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What is Karma?

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Soul Development

Each human being has been created with a soul, that divinity of the absolute. A soul that has its own unique purpose, meaning, and life lessons to experience and learn from. Ultimately to push forward, always striving for soul development and growth. Every human is created from the same source, the absolute, God or Spirit.


Karma is simply being spiritually accountable and aware of our actions and intentions, then learning from such consequences or outcomes as they affect the world as a whole, and to change them.

Karma is not good or bad, it is not "the luck of life", it is simply the spiritual law that applies consequences for our actions, or even lack of action. Think of throwing a rock into a pond, every action creates a reaction, much like the ripples in the water from that thrown rock. Or a row of domino's set off from one hand, creating an effect as each one falls. Our souls are spiritually accountable for what we do, promote, create, and permit into our lives. As well as what we don't do. Every action or lack thereof, has a reaction. These actions are constantly pushing and pulling our evolution individually and collectively.

Our actions never go unnoticed by this universal law, the law is constantly at work whether we willingly choose to pay attention to it or not, as all other laws work the same way. They exist regardless of us believing they do. Air exists and yet we don't typically see it. Same with natural or cosmic laws.

Understanding karma on the deepest level means we need to take notice that we are spiritual beings, functioning by a divine life energy or essence of "spirit" and because of this, karmic debt is continually accruing and we are forever balancing our debts, much like our monthly checkbook. Our goal then is to balance said debts so that we can know ourselves and others as the divine essence we all are and become one with the consciousness of God/Spirit. It is not to create an absence of karma, but yet to balance and learn to enlighten and align our own spirits/higher selves and actions with the highest level of consciousness. We are all growing in spirit every second, minute, and day.

The world is our spiritual classroom

As humans possessing souls, the earth plane is essentially our spiritual classroom. We are here to learn, experience and grow. Our lessons are tailor made for our own unique soul expansion, growth and enlightenment. The difficulty lies in our fight and reluctance to let go of our ego self and limiting belief systems. When the protective earth plane ego is dismissed, we can then take notice of the higher authority at work. This is the authority that determines the lessons to be learned and how they will be taught-by Spirit or God.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

What karma is and is not...

  • Karma is not punishment
  • It is not vengeance
  • it is not retribution
  • It is not "good" or "bad" luck
  • It is not reward
  • Karma is not being a victim
  • What someone does to you is their karma, how you react is yours
  • Your actions cause karmic reactions

Karma is the reaping and harvesting of the seeds that you have planted throughout your life.


Need a karmic cleanse?

  • Forgive
  • Watch your attitude, intentions, and actions
  • Act with love, truth, and patience
  • Be thankful and grateful
  • Be mindful of your motives
  • Think good thoughts

Some things to keep in mind about karma


Wherever you go, there you are- in the present. For Growth to occur within our spirits, we must internally change, not change our environment (although sometimes that is also necessary). The only thing we can ultimately control is ourselves. When we intentionally and internally change (perspective, thought process, attitude, and finally action) our lives begin to change as well, and then reflect or mirror said changes.


You are the common denominator. When something is "off" or wrong in your life, the problem is always within yourself and needs to be addressed and resolved. We must take responsibility for what is in our lives, as well as for what is not.


Every action, reaction, intention, and thought is connected to the universe, so nothing we do is inconsequential, no matter how trivial. Each action has a universal reaction. We are all created from the same essence, and therefore connected and constantly affecting one another.


When we focus our attention on spiritual values, lower frequency thoughts and energy, such as anger, greed, revenge, envy, addiction etc...will simply cease to exist. It is therefore imperative to be mindful of our thoughts, motives, and intentions.


What you believe and think will become manifested. The truths that define you will be at some point or another called out to be acted upon. This is when what we have claimed to have learned or fully learned will be requested by the universe to be put into practice. What we give, so too shall we receive.


The past is gone and the future may never come, living in the present moment is what matters, because it's all we have. Living in the past or the future prevents, stalls and delays us from fully accepting, and embracing the now. It also retards our spiritual growth. We are already within the eternal, even in the dense state of being human and on the earth.


