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How to Get Out of Your Head and Drum From Your Heart

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weaver is a sacred drummer + drum maker and has been drumming since she has been a child… here are some her own quotes on drumming, etc…

the blessed drum is the sacred voice of our dear earth Mother…

the blessed drum is the sacred voice of our dear earth Mother…

Listen deeply to your own heart…

Listen, listen, listen... to my heart’s song...
Listen, listen, listen... to my heart’s song...
I will never forget you... I will never forsake you...
I will never forget you... I will never forsake you...
—Parmahansa Yogananda

With your dear drum in hand... Hug your drum close, heart-to-heart... Close your eyes... Go within... and take one, big belly breath... Allow that breath to gently fall out... Connect in—to the beautiful drum soul you care for... The spirit of your drum—who is a living, breathing being of sound-light... Say hello... Be still… Listen…

The above wee meditation is one way you can connect with your drum—particularly from a spiritual perspective. In the past I have held weekend workshops where we explore building a spiritual relationship with one’s sacred drum and also have guided folk to birth their own spirit drum—through the sacred cardinal elements of our blessed earth Mother.

Of course, the best way to connect with your drum is to simply PLAY your drum—just have fun playing—that is most important!

Listen, listen to your heart song…

Listen, listen to your heart song…

The first sound we heard is from the first sound we ever heard…

It’s interesting, at times I hear from folk, who share that they feel they can’t or just don’t know how to drum: I reply asking them, “What do you think the first sound was that you ever heard?”

“The first sound you ever heard was the sound of your own Mother’s blood pulsing through her vein—while you lived in her womb for nine whole months—that’s all you heard (once your ears were formed), was the flowing of your Mother’s blood—aligned with her beautiful pulsing heart.”

We all know how to drum because of that First Sound... that first Pulsing from within your Mother—We KNOW this sacred sound very well... Our Mother taught us good. This sacred Pulse is a big part of who you truly are. It was the first thing or resonance you ever learned. Since your conception, imbued in Rhythm—you are Pulse—Pulse is YOU, and that Rhythm connects us all—heart-to-heart to each other. And, that pulse connects us to our blessed earth Mother’s beautiful heart—Her Heartbeat, the Heartbeat of our living, breathing earth Mother.

So, if you feel you can’t drum or wonder how you can drum—just hold your sweet drum right up to your heart and hug that dear soul close to your own dear heart—say ‘hello’ and introduce your self. Connect to your drum’s heart for a moment…take the time...get quiet... and, with all your senses, simply listen... What are you feeling? What are you sensing? What may you perhaps, be hearing? What may you be possibly smelling or tasting?... Do you sense a colour or resonance or?

When we deeply connect somatically through exploring—allows us to know how we can connect and access the subtle messages that can come through Spirit... from our dear Mother... through our sacred drums. We all ‘sense’ uniquely from each other. Get to know how you ‘sense’ and feel spirit. Only you can know this.

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Building a relationship with our drum is a practice like any other practice. We only learn by practice. To get to know your drum or build a sacred relationship with it, is to simply practice connecting. The more we practice connecting on a mindful level, the stronger that relationship builds. Trust me, I know this…

The sacred drum, in essence—from almost all cultures around the world, represents the beautiful ‘Voice’ of our dear Mother earth—and, what better way to re-connect with our dear Mother is, with our sweet drums.

The drum is, if not, one of the easiest musical instruments to play, because, all one has to do is, pick up a drum and play—and it sounds! The drum connects us—entrains us—creates community.

So, I welcome you to go for it—just pick up your dear drum and drum her beautiful voice... Have fun and play your drum. Also know that when we drum, we can only be within the present moment…and, how wonder-full is that!

drumweaver drumming at sunset…

drumweaver drumming at sunset…

Some Core Heart Drumming Essentials…

Below, is a great list of ‘true drumming basics’ that have been shared by Dr. John Diamond who wrote the book, “The Way of the Pulse’”... plus, i’ve added some of my own suggestions. What I love about these tips is how to ‘get out of one’s head‘ when playing our drums and to simply, drum from our beautiful hearts.

And, please... don’t forget to have fun!

  • Play with your heart: wholehearted. And with Passion: all your fire, filled with Enthusiasm...
  • Every musician emphasizes a different aspect of the totality of the song. Yours is the most important – for rhythm is the most basic as it commences at the beginning of life, in the womb.
  • Choose the drum whose soul you can most easily find. This will be the one that most expands your chest, opens your heart. (let the drum choose you!)
  • Feel your chest resonate with the drum.
  • The more your palms are up, the more you can give – as your arms come down, think up – always up. Let the music lift. Let it rise up.
  • Loose wrists, body free. Let your whole body do the playing.
  • Love your left hand. (or your less dominant hand) It wants to play easier—and it will.
  • Don’t judge your playing—for then, it is not play, but hard work. Just aim to refine your intention.
  • Think of the drum as your Mother. Are you treating her right? We don’t beat Her... we play with Her! (Don’t we know our Mother(s) have been beaten enough!)
  • Remember the sacred drum is an instrument of of love—not war.
  • It’s not the volume, but the intensity of the feeling, at even the quietest level.
  • Feel the Music flowing through all your body.
  • Don’t play the drums—allow them to play you. This is called the transcendental experience.
  • Always keep in mind that all of you, your Totality—body, mind and spirit—is transmitted in each and every note.
  • Give all of yourself. This is me. Here I am. All of me, now.
  • Music can be the easiest way to Heaven on earth—if we want it to be.
  • Look at your hands dancing like Fred Astaires’ feet.
  • Be free—take risks. You are safe.
  • Always play the melody—and sing it.
  • Imagine the drum is your heart, open in song. The music its pulse.
  • Be always aware of your breath. Never jam it. It must always be free, for only then are you free. You can’t breathe freely to a metronome or click track. For they are the beat. The free breath ebbs and flows to its own deep pulsations.
  • When you are playing on the Pulse, it feels like the drum is playing you—and She is...
  • Get on the wave of the Pulse, and ride it effortlessly all the way to the beach!
  • I am real, I’m alive, I breathe. I pulsate. I am not a machine. If they want the beat, they can buy a metronome.
  • Don’t count—feel. When the math comes in, the joy goes out.
  • Play with joy, with a smile. If you aren’t enjoying it—stop.
  • Never just practice—that’s just the brain.... Always play, play and play = have fun!!! :o)

—article written + compiled by carol weaver 2020
—photographs + art by weaver xo

drumweaver freely drumming from her heart…

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 weaver

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