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Solution To Eating In Dreams

Prophet Micadeolu discovered means of extracting spiritual information from the Bible. That's why he's writing about his findings here.


What About Eating In Dreams?

Many have published various articles about the spiritual illness of eating in dreams. Right now I'm going to tell you my God given version with biblical picturesque to buttress my points.

Eating in dreams is synonymous to a situation where by you receive promises, consolation or comfort from someone or God.

In this situation, the recipient is being assured and made to feel that all is well when in fact, the situation may be opposite in reality due to carelessness, sins, etc.

In your life, you have hope and you're expectant of good things soonest. You seem to have a sure banker on your investments and profit driven projects. You feel so well fed from past convictions. This will infact, breed quarrels because of disappointments.

God comforted us not only because Titus came to us. He comforted us even more by what Titus told us about you. Titus said that you had comforted him. He told us how very much you want to see me. He told us how very sorry you are. He told us also how ready you are to help me. And so, I am even happier now.

Any fool can quarrel, but a wise man will not quarrel. (2 Corinthians 7:7) (Proverbs 20:3).

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Causes Of Eating In Your Dreams

Although there are personal reasons why one may eat in dreams, but I'm going to state here some general reasons for this spiritual problem. You may ask me for assistance through my contact +2347067550237 on how you can personally find out why you eat in your dreams, get a lasting solutions. But here, I am going to provide evidence of a general cause.

Now stand where you are. See the great thing that the Lord will do.

You Christians in Galatia are fools! Someone has taught you to believe crazy ideas! I showed to you so very clearly how and why Jesus Christ died on the cross (1Samuel 12:16) (Galatians 3:1).

The cause of eating in your dream is simply the psychic attitude of someone you rely on so much. Could be your Pastor, Prophet or a man of God. He could even be your friend or associates.

You are being taught principles or ideas that are not true. In most cases, the result of such ideas are vain and unfruitful. That's just a way your Lord Jesus Christ wants to use to tell you that you are eating a fruit of in this lifetime and you definitely need a change.



Results Of Eating in Your Dreams

She and her sons’ wives left their home in Moab. They began to travel together along the road towards Judah.

I must say more things about myself, even if I am a fool to say them. But I will tell you about some of the special, secret things that the Lord has shown to me. (Ruth 1:7) (2 Corinthians 12:1).

My dear reader. The result of eating in your dream is indebtedness, poverty, sicknesses, quarrels over money, arguments, implications, unpleasant legal suits, business downturn, financial crisis, etc.

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In the example above, the person finds himself boasting and is so lousy about what he has not idea of. All his expectations ends in disappointments and quarrels. And he becomes very angry and quarrelsome.


Remedy Of Eating In Your Dreams

You lie on beautiful, expensive beds and you do not work. You are resting all the time. You eat lots of young sheep and fat young cows.

The priest will sacrifice them. One bird is for a sin offering and the other is for a burnt offering. They are an atonement to the Lord. Then the man will be clean.

The person who finds respite in the problem of eating in the dream will immediately have his fortunes return to him. He will have enough money. He no longer wallow in debts but instead, enjoy everything he can. He is now salvaged from his grief through his obedience to the instructions the man of God gives to him.

How Eating In Dreams Will Be Stopped

See, I will send someone with my message. He will prepare the way before me. And so the Lord that you are looking for will return to his temple. He will come quickly. And you do not know when he will come. It is he that you want so much. The man who brings the message about the promise will come’, says the Lord Almighty.

But he did not remove the high places. The people (in Judah) continued to offer (animals to Baal) and to burn incense on them. Jotham built again the High Gate of the house of the LORD.

If you are truly willing to resolve this issue of dream food I recommend that you calm down and believe despite the length of days you've had this experience.

I tell you, this problem can actually be resolved by prayers and by the use of supportive agents that comes in form of supplement drinks.

There's nothing difficult for God to do. So, you must believe in Him to solve this problem.

You will be given a particular Psalm to read and pray with some naturally made fruit juice to remove the evil seed from your DNA.

I pray that God listen to you and give you relieve in Jesus Christ name. Amen.


In conclusion, eating in the dream is a spiritual phenomenon describing how you are being fed with the food of lies or unreliable suppliant.

At the end, you are disappointed and broken down. But if ready to turn in God's name into the matter, solution will come and you will have respite.


Michael Adewale Olubode (author) from Nigeria. +2347067550237. on January 30, 2017:

Dear Joseph. This is the interpretation of your dream which the God of Celestial, the Lord of Glory, our Lord Jesus Christ made me to see.

I have seen that there is a need to resolve and correct an issue which surrounds birth of a child and marital issues. In the matter, the dreamer must correct his short coming. He must recognise his fault and accept responsibility for the errors committed. That was why the Lord sent His angel to show you these things. May He continue to guide you in Jesus Christ name.

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