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Stone Story


At school the lady said: Yours
Write an essay on a favorite topic.
A boy wrote an essay ...
Topics -
* Stone *

'Stone' means 'God'.
Because he is all around us
It is everywhere .. If you look, you can see ..

He in an unfamiliar alley
Saves you from the dog ..

Village on the highway
Shows when it will take ..

Protects by building a fence around the house.

In the kitchen
Divides the mother ..

Kids on the tree
Karya, the tadpole.

Sometimes sitting on your own head
Makes you aware of your enemy ..

If Mathefiru falls into the hands of young people,
He breaks the glass and calms his anger.

Of street laborers
To handle the stomach
Breaks himself ..

In the mind of the sculptor
To realize beauty
Suffers from chisel wounds ..

To the farmer
Rests for a moment under a tree.

Childhood is like stumps, shards, logs
It plays with you in many forms.

Constantly helping you
Comes running, like God ..

Tell me
Will anyone leave 'God'?
So much for you ??

The woman says -
You are a stone, you don't know math.
Mom says -
No problem
You are my darling
God knows where mathematics comes from! Otherwise
He would have seen the pros and cons.
He would have been a merchant. "

Mom says -
Shendur Fasun on the stone
Put the price in it,
His 'God' is

That is, the 'stone' is the 'God'

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