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Karma is bound to repeat itself in your life until you have learned the specific lesson that is meant to be taught. Until we change our perspective and responses, the karmic lesson will repeat.


True happiness is following our heart, soul purpose and what we are supposed to be doing. Reward comes in its own time and always on its own terms. Reward requires work. Lasting reward requires persistence, patience and perseverance as well as taking the high road, and minding our motives. Remember that everything you do is a reflection of your internal state.


What you contribute affects everyone on a "whole" and on a worldly spiritual level. You reap what you sow. The value of the harvest can be defined as the result of intent and energy you've invested into it. Which can be massively rewarding!

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Antonio50S on September 06, 2019:

To Rebecca.

Karma is a funny thing :) This is GOOD. Like the way you explained it. Nothing mystical, just practical sense. Really good.

Rebecca (author) from USA on October 03, 2018:

Thanks Tommy, glad you enjoyed it. :)

Tommy Hall from Simi Valley on October 02, 2018:

Very very well written and informative. For me it was very inspirational as well, I love reading and learning about things like this.

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on April 11, 2015:

Great hub Rebecca on how to have good karma. What goes around does come around for sure. Real interesting and insightful, too. Voted up for interesting!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 16, 2014:

Interesting about karma you have created an informative insight to this hub.

Eiddwen from Wales on February 03, 2014:

Very interesting and voted up.


Shawn Bebravo from Global on January 20, 2014:

SO TRUE! That's why I've been doing my part lately to preserve the planet...just read about how to save water

Rebecca (author) from USA on January 19, 2014:

It's very hard for me to put all my personal thoughts about Karma into a comment. I particularity don't believe in heaven or hell, and I don't think good deeds are the route to any type of Utopian state. I just think we all have lessons to learn, and to be mindful of our impact on others as a "whole", spiritual laws do exist to me, I've had to many personal encounters with them to believe other wise. I love everyone's comments and I think karma is very thought provoking. I love pondering these types of subjects!

FlourishAnyway from USA on January 19, 2014:

Well written and explained. I enjoyed particularly the list of what karma is and what it is not. So many times, we feel compelled to give other people's karma a "little push." I once read in some Buddhist-inspired literature, however, that we should never get in the way of someone else's karma. Good stuff to think about.

manatita44 from london on January 19, 2014:

Excellently written and with much clarity. Too true. Peace!!

Mackenzie Sage Wright on January 19, 2014:

This is very insightful. I've always seen karma not so much as a cosmic scoreboard, but a natural law of cause-and-effect. I think nature & the universe have a way of balancing things out. It's such a deep and interesting topic. Great Hub, thanks for sharing!

Sharon Vile from Odessa, MO on January 19, 2014:

If you look at the world objectively we can see that the idea that peole are rewarded for good deeds and punished for bad deeds is--at least as far as we can observe--not a general truth. To believe in the law of karma as an absolute, you would have to believe that there are aspects to it that we either can't or won't observe--or that some of the good things that most of us feel would be the appropriate rewards for our good deeds (which are often not forthcoming) are not necessarily good things at all, or not good things for us. People we usually think of as very, very good have often led lives of suffering. (The saints and martyrs come to mind, as extreme examples.) People often suffer for no particular reason at all, or enjoy blessings for no particular reason at all--at least no reason that has to do with their own qualities, efforts, or deeds.

So the implication is that either rewards and punishments are of an entirely different order than what we usually think of, or that they take place in an afterlife or in a later reincarnation--or maybe both. In other words, if the law of karma is at work, it is not at work in obvious ways that we can observe. Yet another possibility is that we don't have the slightest idea how this stuff works, that it's quite beyond us why the Lord "maketh the rain to fall on the good and the evil and the sun to shine on the just and the unjust." Go figure.

I don't know the answer, though I tend to think that being and doing good--to the extent that you can figure out what actually is good--has an intangible reward, and that doing or being bad results in suffering that is often intangible. People usually feel that doing something wrong would result in a loss of self that would devastate them. Do people who do wrong actually suffer from a devastating loss of self? We don't always know.

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