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Spiritual Visitation


A Spiritual Visitation is exactly what is says. It manifests later in one’s life to confirm it was there. The question of what happens when a person is connected to another and the cause and effect is not revealed with the knowing the visitation was there. The Footprints poem tells us it was a higher God. Humans also have the ability to transport spiritual messages. For example, the use of a phrase that is used in another person’s life somewhere without the two of you knowing if you’ll find out you were in fact connected when the phrase was used. An opening in the life of the people we are connected to allow this phrase to be heard through the communication session. “Psychokinesis” is the word for the whole incident. Intuition is a simple world to explain this feeling. The inner self have unconsciously revealed information that would not normally have been foreknown. Precognition or “future vision” is another word or the best way to explain what ESP (Extrasensory Perception) is. ESP is defined as “a special sense beyond vision, hearing smell, touch and taste.” It is not supernatural. It affects our thoughts and not the body.

  • Precognition- Seeing in the future
  • Telepathy- Reading others thoughts
  • Retrocognition- Seeing in the past
  • Psychometry- Using an object of someone to sense the thoughts
  • Mediumship- Conversing with the dead

Are all types of ESP.


Research on Paranormal Activity can be found at the websites below.

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