomous person, and there are things that religion can’t resolve. People could be different; it’s just that religion doesn’t work for him. It’s all about enlightenment, but not for some shady characters we might encounter in the dingy reaches of the internet. Their reasons are both narrow and childish, as if they became atheists to escape rather than to live.

When You Have No Idea What You Just Went Into

This problem hounded both religious and non-religious alike. You can tell if one chose his personal beliefs for a wrong reason on the way he behaves. We will get to that for a moment, but adopting and practicing a certain belief needs deep and mature conviction. Otherwise you will only get faint ideas on what you are following, and end up being a slave of your own belief. This is called fanaticism. In the case of atheists, scanning the internet alone and checking the vile comment sections will confirm what most is trying to deny; that there is a rise of fanaticism in the atheist world. They are the people who would take a sunny comment section into the dark side, to troll theists and let the world know how smart they are. And as what my friend said, this is the result of how they became an atheist in the first place.

Special mention: Some People Became Atheists Because of Anime

I'm an anime fan, but this is absurd!

I'm an anime fan, but this is absurd!

I disagree at first, as it’s too silly to be true. There are a lot of Christians out there that love anime and up to now they are still Christians. It’s no more than Japanese cartoons, that’s all. Now anime stories could get crazy at some point, some asking deep philosophical questions involving religion and philosophy. But at the end of a day, it’s just an animated show aimed at young people. Many don’t really take anime seriously no matter how deep they are. Though they may be rooted in genuine philosophy, animes are not philosophy books.

But then I saw an example in the net, claiming that this anime about a giant robot brought out the philosophy within him, making him question the point of a cruel deity and turning him against religion. I say he needs to go out and see the world and not confine himself in his basement. The amount of philosophy in an anime, no matter how deep is still superficial compared to real philosophy texts.


They don't being a freethinker means free of work.

They don't being a freethinker means free of work.

The sad part is according to my friend, young people are turning to atheism simply because it’s the most convenient choice for them. They see atheism as maintenance free belief system. Young people that are too lazy to do church service will find the godless atheism appealing. No more messing around with boring prayers and Sunday mass. No belief, no work, simple as that. This might explain why we see a lot of neckbeard atheists. With showering already a laborious task, they can’t afford any waste of energy on prayers.

Just a Fanboy

Not exactly the perfect youth example.

Not exactly the perfect youth example.

These guys probably heard of Richard Dawkins, and had a wild idea of becoming like him. Or they dreamed of joining the fan club of the so called Four Horsemen of the Non Apocalypse (Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennet and Harris). Somehow these guys created a form of “pop culture atheists” that raised the eyebrows of some legitimate atheists. People agree that these Four Horsemen are not good freethinker examples. They are basically the atheist version of Christian hardliner, and thanks to them we have an army of keyboard warriors trolling the dark fringes of the web.

Just a New Trend

Suddenly this became a hated accessory.

Suddenly this became a hated accessory.

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Just a new trend

And now that we have new pop stars in the shape of atheist hardliners, there is a new trend in town. People, especially young and rebellious are quick to jump into the bandwagon. People will speak of arguments like “religion is evil” and “believe in fairy tales” not because they fully grasp the meaning, but they thought it will make them look cool. Simply people are becoming non-believers not because they are enlightened, but simply it is the new thing. Sure trying to look cool will not harm anyone, but in the case of becoming the next militant atheist, all you have to do is to skim the web and look at forums and social media. With that said, the notion that atheists are more intelligent became doubtful.

False Sense of Intellectual Superiority

Do you think TJ Kirk is smart?

Do you think TJ Kirk is smart?

If someone tells you that militant atheists are intelligent, just show them TJ Kirk’s Youtube channel. Terms like Reddit Atheists, Youtube Atheists and internet atheists are all derogatory remarks for any wannabe genius. The rise of pseudointellectuals owed to the fact that people thought being godless will instantly make them smarter. The idea of faith and intellect is hard to gage, like it’s in the grey area. We can’t say which sides are smarter because both have fair shares of geniuses and idiots. But for militant neckbeards, atheism is simply the answer. Just adopting a godless stance and relying mostly in science will make one greater than his peers.

At least that’s what they thought.

It’s all about inflated ego why they became atheists in the first place. One might ask if this will benefit them and the people around. All we need to do is watch how they behave in the real world. If any personal belief confined you in an enclosure, away from your fellowmen, then you need to change your belief.


Mamerto Adan (author) from Cabuyao on January 17, 2019:

Thanks for stopping by peeples! But I just want to know how my article turned into name calling?

Mamerto Adan (author) from Cabuyao on December 21, 2018:

Thanks Polly for stopping by! Actually some of what I written above also applies to religious people. Like militant atheist they could be haughty, arrogant and obnoxious.

Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on December 20, 2018:

What an interesting article from an alternate point of view. There are many 'beliefs' (not only religious) around right now that have gained popularity for being trendy. Even things like "pineapple on pizza is disgusting" or "PC gamers are better than console gamers" are trends that people just parrot because it's cool.

I think people also become atheists because they question the belief system in which they were brought up and find that science holds answers they can digest more easily. I stopped being a Jehovah's Witness when I was 16 because I saw gaping inconsistencies in their stories. I wouldn't say I'm an atheist, though.

And yes, it's annoying when people think they're intellectually superior because of their atheism. It's gotten so ridiculous that it's become a parody of itself.

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