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I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back. — Maya Angelou

Creation teaches us about giving -this is not in relations to alms. This relates to giving to self and others. I always thought giving was just for others. Sure it was always easy to think of something to give someone. For a long time I convinced myself that people had to be given for a reason. I couldn’t think of a situation where you were to just give when it wasn’t their birthday or an anniversary. With this rigid view, I never gave to myself. Never thought of it but I expected to be given because I gave.

I also thought of giving in terms of material things only. It never occurred to me that setting aside time for oneself is part of giving. You know how difficult it is to change a habit once it has formed. Now once I had decided to set aside a few minutes for myself I didn’t know what do I do with myself? Its funny but I found myself in such a situation. Then once I thought I had an hour to myself I began to get scared of the loneliness. I wanted to rush out and just pair myself with someone for company.

I stuck to it though and now I enjoy those times when I give myself time to be alone. I have come to value that time. Its important to shut out everything once in a while and simply do nothing. In that silence you get to hear yourself think clearly.


Once I learnt to give myself time, I moved on to giving myself gifts.

Once I learnt to give myself time, I moved on to giving myself gifts. Since I had never given to myself I didn’t know where to start and I also felt guilty. I assured myself I deserved it. I couldn’t figure out why I did though.

It was an interesting journey, but I enjoyed it. So now and then I would surprise myself with a card. Then flowers. I even bought a pot plant and placed it where I could see it every morning when I woke and at night before I slept. I got so attached to my plant. I congratulated myself on such a fine gift. Since my mind was now consumed with showering myself with gifts I didn’t think much of gifts from other people.


''As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way'' -Mary Ann Radmacher

In so many ways life gives us opportunities to shower those around us with some form of giving. Smiling is one of those rare gifts. I always meet people with serious looking faces. No smile at all. I often wander what people are so serious about. Then maybe most have so gotten caught up with their concerns they have forgotten what its like to even smile. Responsibilities have a way of robbing a person’s joy.

When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was fulfilled.

I often laugh at nothing, and I end up enjoying it so much, tears actually come out of my eyes. When I laugh I forget every concern. I decided to give myself sessions of laughter a day. I like to do this in private. Better this way. I don’t get to explain myself. After a few sessions of laughter I go about smiling at everyone. It certainly makes the world a better place to be.

Since I graduated from expecting any gifts from others I enjoy looking for things to give to someone for the pure joy of it.

Since I graduated from expecting any gifts from others I enjoy looking for things to give to someone for the pure joy of it. My heart floods with so much joy when I do so. It’s the reward of giving. Now that I give without expectation I actually enjoy it.

I am convinced most people’s sicknesses would just vanish if they went about laughing and smiling. It somehow makes a person happy.

People nowadays are caught up in bills upon bills. That’s what they think about. When they get home they get busy on their phones and television. Life goes on. People don’t notice that they don’t give each other the time to be together. Where the family sits together in silence just listening to each other, laughing together sharing their day’s activities.

It would do wives and husbands a great deal of good. That time is when they have quality time for each other. All eyes are on each other and all ears are in one place. Everyone likes attention and it makes them feel loved and special. It will be saying to the other, “you are that important, I had to stop the chatter of the world just to be with you.” Children too would feel that their parents do listen and they have all the time in the world for them.

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.This isn’t to say, families don’t sit together and watch television., but there should be days to set aside for that quality time. Giving each other time. Giving gifts to wives or husbands or children. The routine of getting so busy you don’t pay attention pulls families apart. When you give each other time you pay attention to each other and get to know what is happening in the life of your wife and children. You get to know them as individuals, you get to know their likes and dislikes. They get to give you time too and get to know you and look forward to that time you give to each other.

Your children can find a way of telling you what challenges they are faced with and you , in turn, can encourage them by supporting them . You can also offer advise.

Its when they don't have anyone who listens to them in the home that they give in to peer pressure or follow wrong counsel from friends.

You also need to give yourself time to be able to reflect and nurture you so that you can give a stronger , healthy better you to those around you

Giving shouldn’t just be in gifts, but time as well. Giving also extends to being there when a child has homework to do. Then parents give attention and time to that child and help out.

Life then requires us to be giving of ourselves all the time. There is so much joy when we do. God gave His only begotten son. He is happier today because He has a universe full of His sons and daughters because He gave. He never did it expecting anything from them in return. He loved enough to give.

When we give we shouldn’t expect to get anything from those we have given to. The joy we see when they get from us is a reward in itself. That should be enough. There is always joy in giving than in receiving.

When people open their hearts to giving to those around them, then they will see the endless opportunities to give. Everyone needs to be given something and it is up to you to observe and give. Also remember to give to yourself.


Families as they are today would be a lot better if only parents would make it a point to want to spend time with their children and with each other as well. Husbands and wives end up having affairs because they are not practicing spending time together, they would rather spend that time elsewhere with another. Is it an wander that there are numerous divorces in the whole world.

Facebook, tiktok , Instagram , twitter can steal your time if you decide to let them. Discipline yourselves over excessive use of social media.

There are countless opportunities to give if you look carefully enough. Think of the animals, think of nature itself. Many nations are trying ways of replanting trees in their bid to help combat global warming. That's an act of giving back to nature what was taken from it.

We all have something to give if not to self then to family , if not to family then to neighbors, if not to neighbors then to nature and our pets.

Every bud has all it needs to be a flower

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