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The Spiritual Realm: How to be a Seer of Visions

Overview of Spiritual Vision

What do you know about, and where are you at, with spiritual vision?

What does vision mean?

  • Definition (from English Dictionary) of Vision: “sensing with the eyes; perceiving in an experience.”
  • Definition (from Hebraic UnderStanding): Vision/See, is to “Know, understand, experience, etc.”
  • You can see with all of your senses (Bob Jones, a prophet).

Theology/Word of God:

God’s Word: Matt. 5:8, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God”

Acts 2:17, “and…men…will see visions, Hab. 2:1-2, I will look out to see what He (I AM) will say to me…write the vision, make it plain on tablets, so that he may run who reads it”

John 5:19-20, “So Jesus said to them, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of His own accord, but only what He sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise. For the Father loves the Son and shows Him all that He Himself is doing”

John 20:21, andJesus said,“Just as the Father has sent Me, I’m sending you”

Apoc./Rev. 1:11, “Write what you see in a book, and send it...” (adaptations of these verses)

How does spiritual vision, that’s of God, happen? Holy Spirit. Our communion/fellowship with the I AM, our intimacy with Him. Like two friends talking together.

We are tri-beings, 3-dimensional: we think, will, and feel in three dimensions (1Thess. 5:23; Heb. 4:12; 1Cor. 2:14; etc). Holy Spirit is one with our human spirit (John 3; 1Cor. 6; etc.), and then that oneness manifests in our soul, and then registers in our body/brain.

Like a camera: light (Holy Spirit) is shining on a lens (our spirit), that makes an imprint on film (our soul), and then can be viewed on a screen (our brain).

Our spirit’s mind and heart/intellect (Mrk. 2:8; 1Cor. 2:11; etc), will (Acts 19:21; Matt. 26:41; etc), and emotions (Mrk. 8:12; Lk. 1:47; etc), move into/influence our soul’s mind and heart, and then into our body’s mind and heart.

What’s in our spirit? Everything that’s in Holy Spirit. The mind and heart of Christ, all knowledge, perfection, righteousness, truth, grace, love, power, prophecy, holiness, etc. (1Cor. 2:16; 1Jn. 2:20; Heb. 10:14; etc).

You have been saved (justified-spirit, Rom. 3:24, 28; etc.), you are being saved (sanctified-soul, Jms. 1:21/1Ptr.1:9 etc.), and you will be saved (glorified, body, Rom. 8:23, 30; etc.).

This is a master key that locks and unlocks many doors/gates, that the Christian life is basically a process of experiencing your position in your spirit, or making your soul and body one with your spirit that’s one with Holy Spirit. This is called sanctification, and spiritual vision is central to it. You live/are what you see/believe (Prov. 23:7). How do you see God, yourself, life, etc.?

Seeing is one of the main ways to hear God’s voice (see [visions], Hear [words], feel [feelings], Matt. 13:15; 1Cor.12-14). And so there’s conflict, a battle, for you to experience this, with sin, the world system, and demon spirits, but we have the victory (Ro. 6-8; John 16:33; Col. 2:15).

Mark Virkler: 1-Stillness, 2-Focus, 3-Flow, 4-Writing (Hab. 2/John 7:37-39).

Diversities of Spiritual Visionary State: Eight Greek Words

(Adapted from The Seer by James Goll)

1Corinthians 12, “Now there are diversities…but the same Holy Spirit.” The same diversities by the one Spirit apply also to visionary states and experiences. In fact, God I AM uses a diversity of Greek words in the New Testament to express different visionary states. They are different states, for different purposes, and we progress in them as we progress in our communion/ fellowship/ relationship with God I AM. They can become more vivid, regular, constant, etc., and they run together, as streams flowing into one river, working together as one.

Horama (Huh-Raw-muh): Vision or seeing in general, a spectacle, sight, appearance. General Greek word for vision, meaning “that which is seen.” It carries a particular sense of a “spectacle, sight, or appearance.” New Testament examples commonly associate this word with waking visions, or, seeing while awake. Also, a root word for the English “panorama.”

