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Meaning and Readings of Spiritual Egg Cleansing

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In Mesoamerica and Mexico, eggs are viewed as a means of attaining a state of holistic well-being. It has now been proven by science that physical state is a single, incomplete component of health, and to achieve an optimum state of comfort and peace, other aspects need to be taken under consideration. Holistic medicine is a new concept that serves to bridge the gap between ancient means of treating ailments and their contemporary solutions. Spanish people use an egg to decrease this gulf. Not only is this livestock produce essential for maintaining physical health, but it can also be used to relieve the soul of the hidden burden that it carries.

Modern medicine calls for the need to have a clean spirit, a stress-free mind and a conscience free of remorse to enjoy unparalleled health. Taking into account this approach, “limpia” or Spiritual Egg Cleansing has been a widespread practice in Spanish society for centuries and also in modern times.

This centuries-old spiritual therapeutic practice addresses more than just the diseases of the mind and body; it is capable of cleansing your household from any black magic that might have been done to disrupt the peace of your house or the evil eye that lurks behind the veil. These mystic phenomena can create chaos within your family and barricade all paths for joy and abundance to enter. Limpia can cleanse your beloved home for you.

When to Perform a Spiritual Egg Cleansing


How often do you clean the mess in your home? No one likes a dirty living area. Similarly, your soul needs the same regular tidying up. Ideally, limpia should be undertaken everyday religiously. However, there are some events when supernatural evil beings and foes become more active than usual. Periods of stress can add to your already unbearable mental load. We suggest that if you cannot perform spiritual egg cleansing daily, following are some of the times when it should be undertaken without a second thought:

As a housewarming gesture

Buying a new home is a huge success and is bound to make many around you green with envy. Jealousy is a fertile ground for the evil eye and it might feed on your happiness. If you are moving into a place that was in use by someone else, things beyond your vision and comprehension might be operational there. To make sure that your new home is safe from internal and external threats, perform limpia as the first thing you do when you settle there.

When there are baseless arguments and anger in your family

Lately, if you have noticed that there is an unexplained discord between the different members of your family and previously calm people have suddenly started to exhibit bursts of aggressiveness, it is highly likely that some evil magic is preying on your peace. Eliminate this hidden vile by using an egg to heal your loved ones spiritually.

Failure is all you have been tasting

You will notice a pattern in your life that you might never have experienced before. All your plans and efforts are suddenly being dashed to the ground without plausible reasoning. If your job hunt has not yielded any fruit despite you having everything it takes to earn a good position in a firm or if all your attempts at conceiving are in vain, you might need to clean the atmosphere you live in from the mystic filth that might be making things hard for you.

Your depression is getting worse

At times, you might feel like there is nothing you can do in this world to make things better for yourself and your family. A constant lack of motivation and inability to do anything on your own indicates that your soul is tired. Help it unload itself with limpia.

How to Do a Spiritual Egg Cleansing


Things you will need

You can perform the egg cleansing on yourself, on your loved ones and your own home. For all of these, the required items would be the same. You would need:

  1. A single egg
  2. A long white candle
  3. A pinch of salt
  4. A clear glass of water

On yourself or someone else:

  • Light a candle in a place where it can burn without being put off by any wind. Do not let it blow out before the process is complete.
  • Take the egg in both of your hands and pray to the Lord. If it is to heal you from a spiritual disease, bad luck or to get you rid of an evil spirit, make sure you think about it as you pray.
  • Once you have prayed, take the egg very cautiously in your hand and rub it on yourself from top to bottom. This will snatch out all evil from inside of you or the person you are performing it on.
  • Take the egg and break it into the clear glass of water.
  • Add salt in it.
  • Flush it down the toilet.

Cleansing your home

  • Light a candle in a safe, wind-free corner of your home. Let it burn out on its own as the wax ends.
  • Take the egg in both of your hands and stretch them out. Travel with it in this fashion through every corner of your home while reciting the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Once done, break the egg into a clear glass of water.
  • Add salt
  • Flush it away

Note that it is preferred that you cleanse your home when there is no one else to create any disturbance for you during the ritual. Keep your drapes apart and the windows open to allow for the bad energy to escape and the Lord’s blessings to enter.

Meanings and Interpretations of Egg Cleansing


As you have read above, you are supposed to break the egg into a glass of water before disposing it off. Before you do that, you can observe the contents in the water to understand what has been lurking in your home and disturbing your peace. You can decode it by learning the following:

  • Bubbles around or on the yolk: The bubbles are a sign of extreme exhaustion. It shows that your spirit has been under a lot of stress and negative energy. You need to take some time off and meditate.

  • Forms of a living being: The contents might appear to have a human-like face or the form of an animal. The face might be of someone who wishes bad for you and the animal might indicate that there is a problem that you need to cater to if you want to find peace.

  • Pointed yolk: If the yolk appears to be elongated or spindle-shaped, it shows that someone has put you under an evil spell.

  • Dark yolk: This means that an evil eye has been preventing you from succeeding in your plans.

  • Yolk with a downward extension: The reverse dripping of the yolk pointing towards the bottom of the glass signifies pent-up frustration and anger. You should consider letting it go.

  • Cloudy yolk: Clouds here indicate emotions and the yolk your mind; your mind has been overpowered by a set of negative emotions that might adversely affect your relationship with those around you.

  • Bloody yolk: Upon breaking the egg, if you see that it is ruddy, then this is a very bad sign. It shows that very powerful black magic has been cast upon you to hurt you or someone you love. This needs to be addressed by a spiritual elderly person who can guide you about it.

  • Floral patterns: If the contents of the glass show forms that closely resemble flowers or their petals, then this is a good sign. It indicates that good fortune is in keep for you and your cleansing ritual has been successful in driving away from you the evil eye and bad spirits.

  • Discolored egg white: The white of the egg having any other dark color indicates that you are insecure about yourself and lack self-trust.

  • Unintentional egg breakage: In the event that the egg breaks repeatedly before you had the chance to break it in the glass, then you should be alarmed of the severity of the situation as it means a naughty evil spirit is after you and will not let you get rid of it. Seek spiritual help.

Tips for a Better Egg Cleansing


Choosing the correct time

The best time to purify yourself and your home would be the start of every new week, month and year.

Peaceful and uninterrupted session

Perform the ritual seamlessly and during the time of the day when there is no one around you.

Gather the required items beforehand

You should not stop till you are done cleansing from the first step to the last. Make sure that you have everything you need with you so that you do not have to leave the ritual midway to get essentials.



Spiritual egg cleansing has been practiced by different people from all kinds of cultural and religious backgrounds. It has made life easier and more peaceful for most of them; hence, it is still being widely utilized to help heal the soul.

Try it for yourself and see if it works. Happy spiritual healing!


Muriel B Tewes (author) on September 26, 2020:

Yeah, that's true! I haven't seen it from this perspective since I started off with using eggs. The action of breaking the egg is pretty therapeutic and it signifies the removal of negativity.. so it's good to try the ritual with an egg :)

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 26, 2020:

Very interesting. It would seem that even just the meditative actions would do well for any soul.