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Some New Year Soundbites.

I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

God Can Use Anything to Get Our Attention.

A puddle jarred my memories of some great Truths.

A puddle jarred my memories of some great Truths.

A New Years Refresher.

As I was leaving our home Bible gathering yesterday, my Bible slipped out from under my arm and directly face down in a shallow puddle. There was no damage to the Bible but some old notes I kept tucked in the back took the brunt of the puddle. As I was later drying my notes, I came across what follows; almost long forgotten they were there. It was good for my soul to refresh myself and I thought that there could be others that could profit some soundbites from my past. Here goes:

*Never think that God’s good work can be overcome by your evil.

*Do not pretend you want to be led into the Truth if you will not bother to study the Bible as a whole. Sola Scriptura

*Darkness = Sin / Lost - When the soul is illuminated by the Spirit, the deadly nature of sin is exposed and men will then flee to God.

*Do not want to be thought of as good by others, rather than to be good to others.

*To defeat pride, we must remind ourselves daily how weak we are and how utterly dependent we are on God for every good and perfect gift.

*Do your best for God and He will forgive your worst.

*God does not need our sin to shore up His glory, His Truth or His Church.

*Truth is loved and prized only by those who recognize it and know it personally.

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*If we do not desire to know the Truth, we have already rejected it.

*God warns His own, corrects His own and holds NO ill will towards His own.

*The man who will not keep up the power of holiness in his personal life, in some measure it makes himself useless to Christ.

*Our behavior betrays what we actually think of God.

*Never focus on how the Saint begins, but on how he ends.

*You can murder your own peace by starving it as well as stabbing it.

*While praying does not make all your fears evaporate, it keeps you from drowning.

*If you are not ashamed to live in sin, you look like the Devil himself.

*Although you are not what you want to be, yet you are not what you have been.

*Faith tells the soul what Christ has done; Hope revives the soul with news of what He will do.

*It is a thousand times better to die childless than Fatherless.

*Always conceive of God as an infinite being whose center is everywhere and His limits nowhere.

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