  • Matt. 17:9, James, Peter and John seeing Jesus’ transfiguration on the mountain.
  • Acts 9:10-12, Ananias and Saul receive their instructions from the Lord.
  • Acts 10:3-4, 19-20, Peter and Cornelius brought together by the Lord.
  • Acts 16:9-10, Paul received direction for ministry, the first time the gospel enters Eastern Europe.
  • Acts 18:9-11, God encourages Paul to stay in Corinth for ministry for a while.

Horasis (Huh-Rass-Iss): Sight/vision either physical or spiritual, inner or outer. This Greek word only appears two times in the New Testament. It refers to sight or vision in either and external or internal sense, or, physically or spiritually. The Greek language makes no distinction between the perception of the physical eye and the non-physical/spiritual eye. Both inner and outer “seeing” are regarded as genuine perception.

  • Acts 2:17/Joel 2:28-32, Peter’s prophetic message, young men will see visions.
  • Apoc./Rev. 4:3, “…He Who was sitting was like [Horasis] a Jasper stone…”

Onar (Aw-Nar): Sleeping dream, in general. Common Greek word for “dream” when sleeping, also called a “vision in the night.” The mind and heart of your spirit “sees” while you are physically asleep. There are many examples in God’s Word of Him speaking, communing, with people through dreams.

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  • Matt. 1:20, 24-25; and 2:12-14; Joseph has three dreams about Mary and Jesus; and 2:19-21 Pilate’s wife dreams about Jesus being righteous.

Enupnion (En-Noop-Nee-on): Sleeping dream, with surprise. Like onar, the Greek word enupnion refers to a vision or a dream received while asleep. The difference with enupnion is that it has a surprise quality/part to it.

  • Acts 2:17, Peter preaches at Pentecost that our old men shall dream dreams.
  • Jude 1:8-9, also describes people who by “dreaming” defile the flesh, reject authority, revile the angelic.

Egenomehn Ehn Pneumati (Eh-Gen-Oh-May-N-Ane-Noo-Muh-Tee): In the Spirit. This Greek phrase has significance to the whole scope of the prophetic visionary state. When John was an Apostle, during the time he received his revelation from the Lord, uses this phrase, which means “I was in the spirit,” or, “to become in the spirit” (though John may have also been in a trance state, doesn’t say so). This is very broad, anytime we “live in/by the Spirit” (Gal. 5).

  • Apoc./Rev. 1:9-10, “I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day."
  • Luke 4:1-2, Jesus was full of Holy Spirit [Pneumatos Hagiou Pleres].

Apokalupsis (Ah-Pawk--Uh-Loop-Siss): Revelation/manifestation/uncovering vision. This is the most frequent Greek word used by God in the New Testament to describe a spiritual vision. Usually translated “revelation,” apokalupsis literally means to “disclose, appear, come, manifest, or pull back the covers.” It carries specifically the sense of something hidden that has now been uncovered. Occurs eighteen times—once in Luke, once in Apoc./Rev., three times in 1Peter, and the other thirteen in six of Paul’s Letters.

  • Ro. 16:25-27, According to the revelation of the mystery…
  • Eph. 1:17, Paul’s prayer for God to give us a spirit of revelation and wisdom.
  • 1Ptr. 1:6-7, 13, Describes Jesus’ revelation or appearing at His return.
  • Apoc./Rev. 1:1, The revelation of Jesus Christ.

Ekstasis (Eh-K-Stass-Iss): Astonished/stunned/trance state. This is where we get our English word “ecstasy.” Ekstasis occurs seven times in the New Testament and, depending on how it is used, can mean amazement, astonishment, stunned, shocked, or a trance. Literally, ekstasis means “A displacement of the mind,” or, “bewilderment.” When translated as “trance,” it refers to one being caught up in the spirit, by Holy Spirit, to receive what that God intends.

  • Luke 5:26/ Acts 3:9-10, the response of the people seeing Jesus/Peter heal a paralyzed man.
  • Mark 16:8, the response of the women who see an angel at Jesus’ empty tomb.
  • Acts 10:10/22:17-18, Peter falls into a trance, sees the Lord, preaches to the Gentiles.

