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Strong Eternity through Meditation

What we really do is remove from the mind the illusions that prevent us from seeing. It is a transformation of the belief that exists

The world is full of noise. You cannot find comfort without inner peace; its noise everywhere. The horns sound, children cry and radios cry. It often happens that your favorite people around you do not like silence and tranquility. Such a precious and rare commodity is the following. We want peace, but many have settled in the peaceful cage in which they are trapped.

This cage is forged bar by the bar from the steel of my own thought. I've falsified it from mind to mind. Sit back, close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep, clean breaths. Immerse yourself in the flow of that breath. With each exhalation, release all of your thoughts and tensions. Feel the air moving freely continuously.

Free Your Eternity from Uncertainty

You become self-aware on top of a high mountain. A soft and warm wind caresses your face. You can see forever. The soothing shades of pink and purple on the horizon draw you in bad news for the same reason. I have no more excuses. To meditate means to think. It is the direct translation of the word. It is not the absence of thoughts as some have come to think. We are thinking beings, so the goal is not so much to stop thoughts as to guide them on favorable paths.

Meditation calms the mind. When I first sit down, thoughts of meditation will abound. I will have many thoughts. Let me ask you a question. Who is peace; a thought or a hundred thoughts? If you said a thought; you're right. Why do we have so many thoughts? Yoga offers this benefit for health and spiritual care. Meditative benefits provide insurance and treatment for those who want to heal without medication or without direct contact being the cure. The Buddhist religion focuses on meditation and its longevity shows how beneficial meditations and yoga can be. How do you know that? You were on this channel for two seconds, the woman said! But they keep clicking. When they find a station, they like to stop. They turn the remote back on and are happy with what they see on the screen.

In the same way, you can now see the truth: that all life is perfect the way it is. Take advantage of this knowledge for as long as you want. If I put the thoughts I love on the screen of my mind, I will also think less. Thinking too many tires the soul. When I am tired I am in a bad mood and I am not myself.

Greater Good Science Center

Greater Good Science Center

“Meditation will not carry you to another world, but it will reveal the most profound and awesome dimensions of the world in which you already live. Calmly contemplating these dimensions and bringing them into the service of compassion and kindness is the right way to make rapid gains in meditation as well as in life.”

— – Zen Master Hsing Yun

Rise Your Passion To the Certain Point

The quality of my thoughts depends on the quality of the thoughts I have had all day. Don't be surprised if your mind is racing when you first sit down to meditate. The mind is like a wild horse. Let it run, but not wild. We let the horse roam free. A strong and powerful mind will work and that's good. You wouldn't want a weak, weak horse. Instead, the goal is to enter until a state of consciousness is reached, experienced as pure consciousness. In this state of consciousness, there is no separation between subject and object. We must direct the mind in the direction of our true desire. Let it run, but let it run for peace, serenity, and stability.

Let it run with God. If we can remain in the state of unity consciousness while fully engaged with the demands of the relative world and not identify with it, then for me we will have reached the stage of full enlightenment.

Find the Rank of Your Intelligence

The kingdoms are my intellect. I understand and apply certain things. Another name for the intellect could be a father. With the mind as a child, always wanting this and that, the parent or mind is leading the child/mind in the direction of benefit. It is not so; here. And the child follows him.

Be a good and gentle mother to yourself. Don't just demand that your mind is calm. Give yourself the tools to be successful. I'm sure we've all been through that. You are in a situation and something is shaking you. You didn't want to be upset about it, you wanted to stay calm, and yet it seemed like you had no control over it. You just exploded, you cried, or you just couldn't serve yourself or anyone else. The next phase of meditation takes place, of course. Thoughts will slow down. Then I focus on one thought. Say peace. I want to experience peace and that is why I am immersed in the ocean of peace. I remember being the son of peace returning to the ocean. I am exploring this ocean; the depths and the beauty. I'm starting to feel wave after wave of peace around me. I focus a lot on this idea of ​​peace; my mind fills with peaceful thoughts and it quickly turns into a pure experience. I don't have to think about anything anymore. I am one with the ocean of peace.

When this happens, the transformation begins. Because he no longer thinks about peace, but now it has become an experience. The experience is eternal. It cannot be lost, stolen, or deterred. Beliefs and beliefs can fluctuate; may shake. But the experience is undeniable; it is indelible.

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