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Spiritual Visitation Dreams

A time-honored strategy for corresponding with the dead is through our dreams. This is often times considered the most direct route into the spirit world for those of us who still occupy the material world and is generally known as visitation dreams. In your dreams, the dead may come to you with messages, experiences, and regularly, answers to issues on the off chance that you give careful consideration. Most people are more easily susceptible to spiritual communication while they are in their vulnerable, unconscious hours. There are many theories for why that is, but most say that it is because our body and our mind are more open when we sleep. It’s easier for all kinds of spiritual entities to speak with us while we’re asleep; like lost loves ones, angels, and guides.

And that’s because while people sleep, their minds go to a place that’s in between the physical plane and the spiritual world that is usually hidden behind it. While we’re asleep, we’re no longer relying on our rational mind or our ego, so we’re more open to accepting spiritual communication on our end. After all, we already know that thing there are things that happen in our dreams that go beyond the natural reality of the waking world. That feeling of acceptance is what allows spirits to slip into our dreams. It’s not like anyone will question the appearance of a lost relative If one appeared while they were asleep. In dreams, we always accept the presence of the people around us without question.

So does that mean that every dream that you have is going to turn out to be a visited dream? It makes sense that if our openness while we sleep is what lets the deceased in, then they’d have an all access pass whenever they want. As nice as it may be to think that every dream that you have is a visited one, it’s just not true. It’s not even true that every appearance of a lost loved one in our dreams is actually a visitation dream. How is that possible and why is it true? Consider your dream like movies or plays. The subconscious part of your mind is the one directing your dream and deciding who should be cast in the various roles that you’ll encounter. For example, let’s say that your dream takes place in an ice cream parlor. You’re going to need someone behind the counter to serve up some soft serve. Your subconscious will pick through all of the people that you’ve ever met, and death doesn’t have to thin the selection.

While there will be times that the sight of a deceased loved one in your dreams could be the real deal, it’s just as plausible that you’re only seeing them in your dreams because your subconscious thought that they were the best fit for the role they had taken in your dreams.
More often than not, the dead visit the living directly after their passing. In the days and weeks taking after death, the soul still has numerous binds to the universe of the living. Regularly, as of late perished individuals make a trip to those they have connections to, showing up as extraordinarily robust and genuine spirits to the living. These visits are frequently a route for the dead to say goodbye to those still on the material plane so they can let go and move on to the spirit world. These visits have a tendency to be very intense, and are frequently very comforting to the living people that have been left behind. But don’t forget about animals too. It is just as likely that the spirit that’s entering your dream will appear as an animal.

Characteristics of Spiritual Visitation Dreams

For those that are reading about visitation dreams for the first time, it might feel like trying to tell the difference between a normal dream and a visitation dream is impossible. So how do you tell the difference between the real deal and your subconscious making executive decisions? Luckily, making the distinction is actually pretty easy once you know what to look for.

The first sign that you can count on with a real visitation dream is that it will feel real. It will also be very vivid. You’ll be able to feel like this isn’t just a dream, and your subconscious reality will bend to match the occasion.

If at any point you felt as though you needed to question whether or not you were really having a visitation dream, then it most likely was not a visitation dream. These kinds of dreams are just so vivid and clear that you won’t need to question it. It is possible that you might question the dream for one reason or another, but it won’t ever be a serious question. You’ll know.

Unlike some other dreams, visitation dreams are so vivid that you’ll always remember them afterwards. And not just through the following morning; you’ll remember them for days, maybe even weeks, months, or years. It’s possible that if you do have a visitation dream, you’ll remember it for your entire life.

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The spirit that enters your dream will always come to you in a loving manner, and they will always be completely healthy. It is very, very rare for a spirit to visit a dream and appear sickly or injured. In no way will a spirit that’s visiting your dreams ever approach you as disappointed, angry, punishing, or depressed. They’ve moved on from the mortal world, and they’ve reconnected to the energy that awaits beyond the grave.

Make sure to keep in mind that the spirit that is visiting your dreams might not speak to you verbally in order to communicate their message. Don’t rule out a possible visitation dream on the basis that the spirit that you saw never spoke to you. That just means that you have to listen with more than just your ears.

When spirits visit the dreams of the living, It isn’t because they want to know what the weather is like or what football team won the last game. They’re not there for idle chit chat or gossip; they’re above that. Entering the dream of a living person isn’t easy for a deceased loved one, and they always come with a purpose. Chances are, they’ll deliver it and then leave as soon as they’re done, without any delays.

Most spiritual communication that happens through dreams is meant to be reassuring to the person whose dream was entered. They might be there to let you know that they’re alright, or that they want you to be happy and live your life. It is very rare, but sometimes, they do come with a message of warning. If that’s the case, they’ll deliver it with love and support, and make sure that they can help you feel as safe as possible as you digest their warning.
More often than not, people confess to feeling as though they are enveloped in a sense of love and peace after they wake up from a visitation dream.

The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli (1781)

thought to be one of the classic depictions of sleep paralysis perceived as a demonic visitation.

thought to be one of the classic depictions of sleep paralysis perceived as a demonic visitation.

Is It Possible To Request A Spirtual Dream Visitation?

Absolutely. This is something that you might want to ask the spirits around you for help with before deciding to tackle this on your own. If nothing else, the extra step will open you up further to those that would like to enter your dreams, so it will be worth the effort. Before heading to bed for the night, spend some time thinking about a deceased loved one and try to reach out and ask them to visit you in your dreams. Feel free to reach out to the other spirits around you too, and ask them to help the spirit that you want to see in your dreams.

As with everything, there’s a chance that it won’t work the first time. Don’t give up or allow yourself to become discouraged. There are many reasons that a spirit might miss out on an invitation into someone else’s dreams. As an example, a newer spirit wouldn’t be as experienced and might not know how to enter a living person’s dreams yet. There is also a possibility that the spirits that have guided you before this know that you want to ask questions about things that you can’t be told for one reason or another.

Still, even with the risk of failure, there’s no harm in asking for a long lost relative to visit you. When you do find yourself in a position where you’re sure that you’ve had a visitation dream, don’t forget to save the spirit for taking the time to accept your request.


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