Optasia (Aw-P-Stass-Ee-Uh): Seeing a divine or spirit person, God, or an angel. Another visionary state found in the New Testament that’s denoted, literally meaning “visuality,” or in concrete form, “apparition.” Optasia has the very specific connotation of self-disclosure or of letting oneself be seen. The word ocurs three times in the New Testament and always in the context of someone seeing a divine or spiritual person, usually God, or an angel.

  • Luke 1:22, Zechariah sees Gabriel, an archangel, and receives instructions about his son John the baptist, and then is unable to speak for a time.
  • Luke 24:22-23, the women had been to the empty tomb and seen angels that said He was alive.
  • 2Cor. 12:1-4, Paul’s description of visions that he experienced, specifically in the third Heaven.

Diverse Types of Spiritual Vision: Examples

There are different visionary states, and there are also different categories of spiritual vision itself. There are varying kinds purposes, and they also run together, working together as streams flowing into one river. They can become more vivid, regular, consistent, etc., as we progress in our communion with God I AM. The most common spiritual visions are inner picture and inner motion picture.

Natural World Vision: Seeing the spiritual through the physical.

  • This is seeing spiritual truth/reality, but through the natural/physical world.
  • Gen. 13, & 15; Jer. 18:1-6; Jesus’ parables.
  • Knowledge Vision: Inner knowing vision, no picture.
  • Seeing/knowing inwardly, but you do not see an image in your mind/heart.
  • Mrk. 2:8/Mth. 9:4/Lk. 11:17; John 5:1-20.

Picture Vision: Inner vision with a still picture.

  • Seeing inwardly an image that’s still, like looking at a printed picture in the spirit realm.
  • Jer. 1, & 24; John 1.

Motion Picture Vision: “Horma” [panorama] inner vision with a picture that moves.

  • Seeing inwardly an image, or images, that move, like a watching a movie within you.
  • Hos. 12:10; John 1:43-51; Acts 9:10-16.

Sleeping Dream Vision: Vision in the night, during sleep.

  • Seeing and/or experiencing the spirit realm while you are physically asleep.
  • Job 33:14-16; Dan. 7:1; Num. 12:6.

Trance Vision: A deep meditative/joyful/astonished state.

  • Seeing/knowing/understanding in a deep state of astonishment, and maybe joy & meditation
  • Acts 22:17; Acts 10:10/11:5; Mark 5:42; Mark 16:8

Appearance Vision: Someone who is spirit is seen or felt, spiritually or physically.

  • Seeing God, or an angel of God (typically) with your spiritual or natural senses
  • Jsh. 5:13-15;Luke 1:26-28;Acts 1:3/9:3-7

Physically Audible Vision: God I AM’s or angel’s physically audible voice experience.

  • Seeing/experience God speaking in a physically audible way, and may coincide w/ the present.
  • Matt. 3:17; John 12; Acts 9:3-7.

SuperImposed/In Between Vision: Seeing spiritual and natural reality simultaneously.

  • Called “in between” because it’s not just inner vision but it’s not fully outer vision either.
  • Ezk. 37; Matt./Lk.

Physical-Spiritual Sight/Open Vision: Physically seeing spiritual reality.

  • Seeing someone or something, in the spirit realm, but with your natural/physical eyes.
  • Ex. 19:16-18; 2Chr. 5:13-14; Acts 2:1-4.

Out-Of-Body/Translation Vision: Human spirit leaves human body, aware or unawares.

  • Seeing/experiencing a spiritual reality out of the physical body, consciously or unconsciously.
  • Ezk. 3:12-14/8:1-3/11:1-2/43:5-6; 2Cor. 12:2-4.

Transportation Vision: Human body physically moves supernaturally.

  • Seeing/being in one physical place, then supernaturally at another, usually instantaneous.
  • Ezk. 37:1-4; Acts 8:39-40.

Open Heaven Vision: 1st & 2nd heavens open & Heaven is seen, physically.

  • Seeing/experiencing the atmosphere around you tear open, and physically see spirit realm.
  • Ezk. 1;Matt. 3:16-17; Acts 7:55-56; Acts 10.

Heaven Visitation Vision: Whether in the body or out of the body, in [the 3rd] Heaven.

