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Study of Religions

The Jerusalem temple of God

The Jerusalem Temple, is the centre for all religions that come from the Bible, like Jewish religion, the several Christian religions, and the Islam religions. The all have the same God Yahweh, sometimes called under different names.

The Jerusalem Temple, is the centre for all religions that come from the Bible, like Jewish religion, the several Christian religions, and the Islam religions. The all have the same God Yahweh, sometimes called under different names.

Searching for God ways

Welcome to our article (85), study of religions

May God guide and help me to write this article?

Dear readers, we are studying and writing our religious views, then, we will organize how to set-up our articles that we have written, in a way that makes sense to the readers. Anyhow, we want to keep them in the same order that they have been written if possible. I have been writing religious articles in hub pages for years, because I feel as if I have been called from God to do that.

Now, I am asking myself, where are these religious studies taking me? I know that I have learned religious things that I did not know before, so, I want to pass this new-found knowledge to our readers.

You see, I started to study religions and writing about them, because I wanted to see, if there is a way out, from the paedophilia, the terrorist attacks and atheism. So, I am looking for a single religion for the entire world. I believe that I have this idea how it needs to be; therefore, I want to write about a super God, that is a benevolent God and can guide the entire universe in a benevolent way.

Anyhow, I know that I have learned new religious things, therefore, I hope that one day, I will come very close to find the true God and the best religion, a religion that can overcome those inconvenience that happen today.

Now, I believe in a benevolent God and the meaning of our life seriously; this is about this a benevolent Super-God that I am describing thus: (There is only one God throughout the universe and God is the life essence of the entire universe), I know that this phrase can work well in the future.

From the religious study that we have done, we have learned that there are different religions. Most of our articles are about Christianity and the Bible, since I happen to be a Roman Catholic person, therefore, because that is the first religion that I have known and practised, I can talk about it more easily than other religions, which I have only read about them, therefore, Christianity and the Bible are the religious issue that come to my mind first.

Of course, we have tried to compare and connect these religions in our religious articles, but they are too many, so, I believe that I should find a way how to choose the best articles, and link them together in a group, so that, it is easier for our reader to follow, the rest of our articles would still be available, but they will be used as our reference, to be used to learn how we reached our conclusion. So, we are looking for connections that connect everything together, in the shortest way possible.


This is where Jerusalem in Palestine is the centre of Christianity

Palestine and Jerusalem

The map of Jerusalem in Palestine; when I look at this map it reminds me of two things, one is that the Bible and all religious book that derive from it have started here; the other thing is that it reminds me of the Dead Sea that is 439 meters below the sea level of the world and this reminds me that the universal flood as described in the Bible could never have been. This of course has concerned me very much, and I am still searching for an answer why this problem has not come up before.

In search of connections

Here, we are in search of connections that connect all religions together. All religions will be connected and guided from a benevolent Super-God. This Super-God can connect all living beings and spiritual being together, in such a way that they form a never ending cycle, therefore, everything is connected together, anyhow, this is how I see these religious things; now, I believe I am a seer, because I feel that I can see these things through my mind eyes better that the average person does, otherwise I would not be writing these religious articles; So, as a seer, I say, that all existing life of the universe forms a never ending life cycle in the universe, with God being at the centre of it, and being the life giver of the entire universe.

Now to describe God of the universe, I believe that it is better for me, if we try to copy a very good Italian writer, that has done a similar religious set up in the Middle Ages, using the general knowledge that was available in those times, so, if I use his idea, then we can describe God of the universe, in a similar way as Dante Alighieri did with is “Divine Comedy”, then, I will be able to describe my vision.

Therefore, I will set my description of the spiritual universe like Dante did, with the exception that everything happens in the universe, instead of being underground, and on the other side of the earth, and only a small part in the heavens.

With this idea in mind, and using the general knowledge that we have today, we can connect our religious writings, in such a way that they are easy to read, because, they make sense to our readers. Of course, there are changes in religious values, as we are using the wider knowledge that exists today, so, we are putting all religions together, and from what we have learned describe our new God life cycle of the universe; you see, we believe, that God is life and all existing life flows through God life energies of the universe.

