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Some More Thoughts on RZ

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We are over at Goodreads, a Christian site for books and authors and we wrote the following post there:

The news of the final report is all over the internet. Places like Christian Post, YouTube, and other websites have their spin on this issue.

If you go to those links in our previous posts you will read our position on this problem.

What we do not like though, are the leaders of parachurch organizations naming their ministries after themselves. While those labels are easily recognizable and easy to remember, it does open up doors for the wrong kind of pride, envy and other sins to enter in and ruin the work of God through that organization.

Good judgment is imperative when living constantly in the public eye.

It is the last line that is the most important as in our defense of Mr. Zacharias, we are not stating that he is or was a perfect man. We, and everyone else, know that he made some poor judgment calls concerning his academic standing and his association with a famous English University.

Our defense was not a whitewash of Mr. Zacharias’ life but focused solely on the facts of the most likely false allegations made against him in the past year or so.

While we do not like the fact that he called himself Dr. even though he did not have an earned doctorate, it is been known to be done by many others who received honorary doctor degrees.

This is a sign that while a great apologist and having GOd’s anointing he still made some bad decisions and exercised faulty judgment. But that is a weakness that is NOT evidence to support those faulty claims. Nor is it permission to make derogatory remarks against the man or make false accusations.

There are times when people who expose these faulty judgment practices in Christian leaders where they read more into the intent than is already there. That is a problem that arises when those people use interpretation instead of clarification when analyzing other people’s words.

The art of clarifying what another person has read or spoken is lost and replaced by an immediate accusation of wrong doing. There does not have to be a sinister motive or even a sinful one behind bad judgment.

It is possible that honest mistakes are made and those readers or listeners, should clarify first to make sure that there is something wrong before making any accusations.

It is possible that the claims made by Mr. Zacharias were made due to a misunderstanding on his part of what he was told. Also, people who scrutinized the words and decisions of Christian leaders are not part of the original private conversations held between those leaders and the institutions they were involved with.

Besides any poor judgment on Mr. Zacharias’ part, there is a lot of poor judgment done by those who accuse him and other Christian leaders and institutes. Their taking their ‘work’ public can easily be seen as poor judgment for it is not within the boundaries of scripture.

The intent for doing so can be as deceitful as those who claim Mr. Zacharias was deceitful. Nothing good comes from these articles made public for no spiritual reason.

What is the purpose behind the investigations is not always biblical but one or two people’s dislike for the men or institutions they are ‘investigating.’ We have read two of those websites and feel that nothing good for the church or Christ is coming from their work.

Also, the ‘evidence’ used by these journalists seems to be taken at face value when negative towards Mr. Zacharia and other Christian institutions, etc. The statements by others used to promote a sinful use of accolades may be the result of an intense dislike for the man or his organization.

In other words, they too are misrepresenting what took place for whatever reason they may have. Yet, the ‘journalist’ does not apply the same type of scrutiny to those words as they do the Christian leaders’, etc., words. They just accept them as proof that a man of God or Christian school is not being Christian.

Further bad judgment comes in when the ‘investigator’ applies their own version of morality, right, and wrong, etc., to the words and actions of others. This is also deceitful as they are saying that their interpretations of those standards are greater than the interpretations made by Mr. Zacharias, his organization, and other Christian leaders, etc.

We see this a lot when unbelievers try to stand in judgment of God. They think their own values are greater than a holy God’s. That same attitude is present in these so-called investigative journalists and others who present negative information about men and women who serve God.

Often, there is no attitude in these people that reflects how God defines right and wrong, etc. Instead, there is a human definition or understanding that is used to judge those who serve God full time.

In other words, these so-called watchers of Christian men and women are not learning God’s ways nor understanding why God or Jesus said what they said and why. This is bad judgment to act without the correct understanding that can only be given by God through the Spirit of Truth.

This kind of mentality is detrimental to the situation, to the Church, and the work of Christ. It does nothing good for any of those elements and turns people away from Christ.

In their minds, they may think they are doing the right thing when in reality they are not obeying od in any teaching or command found in his word. Keep in mind that the presence of those misleading items used to say that Mr. Zacharias and other Christian leaders, etc., may be put there by other people over the objections of those same leaders.

It does happen and people exercise bad judgment when they make claims or accusations of sin and deceit without knowing the whole story. It is best to clarify first and get the truth prior to making public negative accusations.

When the readers of these articles see the content, they make bad judgments if they take that content at face value and do not investigate to see if those words and accusations are actually true or not.

There are bad judgments made by all parties involved in this and other situations. Yet it seems that only the Christian leaders, etc., are being told they need {to use a word we dislike) accountable.

Well, those writing their posts, their comments, their articles that bring those negative comments, or make their accusations, etc., also need to be held accountable as well.

The church idea of accountability is not a one-way street and those people writing etc., are not perfect human beings and can make many mistakes in their portrayal of the information they have uncovered.

Be ye holy is not just a command that applies to Christian leaders, etc., it applies to everyone including those who ‘watch’ Christian leaders like Mr. Zacharias.

When one reaches the holiness God wants them to have maybe then they will understand different situations better and write better remarks or stop making false accusations against men of God.

© 2021 David Thiessen

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