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Streetwise dhamma - Intention, mother of all Karma

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A systemsitter, wordbender, framebender, streetwise dhamma monk and a starfleet officer.


What if I tell you, helping people is an act of arrogance?

We both know it's not true, but you won't be able to win this argument with me.

Think about it.

When do you feel or think you can help people ?

When you feel / think you are stronger.

When you feel / think you have more.

When you feel / think you know better

See the pattern ?

We help people when we think we are better people...

Right ?


but I can't tell you why it's wrong or what's wrong with it.

I can't tell you because it is intangible.

I can't tell you because it is spontaneous. As in if you sit and think about it... you've already lost.

I can't tell you because it is not THE truth, it is YOUR truth.

Only you can tell. Only you, know.

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That truth that lies only in you, is called intention (Cetana)


Mother of all karma

People, especially Buddhists, often see something happen and call it Karma. That's messed up, because Karma is a cause. If it happened or is happening, it is a result not a cause. Technically, it's a Vipaka, a ripening of Karma NOT a Karma.

Practically, Karma is an action. There lies the problem. Because action is driven by an intention yet we can only see the action. We don't know why. We can not know why. Nobody except the doer can know why because intention is intangible, spontaneous and it's not a general truth, it's the doer's truth.

Intention only lies in the doer. Only the doer knows.

That is why life is never black and white, always grey. It is why we believe people are innocent until proven guilty. It is why the normal curve in statistic can have neither 0% or 100% probability. It is why being good is no enough, we need to be wise as well. Humble.

Keeping what goes around, good...

So if what goes around comes around and helping people is never an act of arrogance only when the intention is good, how do we keep "what goes around", stays good ?

Be mindful. Meditate.

Cause to keep the action good we need to keep the intention good and that is an uphill fight. We live in an economy system where everything has a price so every action seems either an income or a cost. We thrive in an education system that dismiss anything unmeasurable and rely solely on the past. We got beliefs and values that relies on fears and shame instead of hope and faith.

Meditating, cultivating on compassion and affection, builds positive spiritual reflexes as we walk the life. Like boxer who throw punches to win without thinking anymore, we trained ourselves to make a choice, to decide, spontaneously positive or good by cultivating mindfulness. Keep the good karma forward.

You think being spontaneously good is impossible ?

Watch this....

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