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Spiritual Warfare in 2022. The Battle to Make Lasting, Positive Change in Your Life Has Never Been More Important.

Karen Lynn is a freelance artist and writer with a special interest in spiritual exploration and its importance in these challenging times.


When What You Have Been Doing Doesn't Work Anymore

If you have been trying to make changes in your life by focusing only on the "outside" reality around us, it may be time to step into a spiritual path and begin looking at your inner landscape to re-discover yourself on a whole new level of strength and possibility. This is NOT a religious pursuit unless you wish to make it so and incorporate it into your present religious faith. Even prayer, if you have not prayed before or in a very long time, can be a vital new tool for overcoming exhausting challenges you may be facing, even if you don't want to become religious. Yes, it is possible and absolutely fine to incorporate some prayer, mediation or contemplation into your life to help meet mental, social, or physical challenges without feeling you need to become a religious convert or partake in any religious services you don't feel comfortable with or are just not "you".

Spiritual Warfare is about Gaining Inner Strength and the Right Tools

We all know how difficult it can be to make positive changes in our lives, especially living in the current troubling world we find ourselves in right now. Have you tried to embark on a new challenge, a new relationship, or a more health-conscious approach to living, only to be frustrated with results?

Often the problem is we are using our old tools to fix new problems. We are looking at the issues facing us at this time in life with the same outlook we had five years ago. As time passes and we change and grow, it is important we take a look at the way we face challenges and problems to see if the old ways are still effective. Chances are that they are not. It might be time to take a look at some bold new avenues.

  • If you have not prayed before and don't know where to begin, you can simply make a handwritten list of the things in your life you are grateful for and read it every day. Make changes and additions as you feel led. This sense of gratitude will grow daily and can become an important catalyst for change in your life. In time, you may feel you would like to investigate other forms of prayer as well, or turn this into a personal journaling endeavor. Keep in mind that there are no rules, and you can't do it wrong.
  • Our world and our bodies both physical and ethereal, are connected to the earth and all of its energies. Look into crystals and gemstones as a way of becoming familiar with this connection and the ways it can enhance your life. It is a fascinating topic as well as a centuries old healing and protection technique. Reconnecting with nature by spending more time outdoors can have a profound healing effect as well. Adding a simple walk around your block is a fine way to add time outdoors.
  • Look around your home and see if it feels like a positive environment. Is there a lot of clutter? This can literally lead to a cluttered and scattered mind that will make your spiritual warfare battle more difficult and prevent positive changes in your life from taking hold. Strive for a calm peaceful and clean living area that feels warm and welcome.
  • If you have tried meditation and found it was not for you, perhaps now is a good time to make another attempt. You are not the person you once were, or even the person you were yesterday! You may find with further investigation that there are many types of meditation, and one may be for you. A chakra, or energy centering meditation can work miracles if a lot of negative energies are interfering with you. You are probably not even aware of these energies and their influence. Sitting in stillness and quiet contemplation is a fine substitute for now if you are not ready for meditations.
  • A vital element in modern "Spiritual Warfare" is paying very close attention to what feeds our minds. We have control over what we see and read. Negative Information doesn't jump into our minds any more than unhealthy food jumps into our mouths. We must take responsibility for our mental and psychological "diet". This applies to news media, social media, and entertainment. If you are used to watching a lot of horror movies, for example, now might be a good time to take a "fast" and try some more positive life affirming images for your mind. We are affected by everything we see, read, and speak!

Narcissism is viral in our current times and is affecting many relationships. Some are seeing a connection between this and what we have known as "demonic" influence. Yes, it can be just that strong and negative! Now is a good time to look at your personal relationships to be sure they are still serving everyone involved. As we grow sometimes, we leave friendships behind for very good reasons. There is nothing wrong with moving on from a relationship that no longer is in your best interest. This does not mean you have to "ghost" or hurt anyone. Moving on can be done maturely and compassionately and is the best way to move forward and make new friendships and connections.

No one knows you like you know yourself, and introspection is vital. You must be honest with yourself and admit things must change beginning on the inside, on a spiritual level, if you want to see lasting positive change in your life. There are many resources available, and I encourage you to do your own research. I am listing one resource that will help you learn a great deal more about spiritual warfare and how important it is right now. In our modern times and with the challenges and concerns we all have right now, it has never been more crucial.

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