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Spiritual Frequency Sanitation. What It Is, and Why You Should Do It...

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Energy accumulation

Energy is what we are. Our bodies have energy centers, and life is essentially energy. When the supply of energy (chi, prana) is not available, life ends in its current form. The Holy Spirit has also been referred to as simply "the breath", which is just life vitality. When the breath leaves, life follows.

Since we operate initially from an energetic body, what we come into contact with affects this field. Our emotions and health can be greatly affected by energy and frequencies. In the West, this is probably worsened by the constant use of electrical items. I shudder as I type along on my laptop. Our auric fields are constantly in flux by all the energy we are exposed to.

Some energy is BAD for your health

Have you noticed when you go into nature, how calm and serene you suddenly become? This is because natural settings (other than what man created and added to them) are not bombarded with artificial electric pulses. Your auric field is not hammered by outside influences when you retreat into nature. In most places of the world, you can't totally avoid this by being in nature, but it helps to be there as often as possible.

Due to the era we live in, we have energy, radiofrequency, and magnetic field disruption constantly. The first example of this that pops to mind is the glorified cell phone. 60% of teens in the USA have a cell phone device, and 1% of all USA adults own one. Cell phones are practical and have revolutionized means of communication. But they are always on. They are always emitting. Although considered low powered, it is suggested to be at least 30 centimeters from your cell phone when you don't actually need to use it. Cell phone use has also been shown to increase cortisone in the body. For those that don't know, that is the stress hormone. This stress response is probably triggered by the phone's constant buzzing and beeping and blinking. Cell phones are just scratching the surface as we've not even included the use of tablets, portable gaming devices, laptops, medical devices etc...

Next, we have supersized gigantic televisions, laptop screens, and computer monitors. Hours and hours spent on computers and laptops for working (such as I am doing now), is not only disruptive to our own energy, but to our eyes, and head. Vision issues and headaches, as well as posture problems, go hand in hand with this constant use. There is no coincidence that all this electrical activity disrupts our sleep patterns, or sleep health.

It's all just a scratch on the surface because when you arrive home, you've got everything constantly plugged in, and even if it is not running, it's still drawing electricity.

Your energy field/body should be cared for in the same manner you care for your physical and mental bodies.

Emotional energy

Emotional energy is just as destructive as the electric energy you know you're being slammed with on a daily basis. Too much time spent with chronic complainers, toxic personalities, addicts, or sick people can create weak points in your auric field. This again is no surprise. When you're around someone that is unloading on you, and you walk away feeling depleted, tired, or angry that's your body's way of telling you the source is draining your "battery". Depending on your profession this is not always avoidable. You need to do things to remove and counteract the way others' energies affect you.

How do you sanitize your energy body?

1. Incorporate daily time for meditation and prayer. Ideally, this will be in a room or space outside as disconnected from electronics as you can get. And preferably not near chemical plants, high industrial zones, or places with other known heavy emissions.

2. Unplug any and all appliances when not in use. This isn't just good for your body, but good for pets, kids, the planet, and your electric bill.

3. Limit your PC and cell phone usage. This can be challenging if you have an office job, but attempt to limit personal use to 1 hour a day or less.

4. Have a NO electronic day once a week. You may actually see your family and spouse/partner by doing this!

5. Try to incorporate a relaxing environment, use candles, or put on your fireplace. Do this instead of always using light-bulbs.

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6. Make a point to ground your physical body a few times a week. Walk barefoot. Go to the beach and wade in the water. Take a long hike in the woods, get out and Kayak or do something in nature.

7. Sleep on a grounding mat.

8. Get rid of appliances you do not need, or at least keep them unplugged when not in use.

9. Hug your family, friends, and pets more often. This naturally reduces stress in the energy body and feels great!

10. Read more books and get off the TV.

11. Spend time in the water, even if that means having an hour bath, soaking in your hot tub, or going for a swim in a lake or pool.

12. Listen to peaceful relaxing music, music is the only thing that activates every region of the brain at once.

13. Exercise. Sometimes you just need to burn excess energy out.

14. Take some time to just sit and do nothing. Even 10 minutes a day of just breathing is stress relieving, energy clearing, and doesn't require meditating like a monk.

15. Meditate!

How will I know if it is working?

You'll know if these suggestions are working because you'll feel great! And believe me, they do work. This doesn't require that much effort to make a change in your life. Your health, sleep, and mood will improve.

Any small improvement will only build momentum in bringing more positive things into your life and existence.

You can even factor these suggestions into your life like any other routine you have. Make it like a workout! You will feel so much better.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on January 24, 2021:

Thanks for these suggestions which offer help to keep us alive, healthy and sane. Number 10 is on my must-do list.

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