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God of the future description

We have been searching how to describe God for a long time, to prove our efforts we have written, God exists because life exists, and Man needs God. Anyhow, in our search how to describe God, we have found that we need to merge religious beliefs, and describe God as a life force of the universe that gives life to every living thing, of course, this view of God is more in line with the Indian religions than our Christian religion, since the Bible at the beginning says that God made man in his own imagine (Genesis 1- 26, 27), therefore, God is like a man.

Anyhow, mankind would like God to be man like, because, we would feel cheated if God is not like one of us. Now, let us go back to the time when Moses met God for the first time in the form of a burning bush, so, even then God did not show up as a man, and there are other times that God talks to Moses and other prophets, but this is more in a spiritual form, since nobody says that they have seen God in person.

Anyhow, in these religious writings, we describe our benevolent God, like God Yahweh in the Bible, with the exception that he is benevolent and not vengeful; in our theory of Reconciliation of the universe, we know that, Yahweh, Jehovah and Allah, are the God of the Bible and the Koran.


We pray God with an open heart.

Sometimes we pray God with all our heart out souls and our mind, in the hope that God would hear our prayer and answers them in the affirmative. Because we need that assurance so much.

Sometimes we pray God with all our heart out souls and our mind, in the hope that God would hear our prayer and answers them in the affirmative. Because we need that assurance so much.

Where is God or divine help involved?

Dear readers, while I am writing these religious articles, and searching for our benevolent God, to understand better where we are standing in this spiritual religious world, I have to say that I have had negative experiences that I believe I do not deserve, because I believe that my religious writing are a prayer to our lord God, therefore, God should hear my prayer and not ignore me, so, I have prayed to God many times beside my religious writings, but God is ignoring me.

For these reasons, I must say that these days, I feel as if I am on trial from God, just like Job of the Bible was on trial: Of course to understand what I mean about Job of the Bible one should read the Bible about Job trail, where Satan challenges God about Job faithfulness to him. If you don’t know the story, you need to read the Bible.

Having said that now let me talk about my own trial. While I am writing this article, my own trial is this sickness of my family members, starting with my wife, then my daughter and today even my son, they are all depressed to the point that it is becoming hard to talk to them and guide them, or say something to them that can help; so, I ask myself what I have done to deserve this, I believe that I have done nothing wrong to deserve it. So, I deserve better, or at least I believe that I do.

Because of these negative personal experiences, when I think about my own personal circumstances; I am forced to believe that there is no God at all; you see, so many terrible things happen in the world, beside what is happening to me, and God does nothing to stop them; so, one should be forgiven, if one thinks that there is no God; and for this reason I think that there is no God, but at the same time, I am scared to say it, in case there is God and God will punish me for saying it, so; May God forgive me if I have got this wrong?

Whatever is happening to me and my family, I believe that we deserve better, so, I ask myself, why when I pray to God, God ignores my prayers? And then strange as it seems I continue to pray God, in the hope that God answers my prayers. It is like I am stuck with praying God and I have no other way. But I am not the only one doing this praying to God, or any other deities or saints for that matter, because there are other people that have problems, and therefore, they pray God also, so, I believe that I am not alone.

When I feel like this low, that I become emotional from the pains that are in my heart, I feel that I would like to say more in a future article, that I am going to call; Praying God, or Pray for me, where I want to pour my heart out. For this reason, I start to believe, that I am writing in hub pages to escape my pains, and at the same time write all this as a prayer to God, in the hope that God hears my prayer.

Now, let me try and leave behind all these pains, that I feel in my heart and let me write what is happening in the world, instead of writing our article of, Praying God. You see, at this point of time, I believe that it would be better for me, if I follow with our next article called, Modern religious wars. Which is something that is happening now and it involves religions. So, see you in our next article.

May God bless us all.


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