  • Seeing/experiencing [the 3rd] Heaven, physically or spiritually, your consciousness is there.
  • John 3:13; 2Cor. 12:2;Apoc./Rev.

Transitioning Prayer to Enter into Practicing Spiritual Vision.

  • “I AM, Lord God, I thank and praise You for spiritual vision, and that in my spirit I am One with You. So I practice this now with You, I manifest this upon myself: soul (valve) be opened and spirit (living water) be loosed to see. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice: Stillness, Focus, Flow, and Writing: (Hab. 2:1-3; John 7:37-39)

  • Stillness: Peace is central to receiving revelation of God I AM; quiet yourself and wait on God.
  • Focus: Turn your mind/heart to God, pressing into God, offer yourself to Him, engage with Him, set your mind/heart on God, just as you can take your one hand and set it on the other, focus to God Jesus.
  • Flow: Holy Spirit manifesting as constant and/or spontaneous thoughts/pictures/feelings, that are righteous/compatible with God’s Word, that light up on your mind/heart. Look for God’s visions (pictures that are still or in motion, in your mind/heart; listen for thoughts, God’s still small voice, a word/phrase impressed on your mind/heart; feel for God’s feelings, in your spirit soul, or body (love, joy, anger, sadness, touch, weight, etc.).
  • Writing: Write what you receive, on paper or in a journal. Document your journey with I AM and His speaking to you. This will give opportunity for many things, such as to have your walk with God available to remember and praise, to test and discern, to show others and confirm, and to be amazed at the things God Jesus has shared and done with you.

Beginning Exercise: Basic Envisioning

  1. Envision your house, inside and/or outside. Do you see it, at least in your mind?
  2. Envision something beautiful, like a sunset. Do you see it, at least in your mind?
  3. Envision someone you love. Do you see them, at least in your mind?

If yes, good, move on. If no, there’s sanctification-salvation to manifest first, if you will. Now close your eyes and picture an elephant (or something), and then open your eyes but still look at the image in your heart’s eyes. This is seeing a vision transposed over the natural. If the image jumps/juts out in between the spirit and natural realms, that’s a superimposed vision.

Personal Sanctification-Salvation Ministry: Sanctification by Holy Spirit and Believing the Truth (2Thess. 2:13).

Communing with Holy Spirit and believing the truth He gives, and then losing/manifesting that mainly through repenting (of wounds, of sins and/or demon spirits), delivering (sending away demon spirits, Matt. 4:23-24), and filling (with Holy Spirit and the truth/righteousness).

Prayer/Communing with God I AM: Revealing the block

“Heavenly Father God, I pray with You, reveal to my soul what’s blocking it here, what is it keeping me from experiencing You through spiritual vision? In Jesus Christ’s name, amen.”

Holy Spirit and Truth: Manifesting the Solution by Repenting, Delivering, and Filling

“God I AM, I thank and praise You for showing me this. And I repent of ________ (name wounds, sins and/or demon spirits, etc.), and I send away ________ (name demon spirits) to the abyss forever, and I fill myself in my soul and body with ________ (Holy Spirit and truth), in Christ Jesus’ name, amen.”

Practice Spiritual Vision with Holy Spirit Himself: Stillness, Focus, Flow, and Journaling

Commune with Holy Spirit, renew your soul to see in the spirit. What do you see? Write it.

Practicing Spiritual Vision with Holy Spirit through the Word of God: Moving from Godly Imagination to Spiritual Vision. What do you See? Engage with Holy Spirit. Journal.

Prov. 4:18, “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until full day.”

Ps. 73:1, “Truly God is good.”

Ps. 50:2, “God, the perfection of beauty, shines.”

Matt. 14:14, “When He [Jesus] went ashore He saw a great crowd, He had compassion on them and healed their sick. He healed them.”

(adaptations of these verses)


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very informative read, ty! - what do you call spiritual vision that is een through a medium, meaning t.v, photograph , or a video, i can see many spiritual things ( demons, aliens, orbs, dragons, ghost's, angels etc.. ) in those aforementioned.. i've also seen things in waking reality with the physical eyes, but i'm more-so interested in why i see so many things through those certain venues. impatiently waiting your reply. thank you!

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