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Spiritual Laws-My Understanding

Self-Taught in all sorts of self help and spiritual topics. These topics are ones I write about to empower.

The Laws

So I wanted to write about some spiritual laws that I have come to understand at a level of application. Of course, these laws‘ wisdom can always be understood more. I am a firm believer in you reap what you sow. So I am sowing into you all spiritually, in hopes to receive a harvest later on. Speaking of these laws, the ones I will talk about are: the law of attraction and the law of cause and effect. I hope you find my perspectives on these laws helpful, and if I am passionate enough I will give a delightful amount of understanding.

A result of manifesting through these concepts


Understanding and Application

The Law of Attraction. There has been quite a craze over the last few years concerning this law ever since the documentary/movie “The Secret” came out. Many people know about the law, but successfully applying it takes a constant effort at first which most people fail to follow through with. So, the concept of the Law of Attraction (LOA) is as follows: what you focus your thoughts on will attract into your life the like of what you have focused on. Remember, this is my understanding of the law. Although my understanding is deeper than the base concept of the law. Regarding this law, what does it take to successfully apply it? Honestly, I’ve found a way that works with me that will also empower you to use the Law of Cause and Effect in addition to the LOA. To begin, you need to look at your beliefs. Because what you believe to be true is what you will attract into your life. This is the basic underlying principal in the LOA. If you want to work with the LOA and you believe it to be unlikely to be true, then your beliefs will cause the LOA to manifest as something that doesn’t work. Why? Because your belief that is contrary to installing the LOA causes it to be ineffective. It is very important, if you are going to work with LOA, that you really question your beliefs and start to change them into beliefs that allow for the LOA to become active in your life. In order to change a belief, you will need to first identify the belief you want to install into your belief system. After you have identified it, you need to mentally state the new belief in your mind. State it as if it was true. What you will notice is, if you are honest with yourself, that either a negative emotion like fear shows up to undermine you new belief or you will be able to accept the new belief. If when trying to add a new belief results in negative emotions that show it doesn‘t align with your current belief system, then you have to hear what the thought is that is associated with the emotion. This thought will be a belief that will need to be changed in order for the new belief to be added. To do that, you replace that belief with something that is opposite of the thought. So that it empowers you, instead of disempowering you. Once you have no emotional response to a limiting belief, you have successfully changed it to allow your new belief to be added. Once the new belief is in the process of being added, you need to put yourself in place to affirm the new belief. To do this you can find information that supports the belief, act in alignment with the belief (as if it is true), or create a perspective that convinces you of this new belief. Once you have affirmed your belief enough times, it will become part of your standard belief system. All of this was written to inform you of how to successfully add the Law of Attraction to your belief system so it will work, and also to empower you to add any belief you deem necessary for your growth. To sum things up, you need to alter your belief system to allow for the Law of Attraction to be believed fully so that the Law of Attraction can be utilized.

My Personal Understanding and Application of LCE

I’m going to start out by explaining the law without my own perspective on it. The law basically states that every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. The law states that nothing happens by chance, but that what is experienced during any present moment has its origins from a cause prior to the effect manifest in the present moment. This essentially explains how the LCE works. Now, what I have done is alter my belief system to incorporate full conviction of the effects of the words I write, with intention, to manifest exactly as written. To become fully convinced of this took some time and continuous research to find information supportive of this perspective. It is possible for you to do this as well.

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